Compaq Center
San Jose, California

August 19, 2001


Lance Storm (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs. Edge

Storm applies a Half Boston Crab on Edge, but Edge reverses it and applies it on Storm. Christian comes out and accidentally Spears Edge. A Superkick by Storm gets only a two count. Edge then does a DDT and gets the win to become WWF Intercontinental Champion.



Spike Dudley & The APA vs. Test & The Dudley Boyz

D-Von gets a table out, but doesn't use it. D'Von then misses a top rope jump. Bradshaw Powerbombs Test, but everyone is out of the ring fighting. Test throws Spike out of the ring onto the table D'Von set up. Bradshaw does a Clothesline From Hell on Test, but the referee is outside checking on Spike. Shane McMahon comes out and hits Bradshaw with a chair, allowing Test to pin him.



Tajiri (WWF Light Heavyweight Champion) vs. X-Pac (WCW Cruiserweight Champion)

X-Pac does a Surfboard on Tajiri, then Tajiri does a Tarantula on X-Pac. Albert comes out and gets a red mist spewed in his eyes by Tajiri. X-Pac then Lowblows and X-Factors Tajiri and gets the pin. He has both titles now.



Rhyno with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho jumps off the top rope onto the floor and Rhyno Gores him! In the ring Rhyno did an Airplane Spin into a Neckbreaker. Jericho then missed two rope moves by slipping off the ropes. Jericho then goes to pin Rhyno, but Stephanie is distracting the referee, so Jericho goes and kisses her. Jericho does a Bulldog and a Lionsault, but only gets a two. Rhyno does a Walls of Jericho, then misses a Gore, while Jericho does a Walls of Jericho to get Rhyno to tap out.



Rob Van Dam (WWF Hardcore Champion) vs. Jeff Hardy
Hardcore Ladder Match

Both men do lots of jumps and high risk moves from the ladder. They use the ladder as a lever with the ropes. They knock each other off the ladder. Jeff misses a Swanton Bomb and Van Dam misses a Five Star Frog Splash. Jeff is Suplexed off the top rope, then Van Dam is Sunset Flipped of the ladder. Jeff gets stuck hanging with the belt, as Van Dam tries to knock him off. However, Rob Van Dam manages to get up and get the title to win the championship.



Kanyon & Diamond Dallas Page (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. The Undertaker & Kane (WCW Tag Team Champions) with Sara
Cage Match

Sara locks the door and keeps the key. At the start of the match, Kanyon and Page try to quickly leave the cage. Kanyon is Chokeslammed by Kane. Kanyon climbs over the cage and leaves the match while the Undertaker gets a chain to use it on Page. The Undertaker tells Page to leave, but as he does the Undertaker Chokeslams Page. He then gives him the Las Ride and pins him to win both tag team champions.



Kurt Angle vs. Stonecold Steve Austin (WWF Heavyweight Champions)

The match starts at the entranceway, but it gets to the ring. Kurt Angle does about seven Belly to Back Suplexes. Austin does a Stunner on Angle, but only gets a two count. Austin Stuns him again. Angle ends up bleeding. They go into the crowd. Angle does an Ankle Lock on Austin as Austin is laying on the guard rail. Angle pulls Austin to the ring while still doing the Ankle Lock. Angle Suplexes Austin on the outside. Angle does a Moonsault but only gets a two count. Austin does a Cobra Clutch. A Stunner by Austin gets only a two count then Angle does an Angle Slam but only gets a two count. Austin hits the referee. A second referee comes out as Angle lowblows Angle, then hits the referee after a Stunner. A third referee comes out, but is quickly hit with the belt by Austin. Angle does an Angle Slam and the fourth referee, Nick Patrick, comes out and rings the bell. He disqualifies Steve Austin for excessive abuse on officials. Angle wins the match but not the title. Angle then puts the Angle Lock on Patrick.



Booker T (WCW Heavyweight Champion) with Shane McMahon vs. The Rock

The fight goes to the announcer's table then into the crowd. Shane takes off the turnbuckle pad. The Rock puts Booker T into a Sharpshooter. Shane is attacked by The Rock, but Shane hits him with the title. The APA comes out and chases him and Clotheslines him. Booker T is Slingshotted into the uncovered turnbuckle. Booker T does a Bookend, but The Rock does a People's Elbow on him. As the referee counts, Shane stops the referee. The Rock does a Rock Bottom on Shane. Booker T does a Spinarooni, but then is Rock Bottomed! A three count gives The Rock the WCW Heavyweight Champion.

Theme Song: "Bodies" by the Drowning Pool

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