Entertainment and Sports Arena
Raleigh, North Carolina

August 27, 2000

The Right To Censor  vs. Rikishi Phatu and Too Cool

As Scotty was going to do the WORM on Bull, Steven gave him a Stevie Kick and then got the  pin.

The Road Dogg  vs. X-Pac

A Low Blow and an X-Factor gave X-Pac the win.  Afterwards, The Road Dogg attacked X-Pac.

Eddie Guerrero  and Chyna vs. Val Venis (WWF Intercontinental Champion) and Trish Stratus

Chyna managed to pin Trish after a Gorilla Press Slam.  She won the Intercontinental Championship for the second time.

Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler

Tazz comes out acting like he is blind, allowing Lawler to attack him from behind.  Later on, Lawler does a Piledriver, but the referee gets knocked out.  Tazz does the Tazzmission on Lawler.  During this move, Jim Ross comes over and hits Tazz with the glass candy jar on the head.  Lawler gets the pin for the win.

Shane McMahon (WWF Hardcore Champion) vs. Steve Blackman

During the Match, Test and Albert come out and interfere.  The two fight to the entrance and Shane starts to climb up to the top of the video screen, about seventy-five feet up, as does Blackman.  Blackman hits him with his stick, and Shane falls to the ground!  Blackman then jumps on top of him and gets the win and the title.  Shane is taken away on a stretcher.

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit
Two Out of Three Falls

A Crippler Crossface gives Benoit the quick first pin.  He then reapplies it and almost gets Jericho to tap out again.  The Walls of Jericho gives Jericho his first fall--it is now 1-1.  Benoit got the pin after reversing a pinning maneuver and holding the ropes.  Chris Benoit won, 2-1.

Edge & Christian (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. The Dudley Boyz  vs. The Hardy Boyz
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match

Lots of high flying and dangerous moves were applied in this match.  After a few minutes of fighting, D-Von and Jeff go to grab the belts that are hanging above the arena, and the ladder is knocked over with the two hanging up there.  D-Von falls off and Matt is knocked off with a ladder.  Edge and Christian go up and grab the belts to remain champions.

The Kat  with Al Snow vs. Terri with Perry Saturn
Thong Stink Face Match

With the referee knocked out, the Kat uses Head on Terri and does a Stinkface to get the win.

The Undertaker  vs. Kane

The Undertaker immediately tries to take off Kane's mask.  Kane ends up bloody after being hit in the face with the steel steps.  The Undertaker manages to unmask Kane, but he leaves without showing his face.

Kurt Angle  vs. Triple H  vs. The Rock (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
No Disqualification and No Countouts

The Rock doesn't come out at the beginning of the match.  Triple H tries to give a Pedigree to Angle on the Spanish Announcer's Table, but it breaks before the move is applied; Angle is hurt.  The Rock comes out to wrestle.  They take Angle to the back on a stretcher.  Triple H attacks Angle before he leaves the arena.  Later on, Stephanie comes out and accidentally hits Triple H with the title belt instead of The Rock.  Triple H uses a sledgehammer on The Rock.  Kurt Angle comes back out.  Triple H Pedigrees the Rock, but Angle pulls him off during the pin.  The Rock does a Rock Bottom on Angle, but Triple H pulls the Rock off during the pin.  Triple H accidentally hits Stephanie.  Angle then uses the Sledgehammer on Triple H.  The Rock does a People's Elbow on Triple H, giving him the pin and retaining his championship.  Kurt carries a hurt Stephanie to the back.

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