Allstate Arena
Chicago, Illinois

April 29, 2001

X-Factor vs. The Dudley Boyz
The Dudleys got the early advantage in the match, as the sold-out crowd at the Allstate Arena in Chicago chanted for tables! The teams soon started using double- and triple-team maneuvers to try and gain the advantage in the bout. Bubba Ray and D-Von soon hit the "wassap!" on Justin, and then Bubba told his brother to get the tables! But Albert nailed D-Von with a boot to the face before he could nab any "wood." Back in the ring, X-Pac and Justin hit the "X Marks The Spot" double-kick on Bubba Ray, and scored the win!  After the pin, Albert continued to assault Bubba, and X-Pac and Justin went outside the ring and grabbed a table! But the Dudleys fought off X-Factor, and gave X-Pac a 3-D through the table!


Raven vs. Rhyno (WWF Hardcore Champion)
March starts off with a drop toe hold by Raven. Rhyno punches raven in the ropes. Rhyno knocks Raven out of the ring and gets a two count. Rhyno sits Raven in a chair and runs at him but Raven moves at the last moment. Raven hits a clothesline for a two count. Rhyno hits Raven in the head with a trash can lid and a sign for a two count. Rhyno hits Raven in the face with a shopping cart then throws it in the ring. Raven with a drop toe hold on Rhyno onto the shopping cart. Raven nails Rhyno in the head with a sign. Raven hits a bulldog for a two count. Raven hits Rhyno in the face with a trash can for a two count. Raven spears Rhyno with the shopping cart. Rhyno hits Raven in the head with the sign for a two count. Raven ducks a spear and Rhyno gets his head stuck in the shopping cart. Raven nails the cart with Rhyno stuck in it for a two count. Rhyno spears Raven for the pin.


Chris Jericho vs. Steven Regal
Duchess of Queensbury Match
Before the match, Regal said hello to all his friends in Chicago and brought out the Duchess. The Duchess carried a scepter and sat down on a "throne" of sorts. Jericho showed the funny Dutchess Regal picture again and said the real one looked like a man. Both men locked up and had to be separated in the corner. Regal locked on a wrist lock, which Jericho got out of by flipping himself over. Jericho went up top and hit a clothesline. Jericho worked over Regal outside before missing a missile dropkick back inside the ring. Regal hit several forearm uppercuts and applied a headlock. Regal went up top and waved to the crowd, and got himself caught in a hurricanrana. Jericho turned Regal's chest to a bright red color with knife-edge chops. Jericho landed the lionsault and the Duchess requested the bell be rung. According to the rules, round one had expired just as Jericho had the match won… Regal rolled up Jericho very quickly to get a two count. Regal applied the Regal Stretch. Jericho made it to the ropes to break the hold. Jericho put Regal in the Walls of Jericho and Regal submitted. However, the Duchess said you couldn't win by submission. The match continued outside the ring and Regal nailed Jericho with the Duchess' scepter. The Duchess said there are no disqualifications… Back in the ring, Regal ruled, keeping Jericho off his feet. Jericho regained the advantage after an enziguri. He kicked Regal in the nuts and dropkicked him right into the Dutchess' crotch! Jericho threw the Duchess into the ring and put the Walls of Jericho on her. Regal interfered with three chairshots. He covered Jericho and got the pin.


Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Ultimate Submission Match

Kurt Angle came down to the ring first and ripped on Chicago and the fans as he usually does. After his speech, Benoit’s music hit and he walked down to the ring. They announced that there would be a 30-second rest period in between each decision. They locked right up and Benoit backed Angle into the corner and the ref split them up. Angle executed a single-leg takedown on Benoit and then both wrestled up to their feet and paced around each other once again. Angle got another single-leg takedown and wrestled to a vertical base once again. Angle got another takedown and then Benoit reversed and locked in Angle. Benoit managed to get Angle in the Crippler Crossface, but Angle was in the ropes and he was forced to let go. Angle rolled out of the ring and Benoit was held back by the referee. Angle got a huge waist takedown and then got up and took down Benoit again. Benoit nearly got him in the Crossface again. They got to vertical base again and then locked up another time. Angle got Benoit in a waist lock, but Benoit reversed it and slammed him out of the waistlock. They went to the outside and Benoit got him in the waistlock again and locked in the Crippler Crossface. Angle tapped, but it did not count since it was on the outside. Benoit got back in the ring and waited for Angle. Angle was holding his shoulder and looked to be hurting. Angle ran at Benoit and got him in a leglock and turned it into a submission leglock and Benoit quickly tapped out and they went into their rest period. Angle started kicked the knees of Benoit and then chop blocked him to the mat. He repeatedly hit the chop blocks on Benoit and on his third attempt, he got locked in a submission hold. Angle almost broke free, but Benoit locked him in an arm lock and Angle tapped. With around 21-minutes left in the match, the score is tied 1-1.

