Extreme Rules 2016

Prudential Center
Newark, New Jersey

May 22, 2016

During the kick-off show, The Dudley Boyz come out to the ring and grab mics. D-Von says what would an Extreme Rules PPV be without the Dudley Boyz. Bubba says that they have been in more Extreme Rules matches than the entire WWE locker room combined. You remember a company called ECW? "ECW" chants by the crowd. Bubba leads them in louder "ECW" chants. D-Von says you can watch ECW on the WWE Network. Crowd boos. Bubba tells the crowd to stop acting like a bunch of sheep, because in reality, the Dudley Boyz were responsible for killing off ECW when we left because it went straight into the toilet, where most of these "New Era" stars is going. D-Von says the reason we're not on the PPV because we're above extreme. Bubba says to D-Von from the bottom of his heart, can we please get out of stinking New Jersey?

The music of Enzo & Cass hits as Big Cass makes his way out onto the rampway. Cass says he knows why Bubba won't ask D-Von to get the table, because Bubba ate the table and everything on it. Cookies, how you doin'? Steak, chicken, sausage, pizza, donuts, fish, how you doin'? You two are extremely wrong about the athletes of the New Era, cuz' we will prove that we do exactly what you used to do in the bingo halls and ballrooms, but better than you in front of millions of people. They think you're crap, they know I'm Big Cass, I'm 7 feet tall and you can't teach that!

Cass goes after the Dudley Boyz, but the Dudleys begin beating him down in the ring. Cass avoids Bubba, who goes into D-Von. Big boot to Bubba, East River Crossing to D-Von. Cass goes outside and says there is only one word to describe the Dudleys and I'm gonna spell it out for ya, S-A-W-F-T……SAWFT!!!

Kickoff Show, No Disqualification Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

Ziggler comes out wearing new pink and white tights and ring jacket. Corbin piefaces Ziggler early, but Ziggler sends him into the ringpost shoulder-first. Dropkick by Ziggler gets a 1 count. Right hands by Ziggler in the corner, but Corbin sends Ziggler over the ropes and to the outside.

Ziggler fights back, but Corbin with a knee to the ribs. Corbin uses Ziggler's arm to send Ziggler face-first off the ringpost. Back in, Corbin rains down 12-6 elbows to Ziggler in the corner, then sends him hard into the turnbuckles, sternum-first. Corbin traps Ziggler's arms in the ropes and lays the badmouth on him before unloading with more right hands. Corbin taunts the crowd, then locks Ziggler in a Cobra Clutch variation. Ziggler counters out with a jawbreaker, then sends Corbin outside.

Corbin quickly gets back in, but Ziggler with two clotheslines, a corner avalanche and a swinging neckbreaker. Corbin avoids an elbow drop, but Ziggler eventually hits one for 2. Ziggler gets out of a powerbomb by Corbin, but Corbin catches him with Deep Six for a close 2. Corbin goes for another powerbomb, but Ziggler lands on the ropes. Ziggler leaps off and Corbin catches him, but Ziggler counters it with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Fameasser by Ziggler for a close 2. Ziggler unloads with elbows and headbutts, but Corbin avoids the superkick and hits a low blow.

Corbin hits End of Days for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin by pinfall (End of Days)

Solid kick-off match. Corbin winning by nefarious means as a big guy was a very nice swarmy heel tactic to pull off. Ziggler was way less over-the-top than normal and made Corbin look great.

Opening video package highlights the big matches on tonight's show. Commentary welcomes us to the show and we go to the opening match.

Texas Tornado Match: The Usos vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

