Rodman Down Under

Sydney Super Dome
Sydney, Australia
December 1, 2000
Attendance:  9,000

The commentators were Vince Mancini and Ted DiBiase.

Curt Hennig comes out for an interview.  He talks trash about his opponent Dennis Rodman.  Rodman then comes out and Curt starts the crowd on a "Dennis Sucks!" chant.

Public Enemy (Tag Team Champions) vs. The Road Warriors
Table Match

Grunge sets up two tables on the outside of the ring.  Rocco uses a chair on Animal.  Rocco does a flip to the outside onto Hawk who is laying on a table.  One more Road Warrior to go.  Rocco does another flip, but he went through the table without anyone on it.  Rocco uses chairs on both Animal and Hawk.  Animal then carries Rocco and pushes him and Grunge through a table set up in the corner of the ring.  The Road Warriors win the match and become new tag team champions.

The I Generettes dance for the crowd.

The Barbarian vs. Brute Force
Hardcore Match

Brute Force used to be known as Brutus Beefcake in WWF (Disciple in WCW).  He comes to the ring with a shopping cart full of weapons.  They fight to the outside and to the entrance ramp.  Brute missed Barbarian trying to hit him with the stairs.  Barbarian uses a 2 x 4.  Brute applies a DDT and a Piledriver, but only gets a two count.  The Barbarian does a Boot to the face and gets the win.

The I Generettes dance for the crowd.

Brandi Wine with Sugar Daddy vs. Sweet Destiny with Aussie Joe

They fight to the outside.  Later on in the match the two men get into a fight in the ring.  Sweet Destiny does a German Suplex and a Belly to Back Suplex on Brandi.  Brandi Superplexes Sweet Destiny off the middle rope for the win.

The I Generettes dance for the crowd.

One Man Gang vs. Tatanka (International Champion)

The Gang says the match is over and starts to leave, but everyone in the crowd throws water bottles at him.  He misses a Big Splash in the corner.  Tatanka does a Wardance and 4 Chops, but the referee gets knocked out.  Tatanka slammed the One Man Gang off the top rope and then an Elbowdrop off the top rope, but can't win because the referee is knocked out.  One Man Gang puts on Brass Knuckles and hits Tatanka with it and gets the win.  He is the new International Champion.

The I Generettes dance for the crowd.

Curt Hennig (World Champion) vs. Dennis Rodman
Australian Outback Match

Rodman uses the belt on Hennig before the match starts.  Hennig ends up bleeding.  They fight to the outside and Hennig throws Rodman through the commentator's table.  Back in the ring, Rodman throws the referee out of the ring, and is disqualified for it.  Hennig wins and retains his championship, but the two continue to fight.  Aussie Joe and Brute Force come out to break up the two men.

Curt Hennig has an interview while he is being bandaged up.  He talks about his match that just took place.