Goodbye Crash Holly

Crash Holly
  • Birthdate: August 25, 1971
  • Deathdate: November 6, 2003
  • Real Name:  Mike Lockwood
  • Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Before becoming Crash Holly, Mike wrestled under the name of Erin O'Grady in various promotions in the US.  Crash Holly started his career in the WWE as the cousin of Hardcore Holly.  The two competed together for a while, but he gained his biggest success in the Hardcore division of the WWE.  He won a total of nine Hardcore Championships and one WWE Tag Team Championships with Hardcore Holly.  When he was Hardcore Champion, he revolutioned the "24/7" rule, where the title was defended at any time anywhere.

He was last seen wrestling in NWA TNA before his death.  He will surely be missed, even though he was only in the major promotions for less than five years.