The two teams brawl in the rampway as the bell sounds. Double elbows by the Usos to Anderson for 2. Usos with stereo corner forearms to Gallows, then double clothesline him outside as the crowd boos them. Anderson backdrops Jey Uso into the crowd, then nails Jimmy from behind. Gallows and Anderson send Jimmy into the barricade, then into the apron. Jey then dives over the ropes, wiping out Gallows and Anderson outside. Back in, Jey with a top rope crossbody to Anderson for 2. Gallows sends Jimmy off the ringpost, then catches Jey off a tope suicida and lifts him up. Anderson leaps off the apron and Gallows and Anderson hit him with the Boot of Doom. Back in, Anderson gets 2 on Jey. Gallows with gut-shots and uppercuts to Jey in the corner. Anderson with a step-up kick in the corner, followed by an avalanche by Gallows to 2. Jimmy knocked off the apron, then Gallows lifts Jey onto his shoulders Jimmy stops Anderson off the top, then dropkicks Gallows into a pin attempt by Jey for 2. Anderson pulls Jimmy outside and nails him with a clothesline. Gallows grabs Jey's legs to stop a dive and Anderson with a running knee strike for 2. Anderson taunts Jey and sends him into a big boot by Gallows for 2. Gallows lifts up Jey for another Boot of Doom, but Jimmy pulls Anderson outside. Double superkick by the Usos to Gallows, then they head up top. Anderson sends Jey outside and Gallows avoids Jimmy going for a Corkscrew Moonsault. Gallows hits Jimmy with the Gallows Pole. Jey takes out Gallows, but then Anderson with a spinebuster to Jey for 2. Anderson knocks Jey outside, then puts on the badmouth. Anderson charges in, but Jey drills him with a superkick. Jey leads a "Uso" chant, then hits Anderson with the Bulldozing Butt Splash against the barricade. Gallows heads outside and wipes out Jey with a clothesline, then sends him into the crowd. Gallows yells at Anderson to get up, then grabs the ring bell. Gallows goes to hit Jimmy with the ring bell, but Jimmy nails him with a superkick. Jimmy heads up top, but Gallows avoids Air Uso and Jimmy crashes onto the ring bell.

Gallows and Anderson hit Jimmy with the Magic Killer for the win.

Winners: Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson by pinfall (The Magic Killer)

Gallows and Anderson celebrate their win after as the Usos are helped backstage by officials. Commentary wonders if the Usos will be able to help Roman Reigns in the main event tonight.

Really fun, frenetic Texas Tornado Match to open the main PPV. By far, the best match these two teams have had with each other and to me, the most comfortable Gallows and Anderson have been in their own skin since coming into WWE. Good way to start the PPV off.

We see Rusev's attack on Kalisto from RAW last Monday. Commentary notes that Kalisto suffered strained muscles in his back from the attack.

Lana is in the ring to introduce Rusev for the next match.

WWE US Title: Kalisto (c) vs. Rusev w/Lana

We are introduced to the different announce teams for tonight's PPV in several different languages. Kalisto with leg kicks early, then slips out of a slam and a kick attempt by Rusev. Kalisto with more leg kicks, then gets out of a fallaway slam. Rusev misses a clothesline, but then swats Kalisto away off a springboard corkscrew attack.

Rusev goes right to the injured back with stomps, then sends Kalisto sternum-first off the turnbuckles. Head kick by Rusev, followed by more stomps to the back. Elbow drop by Rusev gets a 1 count. Dueling chants by the crowd for Rusev. Kalisto with a dropkick to the legs, but Rusev comes back with a clothesline for 2. Bearhug applied by Rusev as he brings Kalisto all the way to the mat. Rusev breaks the hold, but hits a knee to the injured back. Rusev lifts up Kalisto in a Torture Rack, but Kalisto counters out into a Sleeper. Rusev begins fading, but goes backward and all his body weight crashes on top of Kalisto to break free. Kalisto then comes back by spiking Rusev with a Tornado DDT off the 2nd rope.

Kalisto goes back to the leg kicks, Rusev catches him off a crossbody, but Kalisto slips out and this time hits the springboard corkscrew attack. Spike Rana by Kalisto gets a close 2. Rusev avoids a springboard, but Kalisto sends him outside. Kalisto with a head of steam and hits Rusev with a Spike Rana, sending Rusev face-first off the steps. Back in, Kalisto hits a Springboard Frog Splash for a close 2. Kalisto goes for Salida Del Sol, but Rusev slips out and heads outside. Kalisto springs up to the top and wipes out Rusev with an Orihara Moonsault! Back in, Kalisto fires up and heads up top, but Rusev grabs him and slams Kalisto onto the apron! Referee keeps Rusev back as he checks on Kalisto to see if he can continue. Trainer goes over to check on Kalisto, who has yet to move, but Rusev drags him back to the center and hits another stomp to the back. Referee continues to keep Rusev back, but Rusev shoves him off and applies the Accolade, pulling back in a disgusting manner.

