Philadelphia Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
August 27, 1990



Power & Glory vs. The Rockers
Hercules attacked Shawn Michaels with his chain before the match began, so Marty Jannetty was the only Rocker wrestling. This allowed Paul Roma to pin Jannetty easily since it was a two-on-one match.



The Texas Tornado vs. Mr. Perfect with Bobby Heenan (WWF Intercontinental Champion)
The Texas Tornado got the win and became the new WWF Intercontinental Champion.



Sensational Queen Sherrie vs. Sapphire

Sherrie comes out, but Sapphire doesn't. They give Sapphire a thirty-count to come out but she still doesn't. Sherrie wins by forfeit.



The Warlord with Slick vs. Tito Santana

The Warlord uses his power to win the match.



The Hart Foundation vs. Demolition (WWF Tag Team Champions)
Two Out of Three Falls Match

Crush pins Bret Hart to get the first fall. Crush was then disqualified later, giving one fall to the Hart Foundation. During the match the non wrestling member of Demolition, Ax, switched places with Smash. Legion of Doom then came out to unhide the third member from under the ring. Bret Hart then pinned Crush to get the win and the tag team titles.



Jake "The Snake" Roberts with Damien the snake vs. Bad News Brown with sewer rats
Referee: Big Boss Man

Brown was disqualified for using a steel chair.  Brown attacked The Boss Man, but Roberts took out Damien to chase Brown away.



Brother Love interviewed Sgt Slaughter.



Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Nikolai Volkoff vs. The Orient Express with Mr. Fuji

Before the match, Duggan and Volkoff sang "God Bless America." Duggan and Volkoff got the win when Duggan pinned Tanaka.



"Macho King" Randy Savage with Queen Sherri vs. Dusty Rhodes

Before the match began, Dusty found out that Sapphire was purchased by Ted DiBiase. The Macho King got the win because Rhodes was thrown off his game by the purchase of his manager.



Earthquake with Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart vs. Hulk Hogan with the Big Boss Man

Hart accidentally hit Earthquake with his megaphone.  Hogan then put Earthquake through a table and got the win with the Leg Drop.



The Ultimate Warrior (WWF Champion) vs. Ravishing Rick Rude
Cage Match

The Ultimate Warrior got the win to retain the championship.


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