Dayton, Ohio
USA Network
June 7, 2006

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Foley starts the show by pumping up the WWE wrestlers saying it’s all about pride. Rey says they’re punks and they’re going down.

Heyman pumps up his boys and starts an ECW chant amongst them.

Music and pyro.

JR and King are announcing. King says they’re representing the WWE. Joey and Tazz are also announcing at a different table saying they’re the best. King talks about the battle royal. Joey talks about Cena’s match. Tazz yells at King, telling him he’s done on Sunday. King tells Tazz to step on over there. Both guys get to their feet and have to be held back by their respective co-announcers.

Lillian announces Rey Rey. (Guess Lillian’s wrist is doing well enough for her to be working tonight.) Both sets of announcers bounce back and forth talking about Rey Rey. King and Tazz are still going at it. RVD comes down to the ring through the ECW entrance off to the right of the regular WWE ramp. It’s quite narrow and ECW looking with a brick wall and chain link fences. It almost looks like he’s coming through the audience but it’s obviously a set up entrance.
They shake hands before starting the match. Rey ducks RVD and takes him down. They get back to their feet and stop facing each other to stare. ‘RVD’ chants. Rey kicks RVD in the gut and gets lifted into a gorilla press and dropped to the mat. RVD quickly flips into a moonsault. Joey makes a comment about actually announcing the movies as an announcer should be allowed to do.
Rey goes for a 619, but RVD barely moves out of the way. RVD is on the apron and gets drop kicked to the floor. Rey goes for the baseball slide but is caught. RVD slams Rey on the barrier and tries to drop on him but Rey moves. Rey climbs on the apron and flies at RVD. He hits RVD and both are in the front row.

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Rey throws a forearm and then kicks RVD who telegraphs. RVD picks Rey up and hangs him up on the top rope between the legs. RVD climbs and flies kicking Rey in the chest with one foot. Rey lands on the floor. RVD goes outside and rolls Rey in so his head is on the apron. RVD jumps over the ropes and drops a leg on Rey’s neck. RVD covers for two.
Rey reverses a whip but gets toe dropped face first on the second turnbuckle. RVD gets a chair and runs around the ring with it. He holds it in one hand and jumps driving the chair into Rey’s face with his feet. RVD covers for two.
Rey gets whipped and RVD goes out to get another chair. RVD rolls, dropping the chair but lands on the second turnbuckle when Rey moves. Rey gets up and nails a bulldog on RVD onto the chair for two.
RVD lays the chair on Rey’s gut and climbs. The ref pulls the chair away while RVD climbs. RVD nails the five star frog splash for three.

- Winner: RVD - ECW

The ECW locker room celebrates loudly. Al kisses Head. RVD celebrates in the ring. Rey gets up and raises RVD’s hand in the ring. ECW
locker room starts and ‘ECW’ chant. RVD goes over to the ECW announce table to celebrate with them.

Video from Monday with Angle in the ring after taking out Edge and Foley. Orton rushes the ring and nails the RKO.

Outback Angle is heading for the ring.

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Angle comes down to the ring through the ECW entrance.
Angle takes a mic. He says he wasn’t upset when Orton RKO’d him in front of his hometown. He loved snapping Randy’s ankle - loved hearing it snap, hearing him squeal like a pig. It was the best time he had breaking an ankle. He’s glad Randy took his challenge at ONS. Randy isn’t facing any Angle seen before, he’s facing the ECW Angle.
Orton’s music hits and cuts him off. He comes out to the WWE stage and asks if that should scar him. He says it doesn’t’. Orton says he feels sorry for Angle. Angle went from headlining WM to ECW. It’s like headlining a summer movie to doing hardcore porn. ECW fans like porn because it’s the closest they will ever get to having sex. Orton says he was drafted to Smackdown, but after a contract expiration - now Angle will be facing Raw’s Orton.
Angle says for the first time he doesn’t have to worry about offending Olympic officials or Vince. All he has to worry about is kicking ass. This Sunday Angle’s going to break his ankle, his arms, and his neck. Angle tells him to listen.
Orton cuts him off saying if Angle hadn’t broken his ankle he would be in Rey’s place holding the title. He sat in rehab for 60 days figuring out how to get back at Angle. Orton says it wasn’t a coincidence Angle got drafted when Orton came back. Angle will be the new face of ECW? Well, Orton is going to take apart Angle and in doing so will kill ECW. This Sunday he will single handedly destroy the legend of ECW.

