WWA The Inception

January 6, 2002
Sydney, Austraila


Juventud Guerrera vs Psychosis
Ladder Match for the International Cruiserweight Champion

Early in the match Psychosis is hit in the face twice with the ladder and is bleeding because of it. Psychosis has Juvy straddling the ropes and he hits a flying leg drop from the top of the ladder. Psychosis then goes for the belt. Juvy jumps over the ropes and dropkicks the ladder. Both men then make it up the ladder and exchange fists at the top. Once the exchange was over Juvy gets Psychosis with a rolling power bomb from off the ladder. Juvy then grabs the belt.




Konan vs The Road Dog Jesse James
Dog Collar Match

The Road Dog goes to do his old DX intro but Konan gets the chain and hits The Road Dog. Konan then proceeds to do his own. Both men end up getting the chain yanked between the legs. Konan distracts the referee and hits The Road Dog with a crowbar. The Road Dog then hits Konan with it and hog ties him and taps all four corners




Devon Storm vs Norman Smiley
Hardcore Match

The match quickly goes to the outside. Smiley gets a trash can lid and attacks Storm with it. Storm sets a chair on Smiley and moonsaults off the ropes on to him. Smiley gets a table. Storm is bleeding. The fight goes to the stage. Smiley is placed on a stack of tables and Storm dives off the video screen on to Smiley. Smiley then rolls over and gets the win




Battle Royale
List of enterants
Buff Bagwell, Disco Inferno, Stevie Ray, Norman Smiley, Devon Storm, Jerry Jawler, Jeremy Borash, A Camera Guy, Slick Johnson, the Other Referee, and a women in a gold dress.

Buff Bagwell won the battle royale




Jeff Jarrett vs Nathan Jones
Guitar on a Pole Match

The fight goes to the outside and Jones throws Jarrett on to the announcer's table. Jarrett hits Jones's manager with the guitar then hits the Stroke on Jones and gets the 3 count.



The Road Dog vs Lenny vs Lodi

Lenny and Lodi get the Road Dog in a 3-D. Each man than goes for the pin and the other stops it. Lenny and Lodi are lying on top of each other then the Road Dog goes for the Doggie Knee and geth the win.



Jeff Jarrett vs Buff Bagwell
Lumber Jill with Whips Match

Jarrett gets thrown out twice and is wipped. Then Buff gets out and gets a massage. They both end up in the outside and Buff gets a wip and goes after Jarrett. The referee left ringside and Buff hits the Buff Blockbuster on Jarrett and one of the lumber jills count. The referee dosen't allow that pin and Jarret gets the stroke on Buff for the win.



Luna vs Vampire Warrior
Black Wedding Match

The Warrior puts Luna in the corner and motions to hit her but can't. Luna then kicks him in the face. Luna goes on the outside and gets a pair of tongs and then gets the Warrior in the crotch. Luna then throws her wedding ring at her husband and spits on him. The Warrior then gets the Impaler for the win.



Jeff Jarrett vs The Road Dog
WWA Title Cage Match

The Road dog wips Jarrett into the cage. Both men go to exit. They are sitting on the top of the cage exchaning fists. Both men leave the cage and Jarrett gets the bell. The Road Dog hits him with it. Jarrett is bleeding. Jarrett gets a sleeper in the middle of the ring. The Road Dog then knocks out the referee. Jarrett gets the guitar and hits The Road Dog. Jarrett then puts him in a sharp shooter. A second referee comes out and getrs knocked out. Then The Road Dog puts Jarrett in the Sharpshooter. Jarrett then hits the stroke and Bret Hart counts him the winner.

After the match Jarrett motions to hit Hart with the belt. Then Hart gets Jarrett in the Sharpshooter