Summer Slam2013

Staples Center
Los Angeles, California
August 18, 2013

Attendance: 17,739

National Anthem performed by JoJo from Total Divas


SummerSlam Kickoff Match
Rob Van Dam
vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE US Champion)

RVD goes for a 5 star frog splash, but the Shield comes out to stop him and immediately after comes Mark Henry & The Big Show for support for RVD. Roman Raines interferes in the match, by tackling RVD. Ambrose is DQ'ed RVD wins the match but not the title.



The host of SummerSlam, the Miz is introduced. He introduces the card. Fandango comes out, interrupting the Miz.


Kane vs. Bray Wyatt
Ring of Fire Match

Wyatt gets Kane in the corner and runs at him with a full head of steam. Kane grabs at Wyatt's throat going for a chokeslam but Wyatt counters. Harper goes to hand Wyatt a kendo stick, but the flames surge at every attempt to pass it. The stick catches fire and a fireman at ringside puts it out. Harper and Rowan put out the flames on one side of the ring, they are able to get in the ring it's now virtually a three on one. Kane is out cold, Harper and Rowan help Bray Wyatt cover Kane, he gets the win.

Post match, Bray sits in his rocker, and Harper & Rowan placwe kane on the stairs and slam the other half of the stairs on his head.



Damien Sandow vs. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes manhandles Sandow in the early part of the match. Sandow works on Rhodes knee with a modified Boston crab. Sandow goes to the ropes, but Rhodes manages to slam him off the top rope. Rhodes hits a missile drop kick off a springboard off the top rope. Rhodes hits the Cross Rhodes and gets the win.



Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

 The action goes to the outside. Christian is set in the corner and Del Rio kicks him in the head. Del Rio continues to work on Christians left arm. Del Rio misses a missile dropkick and goes flying to the outside. Christian goes for the kill switch but Del Rio counters. Del Rio climbs to the top but misses his move. Del Rio has Christian in an arm breaker, Christian tries to counter, they arein the center of the ring, Christian taps out, Del Rio wins the match and retains the title.



Natalya with the Funkadactlys vs. Brie Bella with Nikki Bella & Eva Marie

Brie starts out on the offensive Natalya is standing on the ring apron and Nikki & Eva pull the apron out from under her and she falls to the floor. Natalya gets Brie in a sharpshooter, Brie manages to reverse it. the four on the outside go at it. Natalya gets another Sharpshooter on Brie, Brie taps out.



CM Punk  vs.  Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman

Lesnar manhandles Punk into the corner. Lesnar works Punk from corner to corner. Punk sends Lesnar to the outside with a series high knees. Punk goes for the stairs, Lesnar slams into the stairs sending Punk down. Punk with a double axe handle off the top rope to the outside. Lesnar send Punk flying over the announce table. Lesnar gets Punk in a bearhug on the ring, Punk manages to break out with a series of hard shots. Punk gets Lesnar with a series of high knees in the corner and eventually gets Lesnar down with a roundhouse kick. Punk only manages a two count. Lesnar gets the kimara on Punk, Punk refuses to submit, he counters it with an armbar into a triangle. Lesnar manages to counter the triangle with two powerbombs!!! Lesnar grabs a chair, Punk flies off the top rope, but Lesnar gets the chair in between the two, Punk lands on the chair. Punk goes off the top chair in hand on Lesnar. Lesnar goes for the F-5, Punk counters with a go to sleep, Heyman comes in to make the save. Lesnar gets Punk with a series of HARD chair shots, he hits the f-5 and gets the win.



Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs,. Big E Langston and AJ Lee

The guys start out the match. Langston walks Ziggler over the the corner and AJ slaps Ziggler in the face. Langston continues to manhandle Ziggler. Langston goes for a pin but Kaitlyn comes in and breaks it up, Ziggler hits the zigzag and gets the pin and the win.


Bryan Daniels vs. John Cena (WWE Champion)
Special guest referee: Triple H

The match starts out with a fury of quick exchanges. Bryan is sent to the floor hard by Cena. Bryan sends Cena into the stairs. Bryan eets Cena with a fury of licks to the side. Cena hits the five knuckle shuffle. Bryan gets Cena in a yes lock. Bryan gets a suplex on Cena and a two count, hits another one same count, goes for a third but Cena manages to break out. Bryan has Cena in some kind of submission hold. Bryan superplexs cena off the top rope. Bryan then goes for a flying head butt, he only gets a two count. Cena slams Bryan from the top rope then into an STF. Bryan reverses into a yes lock. Bryan hits Cena with a series of licks into the corner with cena countering the final one with a powerful clothesline.  Bryan flies off the top Cena catches him goes for  the AA, Bryan kicks out. Bryan kicks Cena hard gets the pin and the win, NEW WWE CHAMPION Daniel Bryan!

Post Match: Randy Ortons music hits, he comes out. Triple H pedigrees Bryan, calls for the bell, Orton pins Bryan and STEALS the WWE Championship.


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