Extreme Rules 2014

Izod Center
East Rutherford, New Jersey

May 4, 2014


A video package opens the show focusing on Evolution vs. The Shield, Daniel Bryan vs. Kane and John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.

We go live to the Izod Center in East Rutherford where a huge display of pyro goes off.

Rob Van Dam kicks off the show tonight.

Triple Threat Elimination Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter vs. Cesaro w/ Paul Heyman

Before the match, Paul Heyman said tonight is the one night where WWE gets it right going "extreme." He reminds us that his client Brock Lesnar ended The Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 30.

RVD gets in early shots on both Cesaro and Jack Swagger. Cesaro and Swagger then get in a double elbow shot on RVD. Cesaro goes after Swagger with quick uppercuts. Swagger fires back with a big belly-to-belly suplex. RVD catches Swagger wtih a kick and then springboard kick. RVD monkey flips Cesaro over the top of Swagger. Swagger catches Cesaro with a big boot after Cesaro caught RVD. RVD dumps Swagger over the top rope. RVD with a sunset flip powerbomb on Cesaro from the ring apron to the floor. Swagger levels RVD with a clothesline. Swagger catapults RVD backwards hard into the mat back in the ring. Swagger Bomb in the corner on RVD. Cesaro plants Swagger with a spinebuster and looks for the Cesaro Swing. Cesaro swings Swagger around the ring. RVD breaks it up with a kick to the head. RVD plants Cesaro near the corner, goes up top, Swagger jumps up and drives RVD face first down into the mat. Swagger gets the Patriot Lock applied. Cesaro with an uppercut to break it up. Cesaro with another uppercut to Swagger. Cesaro with a superplex on Swagger lifting from the ring apron. RVD then comes off the top rope with a Five Star Frog Splash just as Swagger lands. RVD covers Swagger for the pinfall.

Jack Swagger is eliminated.

Cesaro with repeated gutwrench powerbombs on RVD and gets a close two count after a series of them. Cesaro with a german suplex into a bridge on RVD for another close two count. Cesaro drives RVD back first into the side of the ring barricade. Cesaro climbs up to the top of the barricade and RVD trips him up. RVD with body shots, goes up to the ring apron, jumps and connects with his twisting leg drop over the back of Cesaro's neck. Back in the ring, RVD connects with Rolling Thunder on Cesaro. RVD goes under the ring and grabs a trash can. Cesaro with a baseball slide into the can right into RVD. RVD throws the can at Cesaro, Cesaro catches it and RVD kicks him in the face into the can. RVD puts the trash can over the chest of Cesaro, goes up top, jumps, attempts a Five Star Frog Splash, Cesaro moves and RVD crashes over the trash can. Cesaro with his Neutralizer over the trash can.

Winner: Cesaro

Backstage, we see Daniel Bryan working with a WWE trainer when Stephanie McMahon walks in. Bryan asks what she wants. Stephanie says as a member of The Authority, it is her responsibility to make sure he isn't injured. She said she can't control Kane. Stephanie gives him the option to not compete tonight and surrender his title. Bryan tells her to get out of his face. "I'm walking into this match as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and somehow I'm going to walk out the exact same way," says Bryan. Stephanie predicts he won't walk out champion and will be walking out, "what's that word, Kane's bitch."

Another promo for Bolieve promo airs.

Lana is out next. She introduces the most powerful man in the world, Vladimir Putin. A photo of Putin is shown on the screen. Loud "USA" chant. She next introduces Alexander Rusev.

Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods

Before the match, R-Truth says he dedicates this match to the USA.

Rusev catches Xavier Woods with a huge superkick. Rusev with a shot to R-Truth. Rusev lifts up the ring apron and sends Woods face first into the steel cables. Rusev tosses Truth back in and then flips Woods over his head on the floor. Rusev rolls back in and the referee officially rings the bell as he backs Rusev away to the corner.

Rusev gets in shots to Truth in the corner with some big kicks. Rusev with stomps and a big splash to Truth in the corner. Truth catches Rusev with a kick to the head, a splash in the corner and a dropkick from the second rope. Truth with his twisting elbow after hitting the ropes. Truth catches Rusev with an axe kick, hooks the leg and Rusev powers out after two. Rusev with a flying kick to the chest of Truth! Lana yells, "Crush him!" Rusev with a spinning sidewalk slam that plants Truth. Rusev applies the Camel Clutch on Truth. Truth taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

After the match, Lana tells Rusev to crush Xavier Woods. Rusev picks up Woods and connects with a huge fallaway slam to the floor.

