Verizon Wireless Arena
Manchester, New Hampshire

May 1, 2005

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WWE Backlash Opener:

Backlash opened up with a video package looking at some classic moments in the career of Hulk Hogan, and tonight he is back for one more match! We then switched gears to the World Heavyweight Championship match, with a video package looking at that feud. The fireworks then went off in the arena for the start of Backlash as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show!

Intercontinental Championship Match
Referee: Jack Doan
Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin (c)

The music of Chris Jericho hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for his shot at the Intercontinental Title. Shelton Benjamin then made his way down as the champion, and this should be a good one.

The start:

Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin locked it up as the fans chanted for Y2J. Benjamin grabbed a waist lock but Jericho reversed and got a side headlock but Benjamin reversed into a head scissors. Benjamin managed a backslide for two and then hit a quick arm drag and locked in an arm bar on Jericho. Jericho worked over the arm of Benjamin but Benjamin reversed with a springboard into an arm drag.

Mid-match notes:

Jericho slapped Benjamin in the face and then Benjamin took him down with right hands. The two locked it up again and Jericho hit some right hands and chops on Benjamin. Benjamin went for a suplex but Jericho blocked and landed on the apron. Jericho back dropped Benjamin to the outside and then Benjamin went for a Powerbomb from the apron but Jericho countered into a hurricanrana to the outside! Jericho pulled the padding off the barrier and then dropped Benjamin over it. Jericho threw Benjamin back inside and then kicked him in the ribs. Jericho hit a vertical suplex and then did his cocky pin.

Jericho locked in a rear chin lock on Benjamin as the fans got behind the champion. Jericho chopped the chest of Benjamin but Benjamin came back with a flying forearm. Jericho hit a low dropkick and then choked Benjamin in the ropes. Jericho chopped Benjamin in the corner and then went for an Irish whip but Benjamin reversed and sent Jericho sternum first to the buckle and then hit a splash. Benjamin scored with a suplex and then went to work on Jericho in the corner but Jericho came back with a bulldog. Jericho went for the Lionsault but Shelton got up and shoved him to the outside.

The two fought on the top rope and Jericho shoved Benjamin into the ring but then Benjamin leaped back up to the top rope and hit a Superplex for two! Benjamin hit a flapjack on Jericho for another two and then locked in a rear naked choke with a body scissors. The fans got behind Jericho as he fought to his feet. Jericho hit a neck breaker and both men are down. Benjamin went for the Stinger Splash but Jericho moved and then knocked him down with a clothesline. Jericho hit a drop toe hold hanging Benjamin over the middle rope and charged at him but Benjamin hit a Samoan Drop out of nowhere for two!

Benjamin gave Jericho some right hands in the corner and then whipped him to the other buckle and followed in, but Jericho got his elbow in the way and then hit a running enziguri for two! Jericho sent Benjamin to the apron, but Benjamin came back in with a springboard bulldog for a two! Benjamin went for a Oklahoma Roll but Jericho countered for two and then went for the Walls of Jericho but Jericho escaped and hit the T-Bone out of nowhere and covered but Jericho got his feet in the ropes!

Benjamin pulled Jericho to the middle of the ring and went for the pin again, but Jericho kicked up. Benjamin stalked Jericho and went for it again but Jericho hammered out of it. Benjamin went for the Dragon Whip, but Jericho ducked and locked in the Walls in the middle of the ring! Benjamin made it to the ropes and the fans were not pleased. Jericho stomped Benjamin and then kicked him hard in the ribs and then Benjamin came out of nowhere with a Pele kick but Jericho kicked out!

The Finish:

Benjamin went for a dropkick but Jericho held onto the ropes and went for the Lionsault but Benjamin hot his knees up and Jericho grabbed them and went for the Walls again but then Benjamin reversed into a rollup. Jericho reversed the rollup into one of his own, and then Benjamin reversed yet again for the pin! Great Match!

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin

The Aftermath:

Todd Grisham tried to grab a word with Chris Jericho as he was leaving the ring, but Jericho ignored him.


Backstage, the Coach was with Edge and Edge said last year at Backlash, Benoit was coming off his second win over Triple H and Chris Benoit. Edge said Benoit was this close to grabbing the briefcase at WrestleMania, but Edge stopped him and injured his arm and grabbed the briefcase to become Mr. Money in the Bank. Edge said he will be the Last Man Standing here tonight. Bank on it.

