WWA Retribution

February 9, 2003
Glasgow, Scottland


Drummers drumming to start the show and Jeremy Borash and the Disco Inferno are your hosts.


Shark Boy vs Frankie "The Future" Kazarian

Sharkboy won with the dead sea drop.



Commissioner Mike Sanders comes out. He gives us a run down of the card. But Joe E Legend interrupts him.They both make fun of each other. Sanders give Legend the finger and says he’ll wrestle him tonight.



Nate “Spyder” Webb vs Konan

Saturn attacks nate as he enters. He gives him the Death Valley driver and then the rings of Saturn. Konan then enters and pins the guy.



Johnny Swinger and Buff Bagwell vs Norman Smiley and Malice

Norman gives a big wiggle to Swinger. Bagwell hits the Blockbuster on Smiley. Swinger pins smiley. After the match Malice cleans house.



Puppet the Psycho Dwarf vs teo
Special Referee Midjah

A Swanton Bomb from Teo gives him the win. Saturn comes out and beats up both midgets.  Saturn then kisses Midjah and leaves with her.



Joe E Legend vs Mike Sanders

Sanders won with the superkick



Jeff Jarrett (NWA Champion) vs Nathan Jones

Jones choke slammed the referee. Jarrett got his guitar and whacked Jones and got the win



Simon Diamond vs Sabu vs Saturn with Midjah
Hardcore Match

Sabu jumps off a chair. Lots more classic Sabu maneuvers.  The midgets come out to attack Saturn. They disrobe Midjah. Sabu hits the 3x moonsault on Diamond for the win.



Lex Luger vs Sting
WWA Title Match

Jarrett come out and hits Sting with the guitar in mid stinger splash. Luger pins Sting and becomes the Champion



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