Benoit tried to get Angle in the arm breaker once again, but Angle reached the ropes and got free. Benoit hit a shoulder breaker on Angle and then whipped him chest-first into the corner. Angle was lying on the ropes and Benoit tried to pull him away. Benoit backed off and then came back and Angle reached down and swung a chair back and nailed Benoit. Angle got Benoit in an ankle lock and he tapped out to put Angle ahead 2-1. Angle came right over and got Benoit in his own hold, the Crippler Crossface and Benoit tapped out. This put Angle in the lead with a score of 3-1. Benoit got up and Angle tackled him into the ropes. Angle laid Benoit across the ring apron and nailed him with elbows from the outside. Angle back suplexed Benoit and went for the Ankle lock, but Benoit reached the ropes. Benoit rolled out of the ring and Angle slammed him into the announcers’ table. Angle rolled Benoit back into the ring and whipped him into the ropes. Benoit held on and then elevated Angle over the top rope, onto the outside. Angle was slammed into the ringpost and then Benoit followed up with knife-edge chops and a shot to Angle’s shoulder. Angle reversed a whip from Benoit and sent him into the steel ring steps. Angle locked Benoit in the Ankle lock on the outside and the ref finally made him break the hold. Angle picked up Benoit and rolled him back into the ring. Benoit was holding his knee and Angle went for the arm-breaker again. He could not get the elbow hyper-extended and Benoit finally got to the ropes and was let free. Angle then got Benoit in the abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring, but Benoit did not tap. Benoit broke free and got behind Angle. He whipped him over and tried to get him in the arm-breaker, but Angle used the ropes and got out.

Benoit took down Angle and got him in the Sharpshooter. Angle did not submit. Angle picked up Benoit for a suplex and Benoit rolled through and got Angle in a leg lock. Angle tapped out and this made the score 3-2, with Angle still in the lead. At this point, there was still 11-minutes left in the match. Angle rolled out of the ring and paced around the ring to gain some energy. Benoit followed him out and slammed him into the ring steps. Benoit got in the ring and Angle started kicking him down. Angle threw Benoit to the outside after a rake to the eyes and attacked him when he tried to get back in the ring. Benoit finally got back in the ring and Angle suplexed him to the mat. Angle backed Benoit into the corner and whipped him to the opposite side. Angle got Benoit in the drop toehold and went for another Ankle lock, but Benoit was close to the ropes and got free. Angle tossed Benoit out of the ring. He followed him out and slammed him into the security rail. Angle then got back in the ring and waited for Benoit to get back to his feet and into the ring. Benoit got back in the ring and Angle tried to kick him in the gut, but Benoit hit a leg-lace takedown and then went for a dropkick, but he missed and fell to the mat on his back. Angle got Benoit in another leg submission hold and Benoit could do nothing but throw elbows into the side of Kurt Angle. The ref lifted the arm of Benoit twice and it did not fall the third time. Benoit tried to sit out, but could not get up. Angle then moved into a reverse chinlock and Benoit finally got to his feet. Benoit broke the hold with a jawbreaker and both men got up slowly. Benoit ran at Angle and was kicked right down and then Angle followed up with kicks to the mid-section. Angle belly-to-belly suplexed Benoit and then picked him right up off the mat. Benoit reversed a whip by Angle and threw him into the corner and finally gained an offense.

Angle and Benoit switched the momentum of the match several times and Benoit finally got Angle in an Ankle lock. Angle tapped out and the score was tied at 3. Angle was laying near the ropes as Benoit kicked away at him. Angle nailed Benoit with a low blow when he got the advantage and he got Benoit in the Ankle lock with 30-seconds left. Benoit got free and Angle suplexed him and got him in the Ankle lock again. The time expired and Benoit tapped out after the bell sounded. Angle walked out and thought he had won the match. The referee demanded that the match continues into Sudden Death and the next submission would crown a winner in the match. Angle ran back to the ring and started kicking away at Benoit and then suplexed him to the mat hard. Benoit was fighting to hi feet as an “Angle Sucks” chant started. Angle tried to get Benoit in the abdominal stretch from the mat, but Benoit took shots at Angle faces and then locked in the Crippler Crossface. Angle wasn’t far from the ropes, but he could not reach them and was forced to tap out. Chris Benoit got his 4 fall and won the match 4-3.