World Tag Team Championship Match
Tag Team Turmoil
Referee: Chad Patton
The Heart Throbs vs. La Resistance vs. Rosey and the Hurricane vs.
Simon Dean and Maven vs. William Regal and Tajiri (c)

The music of Romeo and Antonio hit in the arena as they made their way to the ring as the Heart Throbs and they will start things out against William Regal and Tajiri! The Champs did not get a good draw here tonight! Regal and Romeo kicked things off and Romeo grabbed a side headlock but Regal reversed into a rollup for one. Regal with an arm drag but Romeo reversed and then made the tag to Antonio. Regal took him down with a drop toe hold and made the tag to Tajiri who hit a dropkick to the face and then some kicks. Tajiri hit a snapmare and then a kick to the spine and then locked in a very unique submission hold. Tajiri hit a butterfly suplex and then a moonsault and made the cover but Romeo broke the count. Antonio hit a suplex and then tagged in Romeo. The two double teamed Tajiri in the corner and then covered for two. They hit a double team elbow drop for two and then Tajiri began his fight back. Tajiri hit a sunset flip in the corner on Antonio for the pin out of nowhere.

Winners - William Regal and Tajiri

The music of Simon Dean hit as he and Maven ran down and went to work on Tajiri. Dean hit a slam and then a leg drop for two and then tagged in Maven and the two hit a double team. Maven hit some right hands and then tagged Dean back inside. Simon hit a snapmare and then stood on the face of Tajiri. Regal hit a cheap shot from the apron and then Tajiri hit a heel kick and made the tag. Dean tagged in Maven as Regal went to work on both of them. Regal gave Simon a slam and then Maven got a back drop. Regal hit a knee right to the head of Dean and then covered him for the win.

Winners - William Regal and Tajiri

The music of La Resistance hit as they charged to the ring and beat down Regal on the outside. Conway went to work on Regal as Grenier stomped on Tajiri. Tajiri came back with a double handspring off the ropes and then kicked away at Grenier. Tajiri hit a spinning heel kick to take down Grenier and then a dropkick to the face. Tajiri tagged in Regal and hit a double hip toss and then double kick to the back. Regal hit some uppercuts on Grenier for two. Regal tagged Tajiri back into the match and Tajiri hit some more sick kicks. Tajiri scored with a leg drop and covered for two. Grenier finally took control and the two double teamed Regal in the corner. Conway tagged into the match and hit a slam for two. Regal battled out of the corner and then locked in an STF on Conway but Grenier broke it. Tajiri came in to take care of Grenier and went for the Tarantula but Conway shoved him off. Regal went after Grenier but Conway rolled him up from behind and grabbed the tights and La Resistance pick up the win!

Winners - La Resistance

The music of the Hurricane hit as he and Rosey came down. Rosey hit a uppercut in the corner and then a blockbuster from the middle rope for two. Grenier back dropped Hurricane to the outside but Hurricane caught his leg on the turnbuckle on the way down. Conway hit an elbow on the outside and then shoved him back in and Grenier covered for two. Conway tagged in and hammered away on Hurricane and then they double teamed him and covered for two. Grenier locked in a rear chin lock on the Hurricane in the middle of the ring. Grenier hit a slam for two and then hit another slam and went to the middle rope. Grenier missed with the elbow and got the tag to Rosey. Rosey went to work on both with head butts and clotheslines. Rosey went for a splash in the corner and then Conway went for a cross body but Rosey caught him and hit a big slam for two when Grenier broke it. Rosey and Hurricane went for their finisher but Conway knocked Hurricane down and then they double teamed Rosey and made the cover but Rosey kicked up. Rosey knocked both of them into each other and then hit a slam on Grenier. Rosey tagged in Hurricane and then Hurricane hit a splash off the shoulders of Rosey and we have new Tag Team Champions!

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions – Rosey and the Hurricane

The Aftermath:

Rosey and the Hurricane celebrated in the ring as the underdogs have become the new World Tag Team Champions!

Last Man Standing Match
Referee: Earl Hebner
Chris Benoit vs. Edge

The music of Edge hit in the arena as Mr. Money in the Bank made his way down to the ring for this match with his former Tag Team Champion partner, Chris Benoit!