Kalisto is forced to tap out.

Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Rusev by submission (The Accolade)

Rusev and Lana celebrate his title win afterwards as the medical attendants check on the injured Kalisto.

Decent match. Kalisto got protection in defeat with the tease of the ref stoppage due to his injured back, but unfortunately up until the end, Kalisto's selling of the back was very non-existent. Rusev has been great in the last month, but with the way WWE has drastically scaled back on how the US Title has been presented, it led to the crowd not really caring too much about the match, which is a shame. Rusev's forgoing the doctors to submit Kalisto with the Accolade in that disgusting angle was a great heel tactic. Will be interested to see this incarceration with Rusev with the US Title going forward.

WWE Tag Team Titles: The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) (c's) w/Kofi Kingston vs. The Vaudevillains (Aiden English and Simon Gotch)

New Day have fun before the match with Xavier Woods wanting to "shoot his shot" at getting females to send him pics and videos on his Twitter while he recovers from the Vaudevillains attack on RAW last Monday. We see that Big E is holding two hos named after the Vaudevillains because they are in the Garden State and they are about to put a couple hos in the ground and still be your WWE World Tag Team Champions because New Day Rocks!

Xavier unloads with a clothesline on English early, followed by a spinning headscissors and a Hadouken, shades of Kenny Omega. Woods with shots to Gotch on the apron, but English sends Woods off the ringpost.

Gotch in, uppercut to Woods and a running boot outside. Back in, Gotch with a series of knee drops to Woods for 2. English in, series of knee drops to Woods for 2. Chinlock applied, Woods gets out, but English regains control. Gotch in, inverted facelock applied to Woods. Woods fights out, but Gotch prevents a tag. Woods gets out of a back suplex and hits an enziguri.

English and Big E get the tags in. Big E with a series Belly-to-Belly suplexes to both of the Vaudevillains. Running splash by Big E to English. English comes back with back elbows, then stops the spear through the ropes with a knee to the face. DDT by English for a close 2. English has words with Kingston, but Big E catches him coming in and lifts him up. Woods in, but Gotch sends Big E into Woods. Gotch sends Big E into the steps, then English with a shot to Kingston. Gotch in, Whiring Divirish by the Vaudevillains to Woods, but Woods kicks out! Vaudevillains can't believe it! Woods stops Gotch, then stops an English apron suplex with a knee, allowing Big E to wipe out English with the through-the-ropes spear! Kingston comes in with the ref distracted and hits Trouble in Paradise on Gotch!

Running sliding knee by Woods to Gotch for the win.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day by pinfall (Running sliding knee strike)

New Day celebrate their win after.

Good tag match, different to have Big E and Woods team here, but with the end result, it was obvious that the goal of the match was to put over Woods as as much of a threat in the ring as his New Day teammates, which has not been utilized up until now with this team as he has been as the comedic relief of the team, while also the punching bag. Woods kicking out of the Whirling Divirish and getting the win was very successful in accomplishing their goal. Love me some New Day.

Renee Young interviews AJ Styles, who says that he will win the WWE World Title and remain phenomenal. Styles then walks into The Club's dressing room.

Video package hypes up the Fatal 4-Way match for the Intercontinental Title.