The Big Show vs. Shane McMahon
Last Man Standing

The Big Show was a man on a mission in this bout, looking to destroy Shane McMahon as Vince McMahon watched on from backstage.  As the match began, Shane grabbed a kendo stick and nailed the Big Show from all angles. Shane even assaulted Show with the "Shane and the Beanstalk" book he read from last week on SmackDown! The Big Show was able to hit Shane with one big punch, however, and the Boy Wonder was down. Inside the ring, Shane recovered and repeatedly crashed a steel chair against Big Show's head and back -- but the Show wouldn't stay down for the 10-count! Shane then went under the ring and got an ether-soaked rag, trying to force the Show into unconsciousness. As the crowd chanted "Shane-O-Mac," the Show collapsed onto the mat. But as the ref began to count the Show down, Mr. McMahon ran to the ring and assaulted his son with a steel chair! As Mr. McMahon left, both Shane and Show were down in the ring. Show got to his feet at the count of 8, and then picked up Shane! The 7-footer brutalized the Boy Wonder -- caring less about the ref's count and winning the match than about brutalizing Shane in front of Vince. The Big Show hit Shane with the Final Cut, and then told the ref to count. But when the ref got to 8, the Show again picked up Shane! After slamming him down with a mighty chokeslam, the ref again began to count. But again at 8, the Show picked Shane up! The Show locked Shane in a backbreaker, but Test ran to the ring and kicked the Show in the face! Test continued to attack the Show, but the Show recovered and knocked Test from the ring. Outside the ring, the Big Show decimated Test -- but by doing so, he gave the Boy Wonder time to recover. Show and Test battled to the top of the entranceway, and Shane soon followed down the aisle. The Boy Wonder snuck up behind the Big Show and hit him with a street sign. But the Big Show grabbed a lead pipe and stalked Shane.  Soon Shane started climbing up the superstructure on the Backlash set. Amazingly, the Big Show followed him up the scaffolding! Test snuck up behind the Show and knocked the Show out. Shane then delivered an elbowdrop onto the Big Show from the top of the scaffold -- from nearly 50 feet in the air! The ref started to count, and Test propped Shane's body up on the roving camera! The ref got to 10 -- and Shane McMahon was the Last Man Standing! 


Matt Hardy (WWF European Champion) vs. Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero
The three competitors came to the ring and Christian and Eddie went to work on Matt Hardy. They threw him out of the ring and then Christian attacked Eddie from behind and nailed him with a suplex. He powerslammed Eddie and then got a 2-count with the cover. Eddie then countered with a Huricanrana and then Matt got back into the mix and took them both down. Christian then took down Matt and was back suplexed by Eddie Guerrero and all three men were down. Matt was whipped off the ropes and he hit a sunset flip on Christian. Matt clotheslined Christian and went for the cover, but only got a 2-count. Christian whipped Matt into the ropes and Eddie, who was on the outside, pulled him outside. Matt shook off Eddie and went after Christian. He whipped Christian into the side of the ring and then got back in the ring. In the ring, Eddie suplexed Matt and almost got a three count. Eddie caught Matt as he went upstairs, but Matt pushed him off. Christian tried to knock him off, but was unsuccessful and Matt nailed them both from the top with a double flying clothesline. Matt hit a legdrop on Eddie and could only get a 2-count.Matt rolled out of the ring and was in the aisle and Edge ran down and Speared him. Edge rolled Matt into the ring and he kicked out of being pinned and Jeff Hardy then came down and attacked Edge. It was chaos in the ring and Matt Hardy finally got the pin and won the match.


Triple H (WWF Intercontinental Champion) and Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight Champion) vs. Kane and the Undertaker (WWF Tag Team Champions)
All Three Titles On the Line

Kane and Undertaker held a stand off, not allowing Triple H or Austin into the ring. After ten minutes of ring introductions, a five-minute standoff was the last thing this crowd needed. Triple H finally tried to get in and received a punch. Austin and HHH decided to leave, and were attacked at the entrance way. Kane ran HHH into the announce table while Undertaker sent Austin to the mat. Despite an "injured" arm, Kane picked up both Austin and Helmsley for modified choke slams. Austin and Undertaker tagged. Austin cowered down to Undertaker, pleading with him not to hit him. 'Taker did anyway, but Austin made it to his feet and hit a series of punches. Austin offered his hand in friendship, but Undertaker kicked him in the face. UT old schooled Helmsley, then Austin. Austin and Triple H attempted to leave again, only to be chased down by Kane. 'Taker went for the Last Ride on Austin but Triple H interfered. The heels took over with a barrage of kicks and punches to Undertaker. After a prolonged beating of Undertaker, he finally came back with a DDT on HHH. However, he refused to make a tag to Kane because of the condition of his arm. Austin hit a Thesz press on 'Taker, but UT got up and hit a double clothesline on both Triple H and Austin. Kane tagged himself in and went to work on Austin with a sidewalk slam. Kane went up top and nailed a clothesline, and tossed Helmsley off. The heels went back to Kane's injured arm to stop his advantage…Outside, Austin cranked away at Kane's arm with a chair. HHH put Kane in a chicken wing submission. Kane battled out but the heels still remained in control. Undertaker's face had been bloodied at some point. HHH hit the Pedigree but didn't go for the cover. Instead, he tagged Austin. With the referee's back turned, Undertaker chokeslammed Austin. Stephanie distracted the referee, until the ref pushed her to the floor. Kane covered Austin for the pin but it was too late. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of punishment, Kane tagged to Undertaker. However, the referee took a bump and did not see the tag. Undertaker cleaned house and gave HHH the Last Ride. The referee wouldn't count the pin because UT wasn't the legal man. Austin ran in and stunned Kane. The ref went down once again. Stephanie slipped HHH a title belt. Helmsley went to hit Kane with it but Kane got a boot up. Austin and Undertaker battled out in the crowd. Stephanie ran in and got a big boot from Kane. Vince ran down with a sledgehammer. Kane grabbed Vince while HHH got the sledge and hit Kane twice. Vince slipped the referee back in and Triple H wins.

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