Backstage, Renee Young is with Evolution. Triple H admits to what The Shield said - they do have egos. "The thing is those egos are well deserved. You are looking at 31 world titles between us." Orton said you either adapt or perish - "and you can believe in that." All three men touch fists.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Big E (c) vs. Bad News Barrett

Barrett has some bad news before the match. He brings up the MERS virus hitting the United States. Barrett said even that illness is nothing compared to how Big E will feel tonight when he loses his title. The tournament results is recapped.

Big E with a big shoulder tackle early. Barrett bails. Big E with a spear to Barrett against the steel ring post. Barrett with a shot to Big E and then catches him with a flying elbow off the ring apron. Big E reverses and connects with a suplex on Barrett. Barrett with a suplex on Big E from the corner and keeps him grounded with a side headlock. Barrett with a cross body for a two count. Barrett follows with a big kick to the face and big boot. Barrett with knees to Big E against the ropes and follows with another big boot. Barrett puts Big E chest first over the top turnbuckle. Big E catches Barrett and connects with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with clotheslines and another belly-to-belly on Barrett. Big E with a spear in the corner and follows with a clothesline. Crowd in New Jersey does not like Big E. Big E with a huge spear on Barrett through the second rope to the floor outside! Back in the ring, Big E gets a two count on Barrett. Barrett catches Big E with the Winds of Change as Big E comes off the ropes. Big E misses a shot in the corner. Barrett with Wasteland on Big E. Big E again kicks out. Barrett is calling for the Bad News Bullhammer. Big E catches and plants Barrett in the corner. Big E with a splash on Barrett and drops the straps. Barrett counters the Big Ending sending Big E into the corner. Barrett misses the Bullhammer, hits the ropes and then catches Big E with it. Barrett hooks the leg and gets the pinfall.

Winner and new WWE Intercontinental Champion: Bad News Barrett

After the match, Bad News Barrett celebrates with the title around his waist.

A promo for Adam Rose airs. Rose debuts on RAW tomorrow night.

A video package runs hyping Evolution vs. The Shield.

Evolution vs. The Shield

A huge brawl breaks out between all six men. The Shield quickly dumps Evolution out of the ring early. Evolution regroups at ringside. Triple H is the first one in and goes after Seth Rollins as the match officially begins.

Rollins with shots to Triple H in the corner. Triple H gets in a few shots of his own. Rollins clotheslines Triple H over the top rope to the outside. Rollins with a suicide dive through the second rope catching Triple H against the ring barricade. Back in the ring, Triple H catches Rollins with a big clothesline. Tag to Batista who gets in a few shots to Rollins. Quick tag to Orton who also works over Rollins. Orton with big stomps on Rollins. Tag to Triple H who gets in a knee to the head of Rollins. Triple H with a knee to the face on Rollins. Tag to Batista who pulls Rollins out to the ring apron and gets in a few elbows to the throat/neck. Batista follows it up with a big boot. Quick tag back to Orton who works on the left ankle of Rollins. Orton lifts up Rollins and dumps him over the top rope. Orton with a headlock applied on Rollins to prevent the tag. Rollins with a back suplex on Orton. Batista and Triple H knock Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns off the corner to prevent Rollins from tagging. Orton lifts Rollins up, Rollins lands on his feet and kicks Orton in the head. Tag to Ambrose. Ambrose dropkicks Orton to the corner. Ambrose tackles Orton, gets in a few wild shots and then knocks Batista off the ring apron. Ambrose with a clothesline to Orton, drops Triple H, attempts a Figure Four, breaks that and gets that locked on Orton. Triple H breaks that up. Reigns hits the ring. Reigns throws Batista into the ring barricade.