Outback Mickie James is skipping along, heading for the ring with a big grin on her face. In a different hallway Jazz is stomping her way toward the ring.

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Mickie comes bouncing down to the ring in a beige miniskirt and matching patterned short sleeved midi-top. Jazz then comes through the ECW entrance wearing a camo vest, black boob shirt, camo shorts and olive drab cap.
They lock up and Mickie gets and arm bar on Jazz. Jazz takes Mickie down and then throws punches. Jazz cartwheels through a clothesline. Jazz throws some punches and then dropkicks her from the apron. Jazz flies off the apron slamming Mickie to the floor. Jazz tries to splash Mickie who moves out of the way. Jazz slams Mickie to the mat and covers for two. Mickie gets her foot on the rope. Mickie nails a tornado DDT and covers Jazz for three.
Mickie rushes from the ring and backs up the ramp screaming for her belt.

- Winner: Mickie James - WWE

- Commercial

Todd Grisham is outback talking to Cena who gets booed. Todd says Cena was attacked by Sandman and Sabu. Video of Cena nailing Sandman with a punch and then getting beaten down by ECW.
Cena says what we just saw puts it all in perspective. For the first time the title is on the line at an ECW PPV. If RVD win then the title goes to ECW. Cena says Bruno Sammartino, Hogan and Austin all held this belt. But if RVD wins it will be gone and be the ECW Title. If he loses then he will be the biggest goat ever. There won’t even be a WWE fan in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Cena says he’s going to be in the biggest riot in wrestling history. He could whine about it. He could loose some sleep. Or he could put his head down and fight like a man. He tells Sabu he’s pissed off the wrong fire breathing SOB.

Lillian announces Heyman. Tazz asks why Lillian is in there and not an ECW ring announcer. King says they couldn’t find someone ugly enough.

Heyman says it’s over whelming to the in the resurgence of ECW. He says ECW will be on SciFi on Tuesday. Finally ECW is coming back to prime time. It’s going to be a whole new breed of ECW. It will be everything it was, plus much, much more.
Heyman talks about the matches for this Sunday’s ONS. He is quite pumped up. He figures we should sample what happened last year at the ECW ONS PPV last year. Video from that show. ECW cleared the ring of WWE wrestlers.

In the ECW locker room Angle says he came to them because they are the most intense, most extreme there is - who are we? An ECW chant starts and they head out of the locker room.

In the WWE locker room Big Show says Angle betrayed each and every one of you. Angle out only for himself. You guys are different. Some of you guys are RAW, some Smackdown, but all one family. Lets go show ECW what they’re going to get. Are you ready? Lots of cheers from the boys. Lets go get them yells Show.

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Lillian says this battle royal establishes the ultimate supremacy in wrestling. It’s an over the top elimination match.
Big Show is the first one out in a RAW shirt. Orton is next in a RAW shirt followed by Mark Henry in a Smackdown shirt. Tatanka is in a Smackdown shirt, Shelton in RAW follows. Matt Hardy has ripped the sleeves of his Smackdown shirt, Fit Finlay comes stalking out in his Smackdown shirt. Carlito is also in a RAW shirt, while Lashley comes out after ripping the sleeves off his blue Smackdown shirt. Edge is actually showing his allegiance to RAW in his shirt.
Angle, Funk, Dreamer, Sandman and the rest come out. Dreamer chases Edge around the ring.
It’s very quickly a free-for-all. Angle and Nunzio eliminate Henry. Tazz bitches at King for calling him Nunzio. Tazz says Nunzio is his Smackdown name. His real name is Little Guido and he should be called that.
Hardy is then eliminated. Guido tries to eliminate Show himself. Guido gets tossed to the apron but hangs on. Show punches him in the head and he drops. Dreamer eliminates Tatanka. Sandman eliminates Carlito.
Edge is still outside and pulls someone over the top while Orton pushes from the inside. That ECW member is then eliminated. (Sorry, I don’t know who it was as I don’t know some of these guys very well.)

