WOW Unleashed

February 2001
Great Western Forum, Los Angeles, California.


Jacklyn Hyde with Nurse Mercy and Dr Sara Bellum vs. Randi Rah Rah

Randi made her return to WOW, but she was wearing an eye patch. She does a Cross Body Block and gets the win. Bobby Heenan then interviews her and congratulates her win.



Farah the Persian Princess and Paradise vs. Beach Patrol

The referee was knocked out of the ring. One member of each team went for the pin and the first referee and a second referee counted each one the winner. After an argument, the referee says it is a draw.



Jane Blond vs. Tanja Warrior Woman

Blond misses a Missile Dropkick. Tanja does a Giant Swing and then a Spinwheel Kick and she gets the win.



Bikini Contest - Part One

Summer and Paradise were shown



Hammerin Heather Steele vs. Nicky Law with Kristie Order

Law and Order were making their debut in WOW. Nicky got the quick win. They both attack Steele with a nightstick.



Boom Boom & Caliente vs. Asian Invasion (Jade & Lotus)

Jade's grandmother was at ringside to watch the match. Jade does the Jaded Edge on Boom Boom. However, Boom Boom does the Coconut Edge on Jade and pins her.



The Disciplinarian vs. Bronco Billie

Earlier on we learned that Billie's ranch was sold because her family couldn't afford to pay. The Disciplinarian did a Pedigree and thought she got the win but Billie put her foot on the rope. With her back turned to Billie, the Disciplinarian was rolled up and pinned. The Disciplinarian said that she bought the ranch!



Bikini Contest - Part Two

Jade and Roxy Powers were shown.



Slam Dunk vs. Roxy Powers

Slam Dunk does two Guillotine Leg Drops, but she misses the third from the top rope. The referee gets knocked out and Slam Dunk does a Monster Dunk on Roxy. . . and then on the referee! Roxy does a Superkick. As the second ref counts, he is pulled out of the ring by the first referee. The referee says it is a double disqualification. The second referee is Monster Dunked and Slam Dunk is Superkicked again.



Riot vs. Wendi Wheels
Hardcore Match

Wendi comes out with a shopping cart full of weapons. The action switches between the outside and the inside of the ring. Riot does a corkscrew elbowdrop of the top rope on Wendi. Riot does a Crossface. Riot brings is a trash can and it is used on Wendi. Riot does a Powerbomb on Wendi and gets the win.



Bikini Contest - Part Three

Bronco Billie, Hammerin Heather Steele, Lotus and Sandi were shown.



Jungle Grrrl vs. Beckie The Farmer's Daughter
Splash Match

Jungle Grrrl does a Pumphandle Slam and then an X-Factor. Jungle Grrrl does a Big Splash off the top rope, but she is Slingshotted out of the ring by Beckie. Beckie does a Splash onto Jungle Grrrl to the outside. Jungle Grrrl later does a Superplex off the second rope. Jungle Grrrl goes to the outside and gets a ladder. She almost does a Big Splash (sort of misses, so it is a headbutt) off the ladder onto Beckie for the win.



EZ Ryder & Charlie Davidson with Thug vs. Caged Heat
Finals of the WOW Tag Team Tournament

Delta accidentally hits Loca. EZ Ryder does the Bronco Buster, but the referee gets knocked out. Thug then Clotheslines the referee. Thug attacks Caged Heat in the ring. With Ryder and Delta laying on the mat, a third member of Caged Heat comes in and puts Delta's arm on Ryder. The referee counts three and there are new WOW Tag Team Champions! They slam Thug and hit the referee with the belts and throw him out of the ring.



Terri Gold vs. Danger (WOW Champion)

The referee gets knocked out. Riot comes out and attacks Danger with a Powerbomb through a table. Gold does the Perfect Ten on Danger and gets the win. Terri Gold is the new WOW Champion again!



Bikini Contest - Part Four

Ice Cold and Lana Star are shown.



Lana Star & Patti Pizzazz vs. Ice Cold & Poison
Head Shave Match

Lana comes out with pink crutches and says that since earlier in the event Patti was driven away in a limo trunk, she can't compete in the match. David McClain comes out and says that she will have to wrestle - 2 on 1! Poison accidentally hits Ice Cold with Lana's crutch. Lana then goes for the pin and gets it! A barber comes in with a chair and electric shears. She gets her hair cut in the ring!



Thug with Harley's Angles vs. Selina Majors
Cage Match

Selina introduces Terri Gold as her enforcer and door attendant. Selina ends up bleeding as does the referee as he is hit in the head with a chair by Thug. Ice Cold comes out to the commentator's saying that David McClain will pay for this--she is completely bald! In the cage, the referee is climbing out. He gets to the outside of the cage but Selina shakes the cage and he falls onto the commentator's table from 20 feet in the air! Selina does a Stunner on Thug and goes for the pin but Terri Gold doesn't let the referee enter the cage. Thug hits Selina with a chair and Terri Gold counts the three. Thug wins. Selina then hits Terri Gold with a chair and attacks her with her belt.