The start:

Edge went for Benoit as he entered the ring but Benoit got him in a double leg takedown and then hammered away at him. Benoit hit a knee to the gut off the ropes and then scored with some knees to the face of Edge. Benoit hit a snap suplex as the referee began his count. Benoit hammered on the back of Edge in the corner and then sent him head first to the buckle. Benoit chopped Edge in the corner and then gave him some right hands but Edge came back with a hard Irish whip sending Benoit sternum first to the corner. The fans then started a “We want Matt!” chant.

Mid-match notes:

Edge choked Benoit in the ropes and then gave him a scoop slam and went for the Spear but Benoit reversed into a drop toe hold. Benoit hit a knockdown off the ropes as the referee began his count again. Benoit locked in the Crossface but Edge was half out of the ring. Benoit then scored with some knees to the head of Edge. Benoit went for a back suplex but Edge fought out and knocked Benoit down. Edge slid to the outside and pulled out a trash can but Benoit hit him with a baseball slide. The two traded rights on the outside and then Edge sent Benoit into the barrier and charged at him but Benoit back dropped him over.

The two brawled into the crowd and then Benoit sent Edge back to ringside and into the ring. Benoit locked in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring and then Edge made the ropes. Benoit broke the hold, but he didn’t have to and then hit a series of German Suplexes, five in total. Edge rolled to the outside as the referee began his count on Edge but he made it to his feet at eight. Benoit hit Edge hard off the apron and the referee began his count on Edge again but he made it up at eight again.

Benoit went for a suicide dive through the ropes but Edge took his head off with the lid of the trash can! The referee counted Benoit down but he made it up at seven. Edge hit Benoit in the back with the trash can lid again as the referee again began his count. Edge sent Benoit back into the ring and threw the trash can inside. Edge perched Benoit on the top rope and hit the Superplex through the trash can! The referee then began his count on both men. Edge made it up at seven and Benoit was up at nine. Edge hit a knee to the head and then went nuts on Benoit with the trash can lid.

Edge went to the outside and pulled out a ladder. Edge brought the ladder into the ring and set it up in the corner. Benoit came back with some chops to the chest but Edge hit a slam and climbed up the ladder but Benoit cut him off and climbed up behind him and hit a German off the ladder! Both men are down again and the referee began his count, with Benoit making it to his feet at seven and Edge at eight. Benoit hit another German and then stared at the ladder. Benoit climbed up the ladder and came off the very top with the diving head butt but Edge moved! Both men made it up before the count and then grabbed his briefcase and went to nail Benoit, but Benoit locked in the Crossface!

The Finish:

Benoit held onto the Crossface until Edge passed out. The referee began the count but Edge came to and then Benoit gave him another German, followed by another but Edge blocked the third and hit the Impaler DDT onto the briefcase! The referee counted Benoit out but Benoit was up at nine. Edge then hit the Spear on Benoit and the referee started his count again but again Benoit made it to his feet! Edge then exploded with another spear to take Benoit down, and this has to be over, but Benoit again made it up. Edge went to his briefcase and pulled out a brick and nailed Benoit right in the back of the head with it! Edge told the referee to count him and Benoit is out of it! Edge wins!

Winner - Edge


Lita was shown backstage watching the TV monitor with a smile and then Kane showed up. Lita asked if he was ready, and he said he was. She said she was ready to see him take out both Viscera and Trish. Lita started going on about Viscera and Trish in bed together, and Kane said that was disturbing. Lita said she likes what Kane has in mind much better. They then started to kiss. I smell a Lita heel turn soon.

In the arena:

Jerry Lawler is in the ring plugging the Viva Las Divas Magazine. He then introduces the RAW Divas out to the ring. Christy, Maria, Candice, Victoria and Stacy Keibler all make their way down, and then Jerry asks Lillian into the ring as well. They all lined up next to Jerry and he wants to ask them some very intimate questions. Lawler then said he wants to take a look at each one of their favorite photos from the magazine. We then take a look the pictures of each of the Divas. Jerry said they were all gorgeous and he is going to ask some personal questions. He goes to ask Christy something, but then the music of the Masterpiece, Chris Masters, hit in the arena.

