Summer Slam2012

Staples Center
Los Angeles, California
August 19, 2012

Attendance 17,482


Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler

Jericho comes out with heavily taped ribs. Ziggler gets flipped to the outside and Jericho misses a leap to the outside. Jericho and Ziggler trade blows. Ziggler gets Jericho in a sleeper hold. Jericho hits a hurikanrana off the top ropes and can only end up with a two count. Ziggler puts the knees up when Jericho goes for the lionsault. Zigger goes for the zig zag and only gets a two count. Jericho hits the code breaker and Ziggler rolls to the outside preventing a pin. WALLS OF JERICHO!!!!! Ziggler taps! Jericho wins via submission.



Daniel Bryan vs. Kane

Kane man handles Bryan at the start of the match.  Bryan goes on the offensive, then gets thrown to the outside. Bryan hits a missile dropkick which leads to only a one count.  Kane is out on the mat, Bryan goes to the top, jumps off but Kane grab hit throat followed by a choke slam. Bryan counters a tombstone pile driver and gets the pin and the win.



Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

The Miz starts out strong in the match. The Miz sends Mysterio to the outside. Mysterio gets wiped into the guard rail. The Miz only gets a two count after a back breaker. The Miz goes to the top but Mysterio kicks him off. Skull Crushing Finale, a pin and win!



 Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus (WWE Heavyweight Champion)

The fight quickly goes to the outside. Del Rio gets the turnbuckle pad off. Del Rio man handles Sheamus.  Del Rio mocks Sheamus and apparently tries for a brogue kick but Sheamus counters. Del Rio gets an arm breaker.  Sheamus manages to flip Del Rio over and out of the hold. Sheamus motions for his finisher but Del Rio ducks out. Del Rio gets a two count then grabs Ricardo Rodriguez, Sheamus uses Rodriguez's shoe to lay out Del Rio and get the pin.  Sheamus knocked Del Rio's foot off the rope as he was pinning him so the referee didn't see.


Prime Time Players vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth (WWE Tag Teams Champions)

The match goes to the outside and they double team on Kingston.  Kofi does his high flying moves on Young.  R-Truth gets the pin on Titus O'Neil to retain the tag titles in this rather short match.


John Cena vs. The Big Show vs. C M Punk (WWE Champion)

Big Show starts off the match using his size to his advantage.  Big Show stays on top of this match.  Some double teaming on the Big Show.  Punk interrupts Cena's Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Punk submission moves on Big Show, followed by Cena's submission moves.  Three High Knees by Punk on Show.  Two submission moves at the same time on the Big Show.  He taps out, but who got him to submit?  RAW General Manager A J comes out.  She says "Restart the match."  Big Show does a double chokeslam.  Cena does the AA and Punk throws Cena out of the ring and pins the Big Show.  He remains champion. 


Kevin Rudolf performs the theme song to Summer Slam "Don't Give Up"


Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman vs. Triple H

Triple H gets slammed on the commentator's table.  Fighting back in the ring, but Triple H is thrown into the steel steps.  Triple H is slammed into the commentator's table again.  Pedigree reversed to F5 reversed to a Pedigree.  Lesnar with an F5, but a two count.  Another Pedigree, but a pin attempt is turned to a submission move.  Triple H taps out to the Kimora Lock.  After Lesnar leaves, Triple H refuses any medical help to get up.  He is shown leaving ringside.  Michael Cole mentions that this is the end for Triple H. 



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