June 27, 1985

This is the first episode to be on ESPN

The show is hosted by Larry Nelson, with commentary by Verne Gagne and Doug McCloud

Larry Winters vs. Jimmy Garvin (with Princess)
A suplex gives Garvin the win.  Garvin and Princess are interviewed post-match.

Kahlua vs. Greg Gagne
After three Dropkicks, a Sleeper Hold gives Gagne the win.

Larry Zbyszko is interviewed.  He mentions his new interview segment that he will host, called "In the Corner"

Ray Stevens and Nick Bockwinkel (Tag Team Champions) are interviewed.

"In This Corner" with Rick Martel.  Zbyszko just makes fun of the Heavyweight Champion.

Road Warriors vs. The Long Riders (Bill and Scott Irwin)
The match has a lot of all four men fighting at once.  However, The ANimal manages an Elbow Smash and the pin.

The Fabulous Freebirds vs. Curt Hennig, Tom Zenk and Buck "Rock N Roll" Zumhofe
All six men fight against each other numerous times during the match.  Terry Gordy pins Zumhofe.

The Freebirds are interviewed to let the world know who they are.

Sgt Slaughter (America's Heavyweight Champion) vs. Boris Zukov
Both men are counted out after they brawl out of the ring for too long.