Master Lock Challenge:

The Divas and Lawler left the ring as Masters posed on the ramp and made his way to the ring. Masters got on the mic and said that those Divas are hot, but they are no work of art like the Masterpiece. Masters said he wants to recap what has gone on lately; no one has broken the Master Lock. Masters said tonight, he is going to offer $3,000 to anyone who thinks they can break the Master Lock. Masters picked someone in a Red Sox hat in the crowd, and I think this he is a she. Masters looks confused as she got in the ring. Masters asked if he was a he or a she, because she could easily be both. She said her name is Melissa Coates and she is from Manchester, NH. Masters said she puts the Man in Manchester. Masters told her to have a seat and then gave Jack Doan the money while he locked in the Master Lock. Master’s tossed her around the ring in the hold and then shoved her down to the mat. Still no one can break the Master Lock.


Viscera was shown backstage and then Trish came in. She asked if he was ready, and he said he is going to destroy Kane just for her, and then it’s going to be on. Viscera got Trish some lingerie and Trish said he needs to think about one thing, and that is Kane. She said until he takes care of business, there will be no business to take care off. Viscera grabbed her ass as they made their way to the arena.

Referee: Chad Patton
Kane vs. Viscera

The music of Kane hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Lita, and he is set for action against Viscera who was accompanied by the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus.

The start:

Kane and Viscera locked up and Viscera challenged him to try and knock him down but he didn’t budge. Viscera knocked Kane down with a clothesline but then missed a splash in the corner. Kane knocked Viscera to the outside and then went up top and jumped off with a double axe handle onto Viscera to knock him down. The “We Want Matt” chants started up again as Kane hit a series of elbow drops on Viscera, and then a big leg drop for two.

Mid-match notes:

Kane hammered on Viscera but then walked into a spinning heel kick from Viscera. Viscera chopped the chest of Kane and then gave him a huge body slam. Viscera missed an elbow and then Kane grabbed Trish by the hair on the outside but Viscera squashed him in the corner and then hit the Embalmer on Kane and made the cover but Kane kicked out! Kane fought back with some uppercuts but then Viscera hit a big side walk slam for two.

Viscera gave Kane a head butt and then Kane came back with DDT. Kane went up top and came off with a clothesline to knock Viscera down. Kane signaled for the Chokeslam and went for it, but Viscera elbowed out and then clotheslined Kane to the outside. Viscera followed him out and sent him headfirst into the apron. Lita came over to stop Viscera but he shoved her out of the way. Kane then sent Viscera into the ring post and Trish went to hit Kane with a chair, but Lita whacked the chair into the face of Trish with her crutch!

The Finish:

Back inside, and Kane went for another clothesline from the top, but Viscera caught him and hit a sit out Powerbomb but Kane got his shoulder up. Viscera grabbed Lita and brought her into the ring and went to kiss her in the corner but Kane knocked him down with a big boot and then hit the Chokeslam and made the cover for the win!

Winner - Kane

The Aftermath:

Trish got on the mic after the match and called Viscera pathetic. She said she asked him to do one little thing, and he failed. Trish said for the record, even if he did take out Kane, she would have never lowered herself to sleep with a big, fat greasy, chicken eater like him! Trish said she is going to get a real man to take him out, and then Viscera grabbed her and shook her around in a bear hug and dumped her on the mat. Viscera went to get out of the ring but stopped and then smiled, and got back inside and squashed Trish with a Big Splash! The EMT’s then came down and put a neck brace on Trish and got her onto a stretcher.

Referee: Earl Hebner
Muhammad Hassan and Daivari vs. Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan

The music of Muhammad Hassan hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring with Daivari and they look set for action, and Hassan has made a pledge to end Hulkamania here tonight. The music of Shawn Michaels then hit in the arena as he made his way down the aisle and he has new entrance gear on. The Hogan chants started up and then his music hit in the arena as he made his way down to a huge ovation from the crowd. Hogan signaled to Michaels that he wanted to start the match, and we are ready to go.

The start:

Hogan and Hassan went to lock up, but Hassan backed off into his corner. They finally locked it up and Hogan shoved Hassan into his corner. They locked up again and Hogan grabbed a side headlock and then knocked Hassan down with a shoulder block. Hassan backed off to his corner again and then they locked it back up. Hogan worked over the arm of Hassan but Hassan backed him into his corner and then gave him a knee to the gut and then he and Daivari got some double team kicks in.