- Commercial

Edge is sitting in a chair outside watching the match. He gets on the apron and attacks Justin Credible. Funk is eliminated. Fit eliminates Credible. Shelton eliminates Al and Head with a kick to Al’s head - not Head. Stevie Richards is eliminated. Balls Mahoney gets eliminated by Lashley. Angle immediately eliminates Lashley.
Orton beats on Sandman and then Show takes over the beating. Sandman and Angle are in big trouble. They appear to be the only two ECW wrestlers still in the ring.

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Orton, Show, Fit and Shelton are left with Angle and Sandman. Sandman gets eliminated. Angle then eliminates Shelton. Edge is still outside the ring. Angle hits suplexes on Orton and Fit. Show grabs him and goes for a chokeslam but he reverses it into an Angle slam. Fit gets up and goes after Angle. Fit hangs Angle up on the top, but not over. Angle comes in and slingshots Fit over the top.
Edge rushes in and goes for a spear on Angle. Angle reverses it and suplexes Edge over the top. Orton then eliminates Angle.
Lillian announces the winners as WWE. Orton is celebrating with his back to Show. Show rips off his RAW shirt to show an ECW shirt. Orton turns around and looks shocked at Show’s shirt. Show grabs Orton and chokeslams him before eliminating him. Angle looks at Show from the ramp and Show grins and nods. Angle climbs in the ring and jumps up on Show, wraps his legs around him and hugs him. Joey says he guesses this is what Show meant when he said ECW doesn’t know what they’re in store for tonight. (I had a huge feeling this would happen - Show going to ECW - as it made sense as a good zinger for the battle royal. I had this one guessed before the show started.)

- Winners: ECW

- Commercial

In the ECW locker room they are celebrating. Show says he has only one thing to say, “ECW!” The rest join the chant.

Foley, Edge and Lita are in the ring. Lillian announces them. Edge takes a mic. He says Foley knows hardcore. He knows Dreamer and Funk 11 years ago in ECW. Edge has video for Foley. The video is Mankind saying the hardcore life is a lie, the letters behind him are a lie. The fans who chant ‘he’s hardcore’, he wouldn’t piss on them.
Dreamer comes down to the ring with a 2X4 with barbed wire wrapped around it. Funk is with him.
Edge has a chair and they slam the two things together. Edge drops the chair and leaves the ring. Dreamer drops the wood and throws Edge into the stairs but he jumps over them.
The announcers go at it again arguing. It’s mostly Tazz and King, bit Joey and JR get into it some.
Dreamer brings a can in the ring and nails Edge with a sign. Lita grabs Dreamers ankle and Edge gets the sign. Edge beats on Dreamer with the sign. Edge goes for a move but Dreamer counters with a neckbreaker. Edge hits a drop toe hold on Dreamer face first onto a chair. Edge then nails Dreamer in the face with a trash can lid. Edge then DDT’s Dreamer onto the lid. Dreamer then gets dropped onto a trash can for two.
Dreamer reverses a whip and low blows Edge. Edge gets hung up-side-down. Dreamer then stands on Edge’s nads while he’s hung up.
King says something about Joey’s announcing ability. Joey says he thinks moves should be announced. King says Joey was fired from WWE for his bad announcing. Joey loudly reminds King that he quit the WWE. They just keep going back and forth.
Dreamer dropkicks a chair into Edge’s face while he’s still hung up. Dreamer slides a table into the ring.
King asks if this is sports entertainment. Joey says no, this is wrestling, unlike what WWE has. He then comments on the leprechaun on Smackdown as a verbal low blow.
Dreamer gets Edge sitting up top and climbs to superplex Edge through the table when Lita nails Dreamer in the back with a kendo stick. Funk enters the ring to go after Lita. Foley then enters with a piece of barbed wire and wraps it around Funk’s neck. The two leave the ring pounding the hell out of each other.
Edge goes for a piledriver from up top but Dreamer stops it and sends Edge flying. Edge misses the table with his head just barely. Dreamer nails a Dreamer driver on Edge through the table. Lita starts nailing Dreamer with the kendo stick again. Dreamer gets Lita up like he’s going to powerbomb her. He turns around into Edge’s spear. Edge covers Dreamer for the three while Lita is still on Dreamer, almost sitting on his face.
Funk is pounding the hell out of Foley outside the ring. Funk keeps throwing punches to Foley’s face which is busted open. Edge drives him off. Funk gets in the ring with Dreamer while Edge and Lita guard Foley.