WWE Intercontinental Title – Fatal 4 Way: The Miz (c) w/Maryse vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn instantly lays out Owens as the bell sounds with the Helluva Kick. Cesaro then drills Miz with a running Uppercut in the corner, leaving Cesaro and Zayn. Cesaro does a series of kip-ups while Zayn has him in a wristlock, followed by an armdrag. Zayn with a spinning headscissors and a leg lariat to Cesaro for 2. Cesaro catches Zayn off a leapfrog with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Zayn leaps over Cesaro with the bottom rope, then sends him outside. Miz gets back in, but Zayn gets out of a back suplex. Zayn clotheslines Miz outside, then sets to dive and wipes out Miz and Cesaro with a flip dive! Back in, Zayn gets a 1 count on Miz. Miz begs off, but it allows him to drive Zayn into the turnbuckles. Miz unloads with stomps on Zayn in the corner as Owens is still down outside. Miz hits his corner clothesline, then heads up top, but Zayn stops him. Zayn heads up top with Miz, but Cesaro stops them. Cesaro goes for a Tower of Doom, but Owens stops that and unloads on everyone. Cesaro sent shoulder-first off the ringpost, then Owens unloads on Zayn, hitting a short-arm clothesline and a Victim Kick. Owens messes with the crowd, then hits a big chop and the running back senton to Zayn for 2. Miz sent off the apron by Owens and crashing into the barricade. Owens sends Zayn into Cesaro, knocking him off the apron. Owens continues to trash-talk Zayn, but Zayn gets out of a gutbuster. Owens blocks the Blue Thunder Bomb, then stops the Knucklelock into the Tornado DDT by crotching Zayn on the ropes. Owens heads up top, but Miz stops him. Miz goes for a superplex, but Owens headbutts him off. Zayn goes up with Owens for a superplex, but Owens headbutts him off. Miz tries again, as well as Zayn, but then Cesaro comes in from underneath both of him and hits the Tower of Doom! Cesaro gets a couple of nearfalls on both Zayn and Miz. Zayn stops a Cesaro suplex with knee strikes and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb, but Miz with a running boot for 2 on Zayn. Miz goes for a Capture Suplex on Zayn, but Cesaro comes up from behind Miz and Germans him while Miz hits the Capture Suplex on Zayn! "This is Awesome" chants by the crowd. Uppercut Train by Cesaro on all three guys, but Owens stops the Cesaro Swing on Miz with a German. Owens hits Cannonballs in the corner on all three guys in succession! Owens goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb on Zayn, but Zayn gets out and hits the Half & Half! Cesaro hits Zayn with Swiss Death! Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale on Cesaro, but Cesaro kicks out! Miz can't believe it! "This is Awesome" chant by the crowd. Miz slaps Cesaro repeatedly, but Cesaro slaps him back. Cesaro with the Springboard Corkscrew Uppercut to Miz, then fires up. Cesaro does the Cesaro Swing to Miz for 20 revolutions, then locks him in the Sharpshooter. Miz gets to the ropes, then Miz pulls in Maryse. Maryse is with the ref as Miz tapped out, but the ref didn't see it. Owens rolls up Cesaro for 2. Cesaro sends Owens outside, then gets out of another SkulL Crushing Finale. Cesaro goes again for the Cesaro Swing, but Miz grabs the ropes. Owens comes off the top with a Frog Splash on Miz. Cesaro hits Owens with the Neutralizer, but Zayn breaks up the pin! Zayn counters an uppercut by Cesaro with a backslide for 2. Running Code Red by Zayn for another close 2. Zayn now can't believe it! Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick, but Cesaro drills him with an uppercut. Zayn then comes back with the Buckle Exploder. Zayn goes again for the Helluva Kick, but Owens stops him with a superkick. Pop-Up Powerbomb to Cesaro, but Miz pulls him outside. Owens argues with Maryse outside after sending Miz into the barricade, allowing Miz to hit Owens with the Skull Crushing Finale on the floor! Miz gets back in and pins Cesaro, but Cesaro kicks out again! "YES" chants by the crowd. Miz backdropped outside by Cesaro, but Zayn drills Cesaro with the Helluva Kick! Owens pulls Zayn outside and they begin brawling.

While this is going on, Miz runs back in and pins Cesaro to retain the title.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: The Miz by pinfall

Miz and Maryse celebrate his title retention after as Zayn can't believe what happened.

Unbelievable Intercontinental Title match. One of the best matches so far in WWE this year. Everyone looked great and no one lost anything in defeat. Finish continued to show that the hatred Owens and Zayn have for one another means more than their quests to become champion. Cesaro had to eat everyone's finisher before finally succumbing, so he comes off as very strong in losing. Finally, Miz continues to be what he is best at, a sneaky, chickens**t heel that will find any small way possible to keep his title by the skin of his teeth. Loved this match, loved the booking, loved everything about it. Hats off to all 4 men for putting on a classic.

We see video highlights from what took place on the Kick-Off show.

We see video highlighting the rivalry between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho.

