Heroes of Wrestling

Casino Magic, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
October 10, 1999



Samoan Swat Team with Paul Adams vs. Rocker Marty Jannetty and Fantastic Tommy Rogers

Jannetty does a Double Bulldog on the Samoans. A Facebuster by the Samoans on Rogers. The Samoans get the win.



An interview with Sherri Martell



Greg "The Hammer" Valentine vs. George "The Animal" Steele with Sherri Martell

Steele bit Greg's arm. Steele tries to take off his shirt, but he is attacked as it is over his head. Sherri then attacks Steele! Steele uses an object on Valentine. Valentine gets the object from Sherri and attacks George. Sherri uses a chair on Steele. Valentine gets the win after that. Sherri goes with Valentine. But she is thrown out of the ring by George. Sherri and Valentine leave together. Steele throws in chairs into the ring and eats a turnbuckle! Valentine comes out and hits Steele with a chair.



An interview with Julio Fantastico



Julio Fantastico vs. Too Cold Scorpio

Lots of high flying moves between the two. They fight into the audience. Julio Bulldogs Scorpio off the middle rope. Scorpio does a Cannonball Legdrop and a Corkscrew 450 Splash to get the win.


Lou Albano is announced as the new commissioner of Heroes of Wrestling!



King Kong Bundy interview - refers to Yokozuna (who attacked him earlier)



The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff vs. Luke and Butch

They sing the Russian national anthem and the Iron Sheik spits into the mic. He then shows us his strength. During the match, the fans chant "USA!" Nikolai does a backbreaker on Butch. The Iron Sheik has Luke in the Camel Clutch. Nikolai accidentally hits The Sheik with an object and The Men From Downunder get the pin. The Sheik and Volkoff almost fight each other, but the manager stops them.



Footage Tully Blanchard being attacked earlier by Sweet Stan Lane



Tully Blanchard interview - he is ready to wrestle



Sweet Stan Lane vs. Tully Blanchard
The Midnight Express vs. The Four Horseman

They fight outside of the ring. Tully did a Figure Four on Lane on the outside. A Sleeper on Lane. A Side Suplex by Lane got a pin, but for Blanchard. The referee gave the win the Tully Blanchard since he saw Tully pinning Lane, and not the other way around. They continue to fight after the bell.



Interview with Jim Neidhart and King Kong Bundy



The One Man Gang vs. Abdullah The Butcher

The Gang comes out with a chain and some chairs. Gang uses the chain and the chair on Abdullah. He ends up bleeding. Abdullah uses a fork on the Gang. He then uses a chair on the Gang. Abdullah did an elbow drop. They fight to the outside of the ring. The match is stopped as they are both bleeding and fight to the commentators table. They attack security. They fight to the lockeroom. This is a no contest.



Footage of an earlier poker game between Bob Orton and Jimmy Snuka where Orton was shown cheating



Capt Lou Albano and Jimmy Snuka interview



Cowboy Bob Orton interview



Jimmy Superfly Snuka with Capt Lou Albano vs. Cowboy Bob Orton

Lots of quick pins early on the match. Bob Slams Snuka and gets a two count. Jimmy headbutts Orton. Snuka goes to the top rope but is knocked off. Superfly gets a leap off the top rope for the win after Orton was hurt by Albano.



Jake "The Snake" Roberts interview - he has his snake



Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

Jake comes out with his snake and it stats to slither out of the bag during the match. He takes it out and Neidhart leaves. King Kong Bundy and Neidhart come back out. Yokozuna come out (They say he weighs 650 pounds). Bundy and Yokozuna attack each other. The match is turned into a tag team match with Yokozuna and Jake Roberts vs. Jim Neidhart and King Kong Bundy. Neidhart uses a chair on Roberts. Bundy Splashes Roberts twice and gets the win. They get little Bundy (a smaller person who looks like King Kong Bundy) in the ring and attack him. Yokozuna Samoan Drops him. Roberts puts the snake on him.