America West Arena
Phoenix, Arizona
August 24, 2003
Attendance:  16,113

From Heat:

Matt Hardy vs. Zach Gowen
Matt Hardy wins via forfeit since Zach was attacked earlier in the night.


Rey Mysterio (WWE Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Shannon Moore
Rey Mysterio retains his title winning the match with the West Coast Pop.

Lillian Garcia sang the National Anthem


The Dudley Boys vs. La Resistance (WWE World Tag Team Champions)

Bubba His the Bubba Bomb on Sylvan.  D'Von gets the 3-D on the Rene. He pulls the referee out and a camera man hits Bubba Ray with the cameras giving La Resistance the win.  The camera guy ends up being the wrestler that is the newest member of La Resistance.


The Undertaker vs. A-Train with Sable

The Undertaker starts in control and does the Old School on A-Train.  The Undertaker does a leg crop on A-Train. Undertaker goes to do a Last Ride, but A-Train pushes the referee and does a Derailer and gets a two.  A bicycle kick on the Undertaker.  Undertaker kicks a chair into A-Trains face, but he only gets a two count.  A Last Ride gives The Undertaker the win! The Undertaker goes for a Tombstone but Sable seduces him.  He starts to Chokeslam her but Stephanie comes out and Spears her!


Eric Bischoff vs. Shane McMahon

Eric goes to leave and they end up fighting in the aisle and they spend a lot of time out of the ring.  Jonathon Coachman hits Shane with a chair!  Eric just made the match no disqualification and falls count anywhere! Coach gets the mic and does the commentating, making fun of Jim Ross.  Shane DDTs Eric.  Coach lowblows Shane.  Steve Austin comes out.  He beats up Coach.  Shane uses Eric's hand to slap Austin, allowing Austin to stun Bischoff!  He gets a two count.  Shane does a flying elbow off the top onto Eric who's on the Spanish announcer's table.  He then pins him there for the win.

Chris Benoit vs. Tajiri vs. Rhyno vs. Eddie Guerrero (WWE US Championship)
Fatal Four Way Match

All four men wrestle at once in this match.  Two submission moves applied at once (The Lasso from El Paso and the Crippler Crossface)!  Eddie held the title as Rhyno Gored him.  Eddie managed to pin Rhyno with a Frogsplash!


Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle (WWE Champion)

Both men do classic wrestling moves and their respective familiar moves to each other.  Angle countered Brock's F-5! Kurt counters it again, into a Tornado DDT! Angle Slam by Angle gets a two count!  The referee was knocked out as Brock reversed the ankle lock.  Vince comes out and hits Angle with a chair!  Angle counters an F-5 into an Ankle Lock, which gets Brock to tap out.


Rob Van Dam vs. Kane
No Holds Barred

RVD does lots of high flying moves.  Kane does a Tombstone on the steel steps!  They end up back in the ring and Kane pins RVD. 


Randy Orton vs. Kevin Nash vs. Triple H vs. Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels
Elimination Chamber

Jericho and Michaels start the match.  Randy Orton comes out next.  Kevin Nash comes out second.  Jericho pins Nash after Shawn Michaels Superkick; Nash is eliminated.  Triple H is the third out.  Shawn Superkicks Triple H as he enters the match.  Nash comes back and cleans house.  Goldberg is the last to enter the match.  Goldberg manhandled Orton: he Speared him and pinned him to eliminate him.  Goldberg Speared Jericho through the chamber's glass!  Goldberg Speared Michaels and then Jackhammered him.  Goldberg pinned Michaels.  Now it is Goldberg, Jericho and a still injured Triple H.  A Jackhammer lets Goldberg pin Jericho.  Now it is Goldberg versus Triple H. Goldberg kicked the glass open to get to Triple H.  Triple H used a sledgehammer he found on Goldberg, allowing him to pin him.  Triple H and Evolution continue to attack Goldberg with the sledgehammer.

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