Conseco Field House
Indianapolis, Indiana
August 17, 2008

Attendance: 15,997


Jeff Hardy vs. MVP

The match goes to the outside quickly after a round of fists from Hardy. Hardy gets MVP in an arm bar, MVP breaks it by getting to the ropes. The two trade kicks to the gut. MVP puts Hardy in a powerful body to body suplex into the corner. MVP works on Hardys neck with a modified camel clutch. Hardy gets in the tree of woe, MVP works on him there.  Hardy reverses a slam. MVP sets up for his kick, Hardy counters with a clothesline.  Hardy hits the twist in the wind, Shelton Benjamin comes out and distracts Hardy from the swanton bomb. MVP hits his kick and wins.



Mickie James (WWE Womens Champion) & Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix
Winner Take All Titles Match

The two women start the match. Phoenix overpowers James. Phoenix tags in Marella, James monkey flips Marella. Kingston gets Marella with a fury of drop kicks. Marella and Phoenix make a few quick tags, and cut off the ring. Marella continues to work on Kingston's neck. James gets Phoenix with a Lou Thez press off the top. James DDT's Marella. Phoenix hits her finisher. The two win both titles



Shawn Michaels announces his retirement, due to complications from eye problems and numerous other surgeries .  Chris Jericho comes out. He tells Michaels he isn't going to leave without saying Jericho is why he's leaving.  Michaels acquiesces. Jericho decks Michaels wife.



Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry (ECW Champion)

Hardy hits the Twisty of fate and goes for the three, Tony Atlas grabs Hardy and gets Henry DQ'ed. Jeff Hardy comes out to save him.



CM Punk (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) vs. JBL

JBL powers Punk. Punk flies through the rope on to JBL. JBL gets Punk with a fall a way slam off the second rope. JBL works on Punks mid section. Punk hits a knee in the corner followed by a bulldog. JBL hits the clothesline followed by a fury of elbows. The two trade punches.  Punk counters a clothesline with his finisher . CM Punk Wins!



The Great Kahli vs. Triple H (WWE Champion)

Kahli chokeslams Triple H. The fight goes to the outside. Kahli is man handling Triple H. Kahli clamps on the claw. Triple H goes to the outside and gets Kahli with the ring post. Kahli gets the claw in Triple H's head. Triple H gets the Pedigree. Triple H pins Kahli.



John Cena vs. Batista

Cena starts out the match in control. Batista gets Cena with a suplex. Batista counters a F-U. Batista locks on the Figure four. Cena tries to power out of the hold. Cena tries for another F-U but dumps Batista out of the ring. Cena goes for the five knuckle shuffle.  Cena can't follow with the F-U.  Cena hits a STFU. Batista makes it to the ropes.  Batista gets Cens in a submission hold. Batista SPEARS Cena, Cena kicks out of the pin. Cena finally gets the F-U. 1...2 . . kick out, only a two count. The two trade punches in the corner. Cena sends Batista to the mat.  Batista counters a leg drop with a power bomb. Batista hits a successful Batista bomb and gets the three count.



The Undertaker vs. Edge
Hell in the Cell

Edge starts the match by pummeling the undertaker. Edge gets thrown hard into the cage. The Undertaker grinds Edges face into the cage. The undertaker gives Edge a legdrop in the apron. The undertaker sets the steps in the corner and throws Edge into them like a dart. Edge gets a table from under the ring. Edge sets up a stack of tables on the outside. Edge hits The Undertaker with a chair.  Edge goes for some ladders. Edge puts the Undertaker on a table and jumps off the ladder on to The Undertaker with a chair in hand. The fight goes to the ringside again. The Undertaker uses the other set of stairs. Edge and the Undertaker go through the side of the cage. The Undertaker uses the announce table and the security wall outside the cage to his advantage. Edge uses a monitor. Edge spears The Undertaker through the ECW announce Table. The fight goes back inside. Edge finds a TV Camera under the ring and plants it in The Undertaker's face. Edge goes for a spear but tThe Undertaker counters with a chokeslam. The Undertaker goes for the last ride but Edge slips out. Edge went to go "Old School" but The Undertaker countered. Edge was chokeslammed through a pair of tables from the top rope. The Undertaker hits Edge with a tombstone and wins.


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