Target Center
Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 29, 1999
Attendance: 19,404


Triple H tells Jesse Ventura that he will brake all the rules he sets if he has to for a win
Chris Jericho and Howard Finkel argue


Jeff Jarrett with Debra vs. D'Lo Brown (WWF European and Intercontinental Champions)
Both Titles On the Line

Jeff sends Debra to the back. Debra comes out with D'Lo Brown. Jarrett has a guitar. Mark Henry comes out. Mark hit D'Lo with the guitar. Jeff Jarrett won both championships.



Tag Team Turmoil Match
Gauntlet Match for Tag Team Title Shot

  1. Edge & Christian
  2. Hardy Boyz (with Gangrel)
  3. Mideon & Viscera
  4. Droz & Prince Albert
  5. The Acolytes
  6. Hardcore & Crash Holly
  • Edge and Christian pin the Hardyz
  • Edge Speared Mideon for the win
  • Downward Spiral by Edge for the win
  • The Holly's come out early. Clothesline From Hell get Acolytes the win.
  • The Holly's fight each other. Hardcore gets pinned after a Spinebuster.
  • The winners: The Acolytes



The Road Dogg comes out. He says he wants a title shot tomorrow on Raw is War. Chris Jericho comes out. He mentions about how boring Summer Slam is--especially The Road Dogg.



Al Snow with Pepper vs. Big Bossman (WWF Hardcore Champion)

The Road Dogg is commentating for the match by following the combatants. The end up outside and into a bar across the street. They get into a restroom. Al Snow missed a Moonsault onto a table. The Road Dogg hit the Bossman. Al Snow won the title again with a pin! Al Snow attacked the Blue Meanie and Stevie Richards in the arena.



Ivory (WWF Women's Champion) vs. Tori

Ivory won with a pin to retain the championship. Ivory tried to disrobe Tory. Luna returned to chase Ivory away.



Steve Blackman vs. Ken Shamrock
Lion's Den Weapons Match

Many weapons were used, including Kendo Sticks and canes. Blackman nearly won by knocking Shamrock out with a Kendo Stick. Ken Shamrock got the win by choking Blackman with the Kendo Stick.



Test vs. Shane McMahon
Love Her or Leave Her Greenwich Street Fight Match

The Greenwich Posse comes out before the match begins and sits on a couch and drinks champagne. Test Gorilla Press Slammed Shane onto the Posse on the couch! Stephanie McMahon is watching the match in the back. Shane uses street signs and a picture frame on Test. The Posse attack Test and put him on the Spanish announcer's table. Shane jumps off the ring onto Test! As the referee counts for Test, Joey Abs pulled out the referee. The Stooges come out and attack Shane! Test does the Pumphandle Slam and then an elbow drop off the top rope to get a pin. Stephanie McMahon runs out to Test.



Kane and X-Pac (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. The Big Show and The Undertaker

The Undertaker Tombstoned X-Pac to get the win and become new champions



Billy Gunn vs. The Rock
Kiss My Butt Match

Billy brought out a person covered in black. It was a plus sized woman who Billy Gunn says that the Rock will have to kiss her butt instead of his. The match quickly ended up in the entranceway. Billy Gunn got the Fame-Ass-Er on The Rock and brought the big lady in the ring. The Rock threw Billy into her butt. The Rock got the Rock Bottom and then the People's Elbow. The Rock got the win.



Mankind vs. Triple H with Chyna vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
Referee: Jesse "The Body/Mind" Ventura

The match quickly goes to the outside. Chyna goes after Mankind. The referee saw her and ejected her from ringside. Steve Austin stunned Mankind, but Triple H stopped it with a chair. Ventura didn't count for Triple H when he used a chair on Austin. Shane McMahon comes in to stop the referee and Triple H from fighting. Austin stuns Shane McMahon. Jesse Ventura threw Shane out of the ring. Mankind takes out Socko and gives it to Steve Austin and Triple H. Austin stuns Triple H--Mankind interrupts the count. Helmsley Pedigrees Austin. Mankind Double Arm DDT's Austin and gets the pin. Mankind is the new WWF Champion! Triple H attacks Austin with chair shots to his knees.

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