Good Bye Gorilla Monsoon


Real Name: Robert Marella
Birthday: June 4, 1937
Died: October 5, 1999
Last WWF Apprarence: WrestleMania XV
Titles Held: WWF Tag Titles Cowboy Bill Watts

Gorilla Monsoon, a man that personifies the words "professional wrestling" passed away this morning with his family and friends around the world by his side after a long struggle against a recent heart attack. The master of the airplane spin passed after what many would call a fantastic life.

It was known throughout the world of wrestling that Mr. Marella was struggling in a fight against a recent heart attack he encountered. With support from around the world, Robert made his last appearance on WWF television at WrestleMania XV in which he was one of the many judges for the Brawl for All contest. Even then, many World Wrestling Federation superstars and fans alike noticed his sickly figure and prayed for him to get better -- and fast.

Winning the WWF tag team titles with Cowboy Bill Watts, Gorilla Monsoon held the belt for about three months in 1965 before losing it to Dan and Dr. Bill Miller. Although he was never a world champion, Monsoon played a huge part in activities within the World Wrestling Federation. A former commentator, talent coordinator, and on-air WWF President, Monsoon was known by wrestling and non-wrestling fans alike.

ROBERT MARELLA - 1937-1999, age 62.

A beloved father, husband, friend, and man. Rest in peace Robert, we will miss you always.

-- Credit The Top Rope Newsletter