- Winner: Edge - WWE

- Commercial

Foley is on a stool in the ring under a spotlight. He asks how we have the nerve to say he sold out. How can we call him a whore. We think he hates ECW? He says he loved that place, but she didn’t love him back. She’s like the girlfriend he can’t let go of, but kills him to see. She wanted too much of his body, too much of his blood. So he found fame and fortune in WWE. Funk is right that the only difference between him and Dreamer is that he’s a whore and Dreamer isn’t.
Foley pulled a sock out of his pants and mad Vince laugh, Dreamer didn’t. But Dreamer has his pride.
Foley says he re-watched the WM match. No, it wasn’t the best ever. Maybe they have to be tougher and stronger. Funk is going to beat them up all over New York. When you look at Funk you see an old man. His slap hurt more than anyone else does, his punches cause concussions. He gets up in pain everyday looking for another great match. He blew Funk up in a match and Funk put his arm around him. He doesn’t want Funk’s arm around him.
He’s going to ONS to get ECW out of him. WM is nothing compared to what he’s going to unleash on Dreamer and Funk and DG you ECW. You stepped on his heart and soul and threw it all away. When he walks into the Ballroom as a WWE legend Dreamer and Funk will learn about loss. “Have a nice day.”

JR and King agree that this match could be the last match for one of these guys.
Tazz tells King to shut up.
King says he has more wrestling ability in one of his farts than Tazz ever had.
King gets to his feet and goes to Tazz. Tazz takes a few moments but gets to his feet. The two gets into a fucking fight and land behind an announce table. Refs come out to break it up and Joey is screaming to leave them alone and let them fight. JR and Joey are standing between the announce tables, JR closer to the fight. Joey is pissed and screaming. Joey is pushing his body into JR’s body harder and harder seeming to be looking for a fight himself. JR says something quietly to Joey who hits JR’s hat off his head. JR turns to face Joey with a pissed look on his face as it fades to commercial.

- Commercial

Everyone is back at their own announce tables but King and Tazz are yelling at each other. King tells Tazz just to wait for Sunday. Tazz tells him to shut up.

Video of the contract signing Monday night between RVD and Cena. Heyman brings out the ECW guys and Cena starts the fight before being beaten down.

Cena’s music hits and he comes down to the ring. The group in front of the ring don’t seem to be cheering or booing Cena until they want his shirt. Sabu comes through the ECW entrance but down the WWE ramp.
‘Sabu’ chants. They exchange punches. Cena nails a back elbow and covers for two. Cena drives Sabu’s head into the top turnbuckle and throws punches. Cena suplexes for two. Another punch puts Sabu on the mat. Cena telegraphs and gets kicked but slams Sabu and covers for two. Cena strattles Sabu and throws punches.
Cena throws more punches while the announcers bitch at each other. Cena kicks Sabu in the gut and whips him. Sabu nails a low blow. Cena gets tossed out and Sabu slingshots over the top onto him. Sabu nails Cena in the face with a chair. Cena gets nailed in the face with a chair in the ring.
Sabu nails a triple jump moonsault for two. Sabu nails another slam for two. Sabu drops a leg on Cena’s face with the chair between the two. Cena gets tossed into the stairs. Cena gets tossed into the WWE announce tables and then drops his leg on Cena on the table. Joey and Tazz cheer him on. Sabu covers for two. Sabu grabs a chair and threatens the ref who tries to hide. Sabu sets up a chair, runs and jumps off it to fly. Cena catches him in midair. Cena nails the FU. Cena locks on the STFU. Sabu looks about to tap and Show attacks Cena from behind. Henry then comes out. Angle joins the party and then the rest of the WWE locker room empties. They beat on the ECW guys until the ECW locker room empties and the ring is completely bonzo gonzo. All ECW wrestlers and beating on all WWE superstars and vice versa.