Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, Long Island, New York

August 25, 2002


Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Kurt tries the ankle lock several times and eventually gets Rey to tap out.



Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair

Jericho tries to get the turnbuckle pad off, but the referee stops him. While the referee is putting it back on, Jericho unwraps his wrist and chokes Flair with the tape. Each man applies on only their submission move, but each others', also. Jericho shoves the referee, allowing Flair to lowblow Jericho and apply the Figure Four Leg Lock and get Jericho to tap out.



Eddie Guerrero vs. Edge

Eddie countered the Spear twice. He then went for a Frog Splash but Edge had his knees up! Edge hit the Edge-ucation and a Spear for the first three count of the night.



Booker T & Goldust vs. Christian & Lance Storm (WWE Tag Team Champions)

Lance and Christian miss a Con-chair-to. The referee gets knocked out; during this time Booker T hits a double Ake-Kick to both Un-Americans. Test interrupts and goes after Booker T. This gives Christian the easy victory over Booker T.



Chris Benoit (WWE Intercontinental Champion) vs. Rob Van Dam

Van Dam misses a Five Star Frog Splash. Benoit apples the Crossface a couple times. Finally Van Dam manages a Five Star Frog Splash and wins the title.



Test vs. The Undertaker

Midway in the match the referee is knocked out and the Un-Americans come out,. They're short work for the Taker who easily kicks them out of the ring. The Undertaker goes old school on Test - he walks the ropes and get the win after a Tombstone Piledriver . He then goes in the crowd for an American Flag and proudly displays it.



Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
Unsanctioned Street Fight

The whole match Triple H went for Shawn's back with a chair. Triple H goes to look under the ring for a . . . Sledgehammer! Earl Hebner argues with and tries to stop Triple H from bringing on more pain to an injured Michaels. Triple H sets up a chair, and gives Michaels a Backbreaker on it. Shawn gets up and low blows Triple H then gives him Sweet Chin Music while he was holding a chair. Triple H comes up bloody! Shawn continues to beat Triple H with the chair, then the fight goes to the outside where Michaels uses the Spanish commentator's boot! He gets out a ladder, leans it up on the ring post, and Slingshots Triple H into it. Shawn sets up the ladder in the ring and jumps off onto Triple H who is laying on the Spanish commentator's table. Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music but is reversed to a Pedigree, but that gets reversed into a pin. Michaels wins! Triple H immediately whacks Michaels twice with the sledgehammer and the EMT's come to help Michaels.



Howard Finkel comes out to make an announcement about how he hasn't announced a PPV in this arena since WrestleMania 2. Trish comes out to seduce the Fink. She distracts him so Lillian Garcia can come out and get revenge. She slaps then low blows the Fink



Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs. The Rock (WWE World Champion)

Lesnar dominates early with power moves. The Rock goes for the Sharpshooter. He then attacks Heyman. Brock gets a chair. Heyman is than Rock Bottomed through the Spanish table, losing his hair to show his bald head! Each man than gives each other the Rock Bottom! Lesnar then stops a People's Elbow. The Rock counters an F-5, but Brock goes for another and gets the three count! NEW CHAMPION! ! ! "The Next Big Thing"

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