First-Ever Asylum Match: Chris Jericho vs. Dean Ambrose

Match can only be won by pinfall or submission. Ambrose unloads with shots in the corner early. Jericho sent off the turnbuckles, then yells for the door to be opened, but to no avail. Ambrose with a clothesline. Jericho comes back with a back elbow. Jericho scales the cage, but Ambrose stops him. Ambrose with a crossbody and right hands, then sends Jericho off the cage multiple times. Ambrose ponders what weapon he wants from the Asylum, then scales the cage, but Jericho stops him. Jericho heads up, but Ambrose heads up with him. Jericho grabs a mop, but Ambrose stops him and nails Jericho in the ear with the point of the mop. Ambrose with a running shot with the mop, then drives it across Jericho's back multiple times. Ambrose does a Sandman-style White Russian Leg Sweep with the mop, then puts the mop in Jericho's face. Jericho comes back with a 2nd Rope Missile Dropkick for 2. Jericho yells at Ambrose and nails him with the mop. Jericho scales the cage, but Ambrose stops him. Ambrose with a Super Back Suplex. Both men scale the cage on opposite sides. Jericho grabs the barbed wire 2×4, while Ambrose grabs nunchuks. Jericho yells at Ambrose about what he is going to do with the nunchuks as Ambrose does some Katas with the nunchuks. Ambrose nails Jericho multiple times with the nunchuks. Jericho again scales the cage and tries to leave, but Ambrose stops him. Jericho sends Ambrose off the cage and grabs a kendo stick. Jericho nails Ambrose multiple times with the kendo stick, sending Ambrose off the cage and into the ring while Jericho taunts the crowd with the kendo stick. Jericho with a kendo stick shot from off the top onto Ambrose. Jericho now nails Ambrose multiple times with the nunchuks, then hits a snap suplex for a 1 count. Jericho heads back up the cage and grabs a leather strap. Jericho begins whipping Ambrose with the leather strap repeatedly. Jericho goes up the ropes, but Ambrose uses the strap to slam Jericho off the ropes. Ambrose now has the strap and whips Jericho repeatedly with the strap. Jericho comes back by sending Ambrose into the cage. Jericho again yells for the door to be opened, but the ref tells him it is to remain locked. Jericho scales the cage, but Ambrose heads up to stop him. They fight on the the top rope, with Jericho getting crotched on the ropes. Ambrose heads back up and grabs a fire extinguisher. Jericho scales the cage for the straitjacket, but Ambrose pulls him down, along with the straitjacket. Jericho throws the straitjacket at Ambrose, then hits an enziguri for 2. Ambrose sent back into the cage, then Jericho hits the Triangle Dropkick, sending Ambrose again into the cage. Jericho taunts the crowd, then unloads with shots to Ambrose. Jericho grabs the straitjacket and goes to put it on Ambrose. Ambrose gets free and gives Jericho a Violence Party, followed by a running forearm and a clothesline for 2. Jericho comes back with the Butterfly Backbreaker for 2. "We Want Violence" chants by the crowd. Ambrose avoids the running bulldog and hits one of his own. They fight again up top, Ambrose knocks Jericho off, then goes to the top of the cage and leaps off, nailing Jericho with the Standing Elbow Drop! Ambrose gets 2. Ambrose scales the cage and grabs a bucket. Ambrose opens the bucket to reveal a bag inside. Ambrose opens the bag to reveal thousands of thumbtacks! Jericho looks at it in shock! Jericho tries to leave, but Ambrose gets him on his shoulders. Jericho counters with a Victory Roll for 2. Jericho counters a slam and tries to powerbomb Ambrose, then counters an Alabama Slam into the Walls of Jericho. Ambrose gets free, but Jericho sends him off the cage. Ambrose gets the knees up off the Lionsault. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, but Jericho counters back into the Walls of Jericho. Ambrose powers up and grabs the kendo stick, nailing Jericho with it to get free. Ambrose heads up top, but Jericho nails him with the fire extinguisher. Codebreaker by Jericho, but Ambrose kicks out! Jericho grabs the barbed wire 2×4 and nails Ambrose in the ribs and the back with it. Another shot to the ribs by Jericho. Jericho dares Ambrose to get up, but Ambrose counters another Codebreaker and slams Jericho onto the thumbtacks! We see that Jericho's back is covered in thumbtacks.