Triple H side steps a spear attempt by Reigns and Reigns hits the steel steps. Tag to Triple H who works over Ambrose in the corner. Batista gets the tag and gets in shots of his own to Ambrose. Batista dumps Ambrose out. A loud "BOO-TISTA" chant starts up. Triple H tosses Ambrose back in and Batista levels him with a clothesline. Tag to Orton who drops Ambrose with a clothesline. Orton with a side headlock on Ambrose. Orton with a dropkick. Tag to Triple H who drops Ambrose with a big right hand. Ambrose with a boot and Triple H responds with a spinebuster. Tag to Batista who kicks Ambrose in the gut. Batista catches Ambrose with a big elbow. Tag to Triple H. Ambrose catches him with a DDT. Hot tag to Reigns and tag to Batista. Reigns takes out Batista and Orton. Jumping clotheslines on Batista and Orton. Reigns with a right hand to Batista and sends Orton over the top rope. Reigns avoids a shot from Triple H and kicks Batista in the head. Reigns with a shot to Triple H and sends Orton into the ring barriacde. Back in the ring, Rollins kicks Batista in the head when he attempts a powerbomb on Batista. Reigns with his Superman Punch to Batista. Reigns calls for the Triple Powerbomb. The Shield gets Batista up and plants him with the Triple Powerbomb. Triple H and Orton pull Reigns out during the pinfall attempt. Rollins misses a dive on Triple H crashing into the barricade. In the ring, Triple H with a Pedigree on Reigns. Ambrose tackles Triple H.

In the ring, Reigns kicks out of a pinfall attempt when Batista's arm was put over him. Orton is crawling back in the ring as Reigns is just getting up. Orton with an RKO on Reigns. Orton rolls out, Batista crawls over, covers Reigns and Rollins breaks it up. Orton pulls Rollins out. Rollins sends Orton into the barricade and gets in a few chops. Rollins sends Orton to the barricade. The camera man takes a tumble. Orton sends Rollins over the barricade to the timekeepers area along with Triple H. Ambrose runs over both announce tables to take out Orton and Triple H. Rollins and Triple H brawl into the crowd. Orton and Ambrose are doing the same. We see a shot of Reigns and Batista still trying to recover in the ring. Orton and Ambrose are going way up top into the crowd along with Rollins and Triple H. Ambrose falls down a set of steel steps. Triple H and Orton walk down slowly to get near Ambrose. Orton and Triple H double team Ambrose. Out of no where, Rollins jumps from the stands and takes out Orton and Triple H! The crowd can't believe it. In the ring, Batista with a spinebuster on Reigns. Batista calls for the end. Reigns counters out and catches Batista with a Superman Punch. Reigns backs up in the corner, fires himself up and catches Batista with a huge Spear. Reigns gets the pinfall.

Winners: The Shield

A video package runs hyping John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.

Steel Cage Match
John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

Before the match, John Cena was out first and The Wyatt Family was out second. Bray Wyatt shook the cage taunting at Cena from the outside. Wyatt talks to Erick Rowan and Luke Harper at ringside before entering the cage. The cage door is locked and here we go.

John Cena gets his hands on Bray Wyatt and goes for a side headlock early. Wyatt with a quick shoulder block and forearm to the back of Cena. Wyatt with a big right hand to Cena. Cena fires back with a suplex. Cena starts climbing up the cage when Rowan and Harper get nearby to stare him down. Wyatt catches Cena with an uppercut when he jumps back down. Wyatt sends Cena face first into the side of the cage. Wyatt then pushes the face of Cena into the cage. Rowan with a charge to the side of the cage hitting Cena. The audience in East Rutherford starts singing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" and Wyatt smiles. The cage door is opened, Wyatt tries to escape and Cena cuts him off. Cena catapults Wyatt into the side of the cage. Cena is climbing again and we see Rowan and Harper ready to cut him off below. Cena is over the top of the cage when Wyatt cuts him off dragging him back inside. Cena bounces Wyatt's head off the cage and Wyatt falls to the ring. Cena is climbing over the top of the cage again when Wyatt jumps back up with forearm shots. Cena with a big right that sends Wyatt back to the mat. Wyatt crotches Cena on the top turnbuckle and follows with a big splash. Wyatt hooks the leg and gets a two count. Wyatt smiles looking down at Cena. Wyatt picks up Cena and starts dancing with him. Wyatt then pulls Cena toward him and plants him. Wyatt with another kick and another kick out by Cena.

