Goodbye Rhonda Singh


Rhonda Singh Passes Away

Earlier in the week ending August 3, 2001, Rhonda Singh passed away. She wrestled in WCW under her real name and in the WWF as Bertha Faye, winning the WWF Women's Championship at SummerSlam 1995 by defeating Alundra Blayze (Madusa). She was 40 years old. She was last seen on national TV in WCW coming to the ring with Mike Awesome during his "Fat Chick Thrilla" gimmick.

She was managed at one time by Harvey Wimpleman in the WWF. She was known for being the heaviest woman to win the WWF Women's Title. She competed at Summer Slam of 1995 winning the title and at Survivor Series 1995, her team winning against Alundra Blayze's team, although she was eliminated.

According to, Rhonda Singh is the best Canadian female wrestler of all time.  Check out the link for a great story of her life.

"Do not let anyone remember Rhonda Sing as a WWF trailer park comedy character or as a WCW footnote. She was a brave, courageous Canadian teenager with a burning dream, burnished by the heat of the Hart's vanquishing their foes week after week at the Pavilion in Calgary. She was a great pro as a wrestler, both in and out of the ring, and deserves the total respect in her passing that she got from her opponents across the rings in Japan, Mexico, and North America." (, accessed August 1, 2004)