Mid-match notes:

Hogan came back with a double clothesline and then knocked Hassan down with some rights and then a big clothesline. Hogan sent Hassan into the boot of Hogan and made the tag. Hogan and Michaels hit a double team big boot to Hassan and then HBK took over with a chop to the chest. Michaels hit a slam but missed an elbow and Hassan tagged in Daivari. Daivari hit some right hands on Michaels but Michaels took over with some chops in the corner and then a high back body drop. Michaels made the tag to Hogan who threw Daivari to the outside. Hogan sent him into the barrier and then into the ring post.

Hogan hit a huge right hand on Daivari on the outside and then threw him back inside and choked him. Hogan hit a body slam and then a series of elbow drops. Hogan tagged in Michaels but Daivari got a boot to the face, but Michaels came back with chops. Michaels hit a flying forearm and then nipped up. Michaels hit the atomic drop and then gave Hassan a right hand on the apron. Michaels slammed Daivari down and then went up top and came off with the elbow. Michaels started to tune up the band and we could be seeing some Sweet Chin Music. Hassan got on the apron but Hogan came in and knocked him off. The referee tried to get Hogan out of the ring and then Hassan came back in and hit Michaels with a lead pipe!

Daivari crawled over to the cover but Hogan came in and pulled Daivari off of him. Hassan made the tag and stomped on Michaels as Daivari held him in the corner. Hassan worked over the lower back and then tagged in Daivari and then the two stomped away on the Heart Break Kid. Daivari sent Michaels hard into the corner and then choked him before locking in a surfboard type maneuver. Michaels fought out but Daivari pulled him down by the hair. Hassan made the tag back inside and locked in a rear naked choke on Michaels. Michaels fought out and then locked in a sleeper but Hassan countered into a back breaker.

Hassan locked in the Camel Clutch on Michaels in the middle of the ring as Michaels tried to inch closer to the Hulkster. Michaels fought out and got Hassan on his shoulder and dropped him backwards to escape the hold. Hogan started getting the crowd behind Michaels as Hassan crawled to his corner for the tag and made it, but so did Michaels! Hogan got in and Daivari backed off as Hogan nailed him with big right hands. Hogan gave them a double noggin knocker and then gave Daivari some more right hands. Hogan took Daivari down with the big boot and signaled for the leg drop as the fans went nuts.

The Finish:

Hogan went for it, but Hassan hit him in the back with that lead pipe again and Hogan is down! Daivari crawled over for the cover but then Hogan started to Hulk up! Hogan pointed at Daivari and then hammered away with right hands and took him down with a big boot again but Hassan tried to trip Hogan from the outside. Hogan knocked Hassan off the apron and then Michaels laid Daivari out with Sweet Chin Music and Hogan made the cover for the win!

Winners - Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels

The Aftermath:

Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan celebrated their victory in the ring, Hogan style. Michaels went to leave, but Hogan called him back and they celebrated some more. Hogan called some fan into the ring and ripped off his shirt, and he has a huge tattoo of Hogan on his back. The fan then celebrated with both Hogan and Michaels.

ECW One Night Stand:

A promo for the ECW One Night Stand PPV aired, with Paul Heyman doing the voice over.


Triple H is backstage with Todd Grisham and Todd asked him about his confidence here tonight. Triple H said he is very confident, a Pedigree and it will be all over, just like on Monday Night. Triple H said Batista had a great night at WrestleMania, one night. Triple H said he holds the great equalizer, and it is called the Pedigree. Triple H said tonight, he has a great night because for the eleventh time, he will walk out as the World Heavyweight Champion.

In the arena:

The music of Christian hit in the arena as he made his way down with Tyson Tomko, and JR said it seems as if the Peepulation is growing. Christian got on the mic as the fans chanted his name. He said that all week, all he has been hearing about is Backlash. Christian said he doesn’t want to make these people mad, but this might be the last time they see him on a RAW PPV. He said later on this month, there will be a draft and no one is exempt. Christian said that since he is a main eventer, he figured he might take this time and address his fellow main eventers. Christian said he would like to do it in the form of a rap.