Wyatt starts slapping Cena telling him to get up. Cena catches Wyatt with a big dropkick. Wyatt is doing his crazy crab walk to the door. The door opens and Cena again cuts him off. Wyatt this time kicks Cena away and then levels him with a quick shoulder block. Cena with jumping shoulder blocks in return to Wyatt. Cena with his twisting powerbomb to plant Wyatt. Cena is calling for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, hits the ropes and connects. Cena has Wyatt up, backs to the cage, Wyatt starts climbing up, Cena puts Wyatt on his shoulders and drops him down in a sitdown powerbomb. Cena gets a two count. Cena is trying to open the cage when Rowan cuts him off. Cena stands in front of the cage and tries to force it open. Rowan is trying to keep it closed. Cena is to the steel ring steps when Harper runs up to help. Cena overpowers both when Wyatt breaks it up with a big right hand. They bounce the door off Cena's head and Wyatt covers for another two count. Wyatt misses a body splash when Cena rolls out of the way. Cena is climbing up the cage again. Cena is over and climbing down. Rowan has Cena on his shoulders and is climbing up forcing Cena back in the ring. Rowan jumps down as Wyatt catches up with Cena up on the top rope. Cena drops Wyatt face first off the ropes to the mat below for a two count. Cena is climbing over the top of the cage again when Harper climbs up to cut him off. Harper is sitting up top getting in right hands.

Cena pulls Harper inside the cage and drops him to the mat after sending him face first into the side of the cage. Cena is climbing over again and closes the door in the face of Wyatt up top. Rowan has a steel chair at ringside and is hitting the side of the cage to cut off Cena. Back in the ring, Wyatt tosses Cena and then connects with a body splash. Cena counters a Sister Abigail attempt into an STF. The cage door is open and Wyatt is trying to climb out. He grabs the bottom rope to break the submission. Wyatt is trying to climb when Cena starts pulling him by his legs. Rowan grabs the arms of Wyatt pulling him in the other direction. Cena wins the tug of war battle. Cena sends Harper (who is still in the ring) into the cage. Wyatt sends Cena into the cage. Cena with an AA on Wyatt from the second rope! Cena hooks the leg and Harper breaks it up. Cena with a jumping right hand to Harper. Cena is trying to climb out again when Rowan climbs up to cut him off. Cena pulls Rowan down by his beard hitting him face first into the top of the cage. Cena with a leg drop to the back of Harper's neck. Cena is climbing to the door as the referee opens it. Cena looks back to see all three men down. Cena goes to leave the cage when The Wyatt Family sounder hits. The arena goes black. We hear "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" in a deep voice. The lights come back on and we see a small child singing this to Cena. Wyatt with Sister Abigail on Cena.

Wyatt steps out and hits the floor to get the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the match, Bray Wyatt smiles and hugs the boy. Wyatt leans back and laughs. We see a shot of the boy holding hands with Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. The Wyatt Family and the boy turn around and stare down a confused Cena who is still trying to recover.

We go to Josh Mathews and the Extreme Rules panel: Booker T, Sheamus and Alex Riley.

We get a recap of WeeLC from the pre-show. El Torito got the win.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Paige (c) vs. Tamina Snuka

Paige goes after Tamina early getting in some big stomps in the corner. Paige avoids Tamina and gets in a quick pinfall for a one count. Paige gets on the shoulders of Tamina and rolls into another pinfall for two. Paige with big knees to Tamina. Tamina with a shot that sends Paige off the top turnbuckle to the outside. Tamina with an irish whip sending Paige with force to the corner. Tamina plants Paige with a big scoop slam. Tamina with another scoop slam. Paige tackles Tamina and they roll to the outside. Paige attempts a huricanrana jumping to the shoulders of Tamina. Tamina hangs and launches Paige into the ring barricade. Paige with a powerbomb on Tamina from the corner when she was trying to go up top. Paige twirls around Tamina to plant her face first. Tamina plants Paige with sidewalk slam, covers and Paige kicks out. Paige avoids a superkick and gets a modified Scorpion Deathlock applied. Tamina taps.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Paige

The Wyatt Family sounder hits to cut off the post-match. Bray Wyatt refers to the boy as little Johnny. He said the boy did a good job tonight. Little Johnny said everyone will "follow the buzzards" and puts on Rowan's mask.

