MCI Center, Washington, DC
Attendance: 19,101
April 30, 2000


Debra makes her return to the WWF as a special guest ring announcer.



The Road Dogg & X-Pac with Tori vs. Edge & Christian (WWF Tag Team Champions)

Christian used a bell on X-Pac, allowing Edge to pin X-Pac to retain the WWF Tag Team Championships.



Scotty 2 Hottie vs. Dean Malenko (WWF Light Heavyweight Championship)

Scotty does the Moonwalk. Malenko got a Superplex. A Bulldog by Scotty and the Worm! A DDT from the Top by Dean Malenko. Malenko retained his title!



Big Boss Man & Bull Buchanan vs. The Acolytes

Bull Buchanan got the pin on Bradshaw after doing a Scissorskick off the top after the Big Boss Man hit Bradshaw with a nightstick!



Crash Holly (WWF Hardcore Champion) vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Tazz vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Perry Saturn
Crash Has to Pin Someone or Someone Has To Pin Crash to win

The match goes to the entranceway. A ladder is brought out and used. Tazz gets the Tazzmission on Crash Holly, but he is hit with a stop sign by Saturn. Crash pinned Tazz, who was knocked out.



Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show

The Big Show comes out dressed like Hulk Hogan, complete with his music. A Leg Drop from The Big Show in about a minute, almost gives the Big Show the win. A Chokeslam gives The Big Show the win.



The Dudley Boyz vs. T & A with Trish Stratus

The Dudleys got a 3D, but not the three count. Test missed an elbow off the top rope. They go for a 3 D, but Trish distracts Buh Buh Ray, allowing T & A to get a quick pin. Buh Buh gets Trish and a 3D on Albert. A table is brought into the ring. Trish kisses Buh Buh, but he puts her through a table. Trish is taken away by EMT's.



Eddie Guerrero (WWF European Champion) with Chyna vs. Essa Rios with Lita

Eddie drove his car to the ringside dressed in his prom outfit with Chyna. Eddie did an Outsider's Edge like spinning maneuver to get the win to retain the championship. Lita then stripped Chyna of her prom dress.



Chris Benoit (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs. Chris Jericho

As the referee got knocked out, Benoit brought the title belt into the ring. He knocked Jericho out with it, Suplexed him on the title, and went for a flying headbutt, but landed on the belt instead of Jericho! The referee saw this and disqualified Jericho because of the title. Jericho then applied the Walls of Jericho on Benoit.



The Rock with Steve Austin in his corner vs. Triple H (WWF Heavyweight Champion) with Vince McMahon in his corner with Stephanie
Referee: Shane McMahon

The Rock came out alone, because Steve Austin hadn't arrived at the arena yet. The Rock knocked out the referee; Triple H went for a Pedigree, but no one was there to count. Vince got Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe to come out as referees. They both attacked the Rock. Vince hit the Rock with a chair. . . and Steve Austin appeared in the arena! Austin hit Triple H, Patterson and Briscoe with the chair and then went after Shane and Vince. Austin left as Linda McMahon entered, along with Earl Hebner. The Rock did a Spinebuster and a People's Elbow to get the pin (counted by Earl Hebner) to win the WWF Heavyweight Championship for a fourth time! Austin and The Rock celebrated in the ring afterwards with the belt and a few beers.

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