WWA Revolution

February 24, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada


The band Tantric performed the theme song to Revolution.



Nova vs Loki vs Sharkboy vs AJ Styles vs Tony Mamaluke vs Christopher Daniels
Elimination Match

Loki pins Sharkboy; AJ pins Tony after a Stylesclash; Christopher Daniels pins Loki; AJ pins Christopher Daniels after a Stylesclash; Nova pins AJ Styles to win the match



Bret Hart comes out for an interview. He congratulates the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team for their gold medal win. He also announces the main event will be Brian Christopher vs champion Jeff Jarrett - two second generation wrestlers fighting each other.



Reno vs The Funkster (Alan Funk)

The Funkster is an impersonator of the the 1980's Hulk Hogan. Reno does a Roll the Dice, but the Funkster gets up. The Funkster does a Piledriver then the Big Boot and the Legdrop for the win.



Native Blood (Navajo Warrior and Ghost Walker) vs Kronic

This match was mostly Kronic, who won with a High Times.



The Staretts dance for the crowd.



Puppet the Midget Killer and Teo, two midgets come out and have an impromptu hardcore match. They fight with a garbage can. Puppet gets a bag of thumbtacks and throws them on the floor and drops Teo on them! He pins him for the win. Scott Steiner then comes out with six women. He attacks bowth men and then fights the Disco Inferno, who was commentating and looking for a match since Hart took away Disco's opponent. Steiner gave Disco a Steiner Recliner and then left.



Juventud Guerrera vs Psichosis (WWA International Cruiserweight Champion) vs Eddy Guerrero

All three men do high flying moves that most Mexican wrestlers in the US do. Eddy gets the win after doing a Frogsplash on Psichosis on the title belt. Eddy gets on the microphone to talk and Jerry Lynn comes out starts to fight with Eddy. Eddy Suplexes Jerry on the floor, but Jerry Piledrives Eddy on the title belt.



Larry Zbyszko enters the arena and then the Staretts dance for us to the tune of "Play" by Jennifer Lopez



Devon Storm vs Sabu with Bill Alphonso
No Disqualificaion Match

Devon does a Sunset Flip to the floor with Sabu. Sabu does his usual moves with chairs, including a Vertical Suplex through two chairs and an Arabian Facebuster. He then jumps and misses Devon but lands through a table. Devon does a Mindbender but gets a two as Bill pulls the referee out of the ring. Bill then accidently hits Sabu with a chair and Devon pins him. Sabu throws a chair at Devon as he leaves and sets him on a table at the enterance way and jumps from the second level of the screen on Devon!



Larry Zbyszko comes out for an interview and mentions how he worked for the WWWF but never the WWF because he doesn't like Vince McMahon, Jr. He challenges the owner of the WWF to a match here at neutral territory - the WWA!



Lenny & Lodi vs Rick Steiner and Ernest Miller

In a match that lasted about two minutes in which Lodi didn't get to wrestle in the Cat pinned Lenny. The Cat then attacks and chokes Mark Madden who was commentating (along with Jeremy Borash).



Grandmaster Brian Christopher vs Jeff Jarrett (WWA Heavyweight Champion)

They fight into the crowd. Back in the ring they both do a sleeper hold. Brian does a Tornado DDT. He then accidentaly Superkicks the referee. Brian does a Hip Hop Drop but a second referee comes out and only gets a two count. Both referees argue, which allows Jeff to hit Brian with a guitar. The referees fight each other allowing Jeff to do a Stroke on the title belt. He pins Grandmaster to get the win and retain the title!



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