A video package runs hyping Daniel Bryan vs. Kane.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Extreme Rules Match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Kane

Daniel Bryan charged at Kane during his entrance to start things off. Kane gets in a few shots and sends Bryan to the steel ring barricade around the entrance area. Loud "DANIEL BRYAN" chant breaks out as Kane sends Bryan face first into the ring apron. Kane pulls out a kendo stick and cracks it over the back of Bryan. In the ring, Bryan drops right hands over Kane who is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Bryan connects with a huricanrana and follows it up with a big running knee to Kane in the corner. Bryan hits the ropes and jumps at Kane as both go over the top rope. Kane quickly responds catching Bryan with a big boot. Kane with a kick to the gut and then launches Bryan back first into the ring barricade. Kane grabs a chair, keeps it across the back of Bryan and slams him back first over the timekeepers barricade. Kane tosses two chairs in the ring as Bryan rolls in to recover. Kane sets up a chair in the corner. Bryan catches Kane with the kendo stick, goes up top, jumps and Kane cuts off Bryan with an uppercut. Kane grabs a chair, hits Bryan in the gut with it and then cracks it over his back. Kane sets up the chair and drops Bryan back first off it in a side slam. Bryan with a drop toe hold on Kane sending him face first into the chair that he setup in the corner before. Bryan comes flying off the top rope with a missile dropkick that catches Kane. Kane rolls out. Bryan with a suicide dive that catches Kane. Bryan launches parts of the announce table at Kane.

Kane starts clearing off the Spanish announce table and the main announce table. Bryan with a kick and torando DDT on Kane jumping from the top of the Spanish announce table. Kane tries to Tombstone Bryan over the bottom part of the steel ring steps. Bryan counters and pushes Kane face first into the steel ring post at ringside. Bryan has the kendo stick and starts hitting Kane repeatedly with it. The crowd chants "YES" with each strike connecting. Kane grabs Bryan and launches him into the HD lighting grid. The grid goes dark after Bryan hits it. They start brawling at the Gorilla position. Kane grabs a TV and launches it into a bucket of water. Tons of sparks go off. They continue to brawl backstage. Kane grabs a shovel and hits Kane over the back with it repeatedly. Bryan mounts Kane on top of a car getting in rights. Kane knocks him away, Bryan charges and Kane with a back body drop on Bryan. Bryan's foot crashes through the windshield. Kane then launches an object at the windshield, Bryan moves and it crashes through it. Kane ends up punching out a car window. Bryan opens up the trunk and hits Kane with a crowbar. Bryan drags Kane over to a forklift. Bryan grabs the crowbar and hits Kane over the back with it repeatedly. Bryan gets in the forklift, starts it up and starts to lift up Kane. Bryan drives the forklift with Kane on it back inside the Izod Center. Bryan then gets to the ringside area, lifts it up even higher and drives closer so it is over the ring.

Bryan dumps Kane back inside the ring. Bryan turns off the forklift, climbs to the top of it, starts up a "YES" chant, jumps and connects with a flying headbutt from the top of the forklift! Bryan hooks the leg and Kane kicks out. Bryan backs up in the corner looking to hit his flying knee. Bryan charges, Kane cuts him off and connects with a chokeslam. Kane covers and Bryan gets a shoulder up after two. Kane starts to argue with the referee. Bryan grabs a chair and starts cracking it over the back of Kane repeatedly. Bryan gets the Yes Lock applied. Kane grabs kendo stick and hits Bryan in the head with it to break it up. Bryan grabs the kendo stick and puts it in front of Kane's face to apply more pressure with the Yes Lock. Kane is pulling himself out under the bottom rope and falls out to break up the submission. Bryan hits the ropes, jumps out for a suicide dive, Kane catches Bryan and gives him a chokeslam through the announce table! Kane tosses Bryan back in the ring. Kane grabs a table and sets it up at ringside. Kane pulls out a can full of gas and covers the table with it. Kane lights the table on fire. Kane gets up on the ring apron, Bryan kicks him away and Kane falls through the table on fire! WWE staff with fire extinguishers put the fire out and spray Kane. Kane rolls back in and Bryan catches him with a flying knee. Bryan gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Daniel Bryan celebrates with his titles. Bryan heads up the ramp celebrating more when we see a shot of Kane already sitting up. Kane's pyro then goes off in the entrance area. The event goes off the air with Daniel Bryan and Kane having a stare down.


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