Dirty Deeds by Ambrose into the thumbtacks for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose by pinfall (Dirty Deeds into Thumbtacks)

Ambrose celebrates his win after as medical attendants tend to Jericho, whose back and arms are still covered in thumbtacks.

Solid brawl and mildly successful first match in this new concept, unfortunately it went a few minutes too long and unless it was a good weapons spot, the crowd wasn't too much into it because of pauses in action throughout. Mad respect to Jericho for taking the thumbtacks at the end, doesn't need to do that this far along in his career. Ambrose winning was really the only smart way to go, but overall, kinda disappointing due to the lack of crowd reaction to the match.

We see video highlighting the rivalry between Charlotte and Natalya.

WWE Women's Title – Submission Match (Ric Flair is banned from ringside, should he appear, Charlotte automatically loses the title: Charlotte (c) vs. Natalya

Pre-match intros for this one. Series of headlock takedowns by Natalya early, surprising Charlotte. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter, but Charlotte kicks her off. STF applied by Charlotte, Natalya gets free and hits a Slingshot Atomic Drop, followed by the run up the back and a basement dropkick. Surfboard applied, but Charlotte is able to get free. Natalya with right hands, Charlotte does the Flair Flop over the ropes, but when she gets back in, Natalya catches her with Nattie by Nature, sending Charlotte back outside. Charlotte fires back with a series of chops, but then Natalya sends Charlotte shoulder-first off the ringpost. Back in, Natalya unloads with right hands in the corner, but Charlotte comes back with a big boot. Charlotte with kicks to the leg, then goes for the Figure Four, but Natalya counters out into a cross armbreaker. Charlotte keeps the fingers locked, then power cleans Natalya up and gets free with a sit-out powerbomb. Charlotte with knees to the back of Natalya's leg, then locks her in a Trailer Hitch, but Natalya is able to reach the ropes. Charlotte suplexes Natalya into the ropes to do more damage to the legs. Charlotte heatop and hits a Moonsault, then locks Natalya in a Half Crab. Natalya gets free and hits Charlotte with a release German. Natalya locks Charlotte in the Sharpshooter in the center of the ring, but Charlotte reaches the ropes. Natalya pulls Charlotte back to the center, but Ric Flair's music hits. Out comes someone in a Ric Flair robe and we see that its Dana Brooke. Natalya sends Charlotte outside and goes after Brooke, but Charlotte nails her from behind.

Figure Eight applied and Natalya is forced to tap.

Winner and STILL WWE Women's Champion: Charlotte by submission (Figure Eight)

Ric Flair comes out after, high-fives Dana Brooke as they celebrate Charlotte's title win with her. Brooke with another shot to Natalya as she is helped to the back.

Good match, but again, a match hurt by the subdued crowd, who appear to be spent after the 4-Way Intercontinental Title match. The Dana Brooke interference is a nice little wrinkle and if anything, gives something for Brooke to do and be featured while Emma is out with her back injury. Charlotte continues to play the overconfident, swarmy heel very nicely and has been one of the biggest surprises of 2016 in how well she has turned things around. I liked the match and booking, but unfortunately, it didn't resonate too much with this burnt out crowd.

Video package on how we got to the main event.

Main Event for the WWE World Title – Extreme Rules: Roman Reigns (c) vs. AJ Styles

