Air Canada Centre
Toronto, Ontario

August 15, 2004
Attendance: 17,640

From Heat

Rob Van Dam  vs. Rene Dupree
Rob Van Dam wins with a Five Star Frog Splash

The Dudley Boyz & Spike Dudley vs. Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman & Paul London

Kidman and London double team D-Von. Mysterio tries to help out but the referee holds him back and the Dudley Boyz double team London. Mysterio hits Spike with a top rope Hurricanrana. Kidman comes in and cleans house. Kidman sets up for a 619 on Spike followed by an shooting star press and pin attempt. 3-D on Kidman and Spike makes the pin and gets the win!



Matt Hardy vs. Kane
Till Death Do Us Part Match

Hardy starts out quick on Kane so he can dictate the pace of the match. Kane eventually overpowers Hardy.  The fight goes to the outside and Hardy hits a twist of fate.  The referee goes for the 10 count, Kane makes it in at 9. Lita gives Matt the bell to use and he smashes Kane.  Kane kicks out of the pin. Chokeslam off the top rope! Kane Wins! Lita MUST marry Kane!



Booker T (WWE US Champion) vs. John Cena
Best of 5 Match for US Championship

Cena dictates the pace of the match early. Booker throws Cena to the outside, booker Follows. the action goes back inside. Booker T puts Cena on the Camel Clutch. Cena blocks an ax kick. He hits a F-U and scores the first win in the best of five.



Batista vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

When Edge was celebrating his hometown entrance Batista attacked him and sent him to the outside. Jericho and Batista go after each other.  Batista goes for a power bomb on Jericho but Edge makes the save. The fight goes to the outside both edge and Jer9icho send Batista to the outside. Edge and Jericho stand in the ring face to face. Jericho puts on the Walls of Jericho on Edge. Edge got Batista with a spear and won the match.



Kurt Angle with Luther Reigns vs. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie works on Angles leg.  Eddie gets an ankle lock on. Angle breaks the hold with a thumb to the eye, followed by an angle slam. Now angle goes after Eddies ankle. Angle gets Eddie with a 1st rope suplex. Eddie misses a frog splash. Eddie is in an ankle lock and to stop the move he pulls the referee into angle . Eddie hits angle then Reigns with his boot. followed by a frog splash. Angle wins with the ankle lock.



Triple H vs. Eugene

Triple H attacks Lillian Garcia and Eugene stops and tries to help her out. Triple H uses that to begin his attack on Eugene. The action goes back to the ring. Triple H fakes a knee injury Eugene looks concerned.  Triple H attacks Eugene when his back is turned. Eugene gets Triple H with a Rock bottom.  The fight goes to the outside and Triple H slams Eugene into the stairs, Eugene's shoulder is Bleeding. Eugene hits Triple H with a Stunner! Ric Flair comes out. Eugene with a Hogan style leg drop! Eugene counters a pedigree! Eugene pedigrees Triple H! The referee throws out Flair. Regal comes out to help and KO's Flair with Brass Knuckles! Regal tries to warn Eugene about Triple H behind him but Triple H hits the Pedigree and gets the win.



Team Dream: Joy, Amy, Tracy, Maria, Bristy & Michelle vs. Team Diva: Trish, Molly, Jazz, Stacey, Gail, Nidia &b Victoria
Diva Dodge Ball

Team Dream won the contest last eliminating Victoria. The divas then fight each other about their loss.



The Undertaker vs. Justin "Bradshaw" Layfield  (WWE Champion) with Orlando Jordan

The fight starts out outside. JBL gets suplexed off the top rope. Undertaker chokeslams JBL and goes for pin but JBL kicks out. Jordan gets hit by the Undertaker,  that allows JBL to get the taker with the close line. the referee is down! JBL hits the Taker with the belt. JBL goes for the last ride but only a two count! The Undertaker goes to hit JBL with the belt but the referee sees and DQ's The Undertaker. The Undertaker throws JBL onto his Limo. The Undertaker chokeslams JBL through the roof of the limo. JBL is carried away on a stretcher.



Randy Orton vs. Chris Benoit (WWE World Champion)

Orton goes for a sharp shooter, Benoit counters with a Boston crab into a crippler crossface. Benoit misses a suicide dive and hits the wall face first. Benoit puts Orton in a sharpshooter. Benoit counters a pin into a crossface. Orton hits an RKO out of NOWHERE! Orton wins! NEW CHAMPION!  post match: the two shake hands.

Theme Song: "Summertime Blues" by Rush - Buy from Summertime Blues

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