Springfield Civic Center
Springfield, Massachusetts
December 7, 1997



Shawn Michaels (WWF Champion) vs. Ken Shamrock

Shawn Michaels was disqualified when all the people came into the ring



Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs. Rocky Maivia

Stone Cold won when a second referee came down after he accidentally Stone Cold Stunnered the first one



Bad Ass Billy Gunn & Road Dog (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. Legion of Doom

Gunn and Road Dog won when LOD used the Godwin's slop buckets



Taka Mitchinoku vs. "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
Final Match for the Light heavyweight Championship Tournament

Taka won when he used the Mitchinoku Driver on Brian. He became the first Light Heavyweight Champion



Commissioner Slaughter vs. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley
Boot Camp Match

Triple H won with Chyna's help



Marvelous Marc Mero with Sable vs. Butterbean

Marvelous Marc was disqualified when he used a low blow



The Undertaker vs. Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett won because Kane hit him first so the Undertaker was disqualified



Los Boricuas vs. DOA
Six Man Tag Team Match

Los Boricuas got the pin

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