GM Palace
Vancouver, British Columbia
December 13, 1998



D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry vs. Val Venis and The Godfather

D'Lo and Mark came out with Terri Runnels and Jacqueline! During the match the two women almost got into a fight with the Godfather's women. Jacki came into the ring and pulled down the back of Val's tights. Mark then got him pinned for the win.



The Oddities vs. The Headbangers

Mosh pinned Golga with a Cross Body



Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman

Owen took off the turnbuckle during the match, but Blackman whipped him into it. Owen and Steve were fighting at the entrance. Steve ran into the ring to avoid being counted out, but Owen was.



Al Snow, Bob Holly, and Scorpio with Head vs. Brood

Bob Holly has a new hairdo. Christian pinned Scorpio after he did his finisher on him



Goldust vs. Jeff Jarrett with Debra McMichaels
Striptease Match

Goldust gives Jeff the Shattered Dreams, but Debra uses the guitar on Goldust and then Jarrett pins him to win. Shawn Michaels comes out. He says that using a guitar is a disqualification--Jeff was disqualified, so Goldust wins. Debra has to strip. Just as she was about to take off her bra, the Blue Blazer came out and covered her up with his cape.



The New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Champions) vs. Ken Shamrock and The Big Boss Man

The Boss Man used his nightstick. As the referee was counting the pin for the champs, Shawn Michaels pulled the referee out of the ring. Billy pinned Shamrock as Shawn tried to interfere.



The Rock (WWF Champion) vs. Mankind

Earlier during Heat, we found out that Mankind had broken the Rock's ribs, and that the contract said that if he doesn't wrestle, the belt will be forfeited to Mankind. Just as Mankind was going to not have the match take place if Vince McMahon would say he never heard Mankind submit at the Survivor Series, The Rock attacked Mankind to begin the match. During the match, Vince McMahon said that if Mankind attacks the Rock outside of the ring, he wants the referee to ring the bell. McMahon wanted the referee to ring the bell and give the win to the Rock, but Mankind piledrove the referee and then attacked the timekeeper! The Rock hit him with a chair. Then Shane McMahon takes the chair and accidentally hits the Rock with it! Another referee comes in. The Rock DDT's Mankind, then Mankind DDT's the Rock. He pulls out Socko and uses it on Rocky. The referee rings the bell. Mankind wins! Vince McMahon says since the Rock didn't tap out or say "I Quit" then Mankind doesn't win the belt. Mankind gives Socko to Vince and then to Shane after Shane hit him with a chair twice. Mankind attacks Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe. Ken Shamrock and the Big Boss Man come out to attack Mankind. Mankind leaves the ring with a dented chair and his mask in his hand.



Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker with Paul Bearer
Buried Alive Match

During the match Steve Austin stuns The Undertaker into the grave. Austin then leaves to go backstage. The Undertaker awakens and hides, but the grave explodes! Out comes Kane! The two brothers attack until Kane tombstones the Undertaker into the grave. Kane leaves as Steve Austin comes out with a backhoe to help pile on the dirt. He then gets some beer and drinks it and pours another onto the dirt above the Undertaker.



There were 20,040 fans in the General Motors Place to watch the 26th In Your House.

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