WWA The Eruption

April 14, 2002
Melbourne, Austraila


Nova vs A J Styles
Cruiserweight Tournament

Nova does a Twisted Sister, but only gets a two. A J Styles then does a Stylesclash and gets the pin.



Commissioner Sid comes out and thanks Andrew McManus, the owner of WWA, for choosing him as commissioner. He then announces that the main event will be Heavyweight Champion Nathan Jones vs Scott Steiner - and Sid will be the enforcer!



Chucky Chaos vs Jerry Lynn
Cruiserweight Tournament

Chucky does a lot of high flying moves, but that is nothing once Jerry does a Cradle Piledriver, because that gives Jerry the win.



Puppet vs Tio

Tio is slammed onto three chairs in the ring. He is then thrown into the corner of the ring with a trash can in it. Puppet does a Midgetbomb. Tio does a Swanton Bomb, but only gets a two. Tio jumps from the top of a ladder onto Puppet, who was stuck in a trash can. He pin Puppet for the win.



Stevie Ray and Buff Bagwell vs The Cat and Brian Christopher

Stevie accidentaly kicks Buff. The Cat and Brian do a double Rock Bottom on Buff and then Brian does a Hip Hop Drop and pins him. To celebrate, Brian Christopher, The Cat, the women dancers and kids from the crowd dance in the ring.



Quebecer Pierre vs The Funkster

Pierre does a Cannonball, but the Funkster Funks up. The Funkster does a Piledriver and a Big Boot and gets the win.



A J Styles vs Jerry Lynn
Cruiserweight Tournament Final

Lots of high flying moves and submission moves by both men. Lynn does the Cradle Piledriver, but only gets a two count. Styles does a Stylesclash but only gets a two, too! A Corkscrew Swanton Bomb by Styles gives him the win and the championship!



Devon Storm vs Sabu
Cage Match

Sabu starts to bleed on his back early on by repeated throws into the cage. Sabu stabs Devon with an object in the face. Sabu jumps from the top of the cage and misses Devon. Sabu sets up three tables and jumps from the top of the cage onto Devon and gets the pin.



Midajah vs Queen Bea
Evening Gown Match

Midajah gets the win by pulling off Queen Bea's dress, then Puppet and Tio come out and attack Midajah and take off her dress!



Scott Steiner with Midajah vs Nathan Jones (WWA Heavyweight Champion)
Enforcer - Sid

Lots of power moves by both men open up the match. Steiner does the Sharpshooter on Jones. Jones then does a Sideslam. Midajah jumps on the back of Jones to distract him. Sid then pulls her out of the ring. While the referees are tending to Midajah, Steiner hits Jones with the belt. Jones does a Chokeslam and goes for the pin, but Midajah distracts the referee. Sid then goes to Powerbomb Midajah, but doesn't. Steiner then hits Jones with the belt and does the Steiner Recliner and gets Jones to submit. Scott Steiner is the new champion! Sid congratulates Scott on his win.



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