On RAW you’ve got Batista with muscle to spare, but he’s got charisma like Tomko’s got hair.
You’ve got Triple H and Ric Flair, their legend still grows, 26 titles between them, and the worlds biggest nose.
Have you heard the one about JBL, the rich guy on Smackdown!? I hear his taxes are still soaring, he’s no wrestling god, just a god of boring.
Hey Cena, you think I’m jealous of your fortune and fame, well you talk like snoop dog but you look like Corey Haim.
So after the draft, whether it’s RAW or Smackdown!, JR or Michael Cole, I will be champion, cuz that’s how I roll.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Triple H vs. Batista (c)

The music of Ric Flair hit in the arena as he made his way out to the ring to his own music of once. Flair had a look of concern on his face as he took the mic. Flair introduced his friend, the greatest wrestler alive today, and soon to be eleven time World Champion, the Game, Triple H! The music of Batista then hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the World Heavyweight Champion!

The start:

Triple H and Batista stared each other down and then went to lock up, but Flair distracted Batista on the outside and Triple H took control and went for the Pedigree early, but Batista backed out of it. They locked up again and Batista backed the Game to the corner but Triple H reversed and went for a right but Batista blocked and went to work with right hands of his own. Triple H took the advantage and went for the Pedigree again, but Batista escaped and went for the Batista Bomb, but Triple H avoided it.

Mid-match notes:

They locked up again and Triple H backed Batista to the corner and then elbowed him in the head. Triple H gave Batista a shot to the gut but Batista came back with a back body drop. Batista hammered away at Triple H but the Game again went for the Pedigree, but Batista back dropped him to the outside. Batista followed him out and charged at Triple H, but Triple H gave him a spinebuster onto the barrier. Triple H drove Batista into the barrier, sending him over it into the crowd. Triple H suplexed the Game back over the barrier to ringside.

Triple H drove his elbow into the lower back of Batista and then did the same with his knee. Triple H gave Batista a straight right but then met an elbow in the corner. Batista went for the Batista Bomb but Triple H drove him into the corner again and repeatedly drove his shoulder into the lower back of Batista. Triple H sent Batista hard into the corner sending Batista crashing to the canvas. Triple H distracted the referee as Ric Flair drove Batista’s back into the apron. Back in the ring, and Triple H hit some rights in the corner, but Batista fought back but walked right into a spinebuster for a near fall.

Triple H whipped Batista to the corner and then charged in, but Batista exploded out with a clothesline. Batista hit some right hands and then a side walk slam. Batista then clotheslined Triple H to the outside and followed him out. Batista sent Triple H head first into the barrier and then sent him crashing into the ring steps. Back inside, and Batista hit some shoulder thrusts in the corner and then hit a power slam. Batista shook the ropes and he is feeling it. Flair got on the apron but Batista knocked him down. Flair distracted the referee and Batista went for the Batista Bomb but the Game somehow has the World Title in his hands, and drove it into the head of Batista mid move! Triple H made the cover but Batista kicked out at the last second!

Batista came back with some right hands but Triple H went downstairs and then went for the Pedigree, but Batista escaped with a back drop. Batista then charged at Triple H, but he moved and Batista nailed the referee, sending him to the outside. Triple H then hit the Pedigree on Batista and Flair got the referee back in the ring, but he is out of it. Triple H covered but the referee was still out. Another referee came running down but Batista is up. Triple H went for the Pedigree again but Batista hit the Spinebuster for a near fall! Triple H hit his facebuster and Batista went down and Triple H covered but Batista again kicked out.

The Finish:

Triple H went for the Pedigree again but Batista reversed and clotheslined Triple H in the corner, three times. Triple H then gave the referee a low blow and he is out! Batista went for the Batista Bomb but Flair came in. Batista took Flair down and Triple H went for the Pedigree again, but Batista countered again. Triple H then hit a low blow on Batista and hammered away on him in the corner but Batista hit the Batista Bomb out of the corner and the referee came to and made the count, and Batista has done it!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion, Batista

The Aftermath:

Batista left the ring, but Triple H went nuts in the ring and gave the referee a Pedigree, but Batista stood tall in the aisle as the World Heavyweight Champion!

Theme Song: "Stronger" by Trust Company - Buy from Stronger

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