Pre-match intros for this one. Styles avoids Reigns early and tells him to bring it. Reigns with a big back elbow. "You Can't Wrestle" chants by the crowd directed at Reigns. Styles avoids Reigns some more and unloads with shots, but Reigns shoves him off. Reigns hits clothesline shots in the corner, Styles answers with right hands, but Reigns comes back with a flying knee. Styles goes outside and grabs a chair, but Reigns stops him. Back in, Reigns has the chair, but Styles rolls outside to avoid a chair shot. Reigns kicks Styles into the barricade and has the chair again. Styles avoids another shot and unloads with right hands, followed by a leaping clothesline against one of the announce table. Styles removes stuff from the English announce table, then clotheslines Reigns over the barricade and into the crowd. They brawl in the crowd, then Styles nails Reigns in the ribs with a chair. They continue to brawl around the crowd, then go to the set-up where the Kick-Off Panel takes place. Reigns throws Styles down on top of the glass table. Styles comes back with an enziguri, then leaps off the table and wipes out Reigns with a forearm. They begin brawling back to ringside, with Styles sending Reigns face-first off the ringpost. Styles removes the padding from the top of the barricade and sends Reigns face-first off it. Styles then exposes the concrete floor and goes for the Styles Clash onto the concrete, but Reigns fights out. Styles sent face-first off the steps, then Reigns sets up the German announce table. Reigns goes of a powerbomb, but Styles counters it and unloads with right hands to Reigns on the table. Styles goes for the Styles Clash onto the table, but Reigns fights out with a right hand that sends Styles into the crowd. Styles leaps up the barricade and charges at Reigns, but Reigns back body drops Styles through the Spanish Announce Table! "You still suck" chants by the crowd to Reigns as we see replays of the table crashing. Back in, Reigns gets 2. Reigns lifts up Styles and hits a Sit-Out Crucifix Bomb for a close 2. Reigns can't believe it! Reigns goes for the Superman Punch, but Styles counters it with a Front Chopblock. Reigns drives Styles into the turnbuckles, but Styles comes back with a Buckle Snap Suplex. Reigns rolls outside, favoring his leg, then Styles with a Sliding Knee. Styles goes for a Rana off the apron, but Reigns catches him and swings into the apron right by the ringpost, then into the barricade and then finally Reigns Jackknife Powerbombs Styles through the English Announce Table! Reigns goes for the Spear, but Styles sidesteps him and Reigns goes through the barricade between the timekeeper's area! Back in, Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Reigns catches him on the springboard with the Superman Punch, sending Styles crashing outside! Reigns goes outside, leaps over the steps and nails Styles with the Spear! They head back in, but Gallows and Anderson run out and attack Reigns. Gallows lifts up Reigns and Gallows and Anderson hit Reigns with the Boot of Doom! They put Styles on top of Reigns, but Reigns kicks out! Anderson grabs a chair, but out run the Usos. Superkicks to Gallows, Anderson and Styles, followed by Air Uso to Styles. Reigns crawls over and covers Styles, but Styles now kicks out! Gallows and Anderson take out the Usos outside, but Reigns with Superman Punches to Gallows and Anderson. Styles stops the Spear and hits Reigns with the Styles Clash, but Reigns kicks out again! Styles goes for the Styles Clash onto the chair, but Reigns counters out with a back body drop onto the chair. Reigns goes for the Superman Punch, but Styles counters with an enziguri! Styles Clash onto the chair, but one of the Usos grab Styles' leg. Styles kicks the Uso off and covers Reigns,but Reigns kicks out again! Styles has the chair and unloads with chairshots to Reigns and the Usos, bending the chair in half.

Styles removes his elbow pad and goes for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Reigns catches him in mid-air with the Spear to retain the title. WOW!

Winner and STILL WWE World Champion: Roman Reigns by pinfall (Spear)

Reigns celebrates his title retention after, but all of a sudden, the returning Seth Rollins comes out and attacks Reigns, laying him out with the Pedigree! Rollins grabs the WWE World Title belt and stands tall with it over Reigns to close the show.

Another fantastic brutal main event between Reigns and Styles, they have great chemistry with one another. Styles took some ridiculous bumps in this, but looked strong in defeat. Didn't like that we didn't get any continuation into the mystery between Styles and The Club, but hopefully that will be weeded out tomorrow night on RAW. Crowd certainly woke up for this match, which to me, exposes WWE crowds like these for acting like they want new things, but then not reacting to it and yet, thinking that booing the hell outta Roman Reigns is gonna get them anywhere. Newsflash guys, paying a ticket to boo Roman Reigns doesn't make you witty and won't bring change, it just makes you a fool because WWE gets your money and laughs at you all the way to the bank. Reigns was again sensational in this match and continues to show why the reactions he receives is now no longer warranted. The return at the end by Rollins was a good cliffhanger and brings up many more unanswered questions, but that is definitely a good thing for the average viewer. Also, thank god Rollins got rid of the blonde streak in his hair.

Overall, Extreme Rules was a pretty good show, showcased by two damn good title matches, but at the same time, hampered a bit by the typical smarky Northeastern kinda crowd.

MOTN: 4-Way IC Title Match

MVP: AJ Styles



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