National Car Rental Center
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
December 12, 1999



Sixteen Man, Eight Team, Battle Royal
Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian, Headbangers, Hardy Boyz, Pete Gas & Rodney, The Acolytes, Too Cool, Godfather & Mark Henry --Winners get a title shot at the Royal Rumble

The first two teams start to fight first then the other six come out. The Posse switches members. The Posse is the first team eliminated. Mosh is eliminated--Thrasher has to leave. The Acolytes eliminate Mark Henry--the Godfather has to leave, also. Too Cool is eliminated. Edge & Christian are eliminated as Edge is knocked out by D-Von. Matt knocked out D-Von, so the Dudleys leave. Both Matt and Bradshaw were eliminated at the same time. The referee lets the match continue with the four men. Faarooq is eliminated, but the referee didn't see it, he sneaked back in. Jeff was knocked out. The Acolytes win and are the number one contenders.



Kurt Angle vs. Steve Blackman

Kurt Angle starts to leave, but Blackman attacks him. A German Suplex into a Belly to Back Suplex by Angle for the win. Blackman goes to attack Angle with his nunchucks.



Ivory (WWF Women's Champion) vs. Miss Kitty vs. BB vs. Jacqueline
Four Corner's Evening Gown Match in a Pool with referees Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah

Jacqueline is the first to lose her dress. B B was lost. Ivory lost her dress next. Kitty won the match and is the new WWF Women's Champion! Miss Kitty is disrobing for us. Mae young is disrobing for us, too.



The Hollys vs. Rikishi Fatu and Viscera

Rikishi did a Rikishi Piledriver, but Viscera is pinned by Hardcore. Viscera and Fatu attack each other because of their loss.



D'Lo Brown vs. Val Venis vs. The British Bulldog (WWF European Champion) with the Mean Street Posse

The referee made the Mean Street Posse leave ringside. Sunset Flip by D'Lo on Val--as referee got to two, the Bulldog pulled him out. Val Venis manages a Money Shot on the Bulldog. Val is the new WWF European Champion.



Kane vs. X-Pac
Cage Match--Kane can only win by pinfall, but X-Pac can win by climbing out of the ring

The match began outside of the ring. X-Pac uses the ring bell. The match goes into the cage. The New Age Outlaws use a bolt cutter to open the door. X-Factor on a chair. X-Pac handcuffs Kane to the cage and is hit by a chair. Tori comes into the ring and she is X-Factored by X-Pac. Kane broke free of the handcuffs. X-Pac is climbing out but Kane stops him. The door is slammed in X-Pac's face. Kane clotheslines X-Pac off the top of the cage. Kane Tombsone's X-Pac and gets the win.



Chris Jericho vs. Chyna (WWF Intercontinental Champion) with Miss Kitty

Jericho misses a Springboard Asaie Moonsault. Jericho was thrown into the exposed turnbuckle but Jericho only gets a three count. Jericho countered a Pedigree. Chyna countered a mid-air move by Jericho. Jericho has the Walls of Jericho on Chyna in the middle of the ring. Chyna tapped out. Chris Jericho is the Intercontinental Champion.



The Rock and Sock Connection vs. The New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Team Champions)

The Outlaws pulled Mankind's shirt over his face and almost gets pinned. Mandible Claw on Road Dogg. Mankind gets Socko on the Road Dogg. Al Snow comes in and hits Mankind with Head. The Road Dogg lands on Mankind, but the Rock stops the count. The Rock attacks Al Snow. Rock Bottom on Billy Gunn. Al Snow comes back in and attack The Rock. The match ends due to disqualification. The Rock and Sock Connection win by disqualification. He gets attacked by The Rock.



The Big Boss Man vs. The Big Show (WWF Heavyweight Champion)

Prince Albert came out and was Chokeslammed by the Big Show. The Boss Man used the stairs on the Big Show. A Chokeslam gets the win for The Big Show.



Triple H vs. Vince McMahon
No Holds Barred--If McMahon wins, Triple H & Stephanie's Marriage is Over, if Triple H Wins, the Marriage is forever and Triple H Gets a Title Shot

Stephanie is sitting at ringside for the match. Triple H comes out with a sledgehammer. McMahon threw powder in Triple H's eyes to start off the match. The match goes to the back. Mankind comes out with weapons. McMahon uses a chair five times on Triple H! A road sign is used on McMahon. They are fighting at the entranceway where there are military vehicles. McMahon was run over by a shopping cart. Triple H left the match to the outside. Where is he? Triple H ran over McMahon in a car! McMahon is bodyslammed on the top of a limo! McMahon fell into a bunker that was at the entranceway. Vince McMahon is bleeding. He is hit with a gas can from Triple H. Triple H talks to Stephanie. Triple H has a lead pipe. He doesn't use it, instead he goes for the sledgehammer. McMahon low blowed Triple H. Vince gets the sledgehammer. Stephanie stops her father from hitting him. She takes the hammer, but doesn't use it. Triple H takes it and uses it on Vince. Triple H won the match. Stephanie McMahon turned her back on her father! She leaves with Triple H!



Greg Norman, South Africa's best golfer, is in attendance. 17,054 fans in attendance.

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