Hershey Park Arena
Hershey Park, Pennsylvania
December 17, 1995
Live Attendance: 7,289



Sycho Sid and The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty

Razor Ramon pinned Sycho Sid after a bulldog, to score the win for his team.



Jerry Lawler presented Jeff Jarrett with a gold record for his single "With My Baby Tonight".



Ahmed Johnson vs. Buddy Landell

Buddy Landell was Dean Douglas' replacement, who was out nursing a back injury his student, Douglas brought Landell out and Landell was dressed like Ric Flair. Ahmed Johnson destroyed him in thirty seconds, winning with the Pearl River Plunge.



Hunter Hearst-Helmsley vs. Henry O. Godwinn
Arkansas Hog Pen Match

Triple H wins when he backdrops Henry Godwinn into the hog pen.



Diesel vs. Owen Hart

Diesel wanted revenge for the attack on Shawn Michaels by Owen Hart weeks earlier on RAW, in this match. Diesel hit the jackknife Powerbomb on Owen, but picked the Rocket up at two to do more damage. The official argued with Big Daddy Cool about it, and was attacked by Diesel. The referee threw out the match, awarding Owen Hart with a disqualification victory.


Ted DiBiase introduces us all to Xanta Claus (played by ECW's Balls Mahoney). Vince McMahon complains that Santa sold out and Ted DiBiase is the most evil man on earth.


The Undertaker vs. King Mabel with Sir Mo
Casket Match

The Undertaker is rolled into the casket by Mabel, but both King Mabel and Sir Mo forget to shut the lid. The Undertaker escapes the casket and lays a beating down on both men, rolling Mabel into the casket for a victory



Bret "Hitman" Hart (WWF Champion) vs. British Bulldog with Jim Cornette

Bret Hart was tossed into the steel steps, which busted him wide open. The mats and even Bulldog's tights were covered in the Hitman's blood. The Hitman rolls his brother-in-law up in a Mahistrol Cradle to score the victory.

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