MCI Center
Washington, DC
August 21, 2005
Attendance (18,156)

From Heat

Chris Masters vs. The Hurricane with Super Stacey and Rosey
Masters won with the master Lock


Orlando Jordan (WWE US Champion) vs. Chris Benoit

Orlando starts with a sucker punch to Benoit's head. Benoit gets Orlando in the cross face and he taps out.  The match lasts under two minutes! NEW CHAMPION! ! !


Edge with Lita vs. Matt Hardy
Referee: Chad Patton

During the match, Edge Spears Hardy through the ropes onto the floor.  Hardy then is dropped head first onto the ring post, opening up his forehead bleeding.  A minute later, the referee stops the match due to Hardy's bleeding.  Edge wins.


Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio
Custody of Dominick Ladder Match

Dominick and his social worker are seated at ringside watching the match.  Both men do a lot of high flying moves off the ladder.  Eddie almost completes a Powerbomb off the top of the ladder.  As Eddie attempts to grab the briefcase hanging over the ring, Dominick enters the ring and tries to shake the ladder.  Eddie gets mad and yells at him and almost slaps him!  Rey saves Dominick.  Rey climbs the ladder and holds onto the briefcase but the ladder gets knocked over.  As Rey falls, Eddie Powerbombs him!  Eddie tries to get the briefcase, but the ladder is knocked over.  Eddie falls onto his knee.  Eddie does another Powerbomb, and sets up the ladder over Rey, but Rey manages to knock it over before Eddie can grab the briefcase.  Eddie does a Triple Suplex, the last one landing on the ladder.  Eddie goes to grab the briefcase, but his wife Vicki comes out and stops him  by knocking over the ladder.  Rey gets up and goes to grab the suitcase as Vicki keeps Eddie back!  Rey does grab it and wins the match!  Dominick, Rey and Rey's wife Angie celebrate in the ring.  Rey then whacks Eddie in the head with the briefcase.


Eugene with Christie Hemme vs. Kurt Angle

Eugene does a Rock Bottom, a Stunner and an Ankle Lock, but can't get a win.  Angle then does his own Angle Slam and an Ankle Lock to get Eugene to submit.  Angle then gets his medals back in an Olympic like way in the middle of the ring.


Footage out back is shown of several WWE Divas washing a limo, where the door has the Seal of the President of the United States on it.  The window is rolled down and Vince McMahon is sitting inside.  He says "Hey, why not?" and a shot of a "McMahon for President" bumper sticker is shown on the back bumper.


The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

The Undertaker does all of his classic moves.  Orton surprises everyone with a DDT.  The Undertaker Goes Old School.  He then counters an RKO.  Orton reverses a Tombstone, which is reversed by the Undertaker, which is reversed into a Neckbrearker by Orton and he gets a two count.  The Undertaker does a Chokeslam, but a fan runs into the ring and is escorted back.  As everyone watches on, Orton does an RKO and pins the Undertaker.  Orton celebrates with the fan, who takes off his makeup - it is his father Randy Orton.


Chris Jericho vs. John Cena (WWE Champion)

Jericho does a Superplex on Cena.  They then both counter each others moves.  Jericho counters an FU into a DDT.  He applies the Walls of Jericho on Cena, but he gets to the ropes.  Cena does an FU and gets the pin.


JBL vs. Batista (WWE World Champion)
No Holds Barred

The match starts at the entrance.  Batista Clotheslines JBL through the guard rail.  JBL does a Clothesline from Hell, but only gets a two count.  They bring the steps into the ring, and Batista does a Batista Bomb on JBL, but doesn't pin him.  Instead, he does another one on the steps!  He then easily pins him.


Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan

Early on in the match, Hogan is busted open by the ring post and starts to bleed all over his face.  Hogan does all of his classic Hogan moves.  Shawn hits Hogan and the referee by mistake.  A second referee comes out.  Michaels does a Sharpshooter on Hogan, but he eventually gets to the ropes.  The second referee is accidentally knocked out.  Shawn does a Low blow on Hogan and then hits him with a chair.  Michaels does a Flying Elbow Drop and Sweet Chin Music on Hogan, but only gets a two count!  Hogan then Hulks up and does a Big Boot and Leg Drop. He gets the pin and wins!  As Hogan celebrates, Michaels comes back in to shake his hand. 

Theme Song: Keep It Poppin' by Fat Joe - Buy it from   Get It Poppin (Featuring Nelly)

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