Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center
Birmingham, Alabama

December 10, 2000


Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and Perry Saturn vs. Lita and the Hardy Boyz
Elimination Match

Hardy's and Lita enter the ring. This is an elimination match.  Radicalz are next. Saturn are Matt lock up. Saturn with a suplex. Eddie tagged in. Whip, shoulder block to Matt. Eddie runs at Matt, but Matt picks him up, and drops him with a belly to back suplex.

Jeff tagged in. Whips Eddie, flips him over his head. Eddie reverses a whip, puts Jeff on the top rope, goes for a hurricanrana, but misses. Lita runs in, takes down Eddie, and Jeff hits the Swan Ton Bomb off the top rope. Eddie is out.

Malenko runs in. Matt whips him, and Jeff hits the Poetry in Motion. They try it again, but Saturn catches Jeff, and hits his finisher, Godfather's old move. Jeff is out. Matt back in, gets distracted by Terri, and Saturn nails Matt with a big kick. Saturn goes for his finisher, Matt reverses, going for his, Saturn counters and hits him with a full nelson slam.

Matt counters a head-scissors, and hits a leg drop off the top rope on Saturn. Malenko breaks it up. Malenko thrown to the outside, and Matt hits the Poetry in Motion on Saturn. Saturn is out. Malenko tackles Matt, and rolls him up for a 3 count. Only Malenko and Lita are left. Whip by Malenko, Lita counters, and rolls him up. 2 count.

Lita onto the top rope, hits a Moonsault off the top rope onto a standing Malenko.  Lita jumps on Malenko, and nails him with a DDT. Lita onto the top rope, going for her Moonsault finisher, but Malenko is up and hits a Superplex on Lita. Malenko goes for the pin, but picks her up after the 2 count.

Malenko beats on her some more, goes for the pin, but lifts her up again. Finally, Malenko straps her in the Texas Cloverleaf, and Lita taps out.

William Regal (WWF European Champion) vs. Hardcore Holly

Regal educated us about the uses of a handkerchief. Hardcore received a great ovation in his home state. Holly interrupted Regal and sent him packing outside the ring. The two brawled outside the ring and Hardcore was sent into the ring post. Back inside, Holly got the first near fall. Regal hit a Superplex for a two count. Regal used a move rarely used today, a bow and arrow. Hardcore recovered and hit a dropkick, followed by a snap suplex. Regal used his STF finisher but Holly got to the ropes. Holly retaliated and used his elbow with the steel plate. Raven ran in and gave Holly a DDT, allowing Regal an easy win.

Chyna vs. Val Venis
Grudge Match

Chyna in first. Venis comes out with Ivory. Chyna runs right out for Val Venis. She nails him with a lot of right hands. Now into the ring. Venis getting stomped in the corner. Venis runs at Chyna, Chyna counters, and hits him with a DDT. Venis up, Russian Leg Sweep from Venis on Chyna.

2 count. Chyna thrown to the outside. Ivory does a number on her. Chyna back into the ring. Venis hits a double arm underhooked suplex on Chyna. Chyna working her way back, but Venis scoops up Chyna with a scoop slam. 2 count. Chyna back up, whips Venis, and flips him over her shoulder.

She runs at Venis and hits him with a leg breaker. 2 count. Chyna follows up with some kicks to Venis's side. She runs at Venis, but Venis counters with a Powerslam. Venis onto the top rope, going for the money shot, but Chyna moves out of the way. She goes over to pin him, but Venis kicks out.

Scoop slam by Chyna, runs off the ropes, but Ivory trips Chyna up. Chyna gets out of the ring, and chases Ivory around. Ivory runs through the ring, Chyna follows but Venis catches Chyna. He hits his Fisherman's Suplex on Chyna, and picks on the win.

After the match Chyna grabs Ivory, goes for a Powerbomb, but Venis is in and attacks Chyna once again.

Vince McMahon Interview

Vince McMahon comes out with the stooges, Pat Patterson and Gerry Brisco. A clip in the back was shown before and he had said that he was going to put an end to the Hell in a Cell match. He gets on the mic. He said he meant every word he said on Smackdown!. He talk about the 6 superstars being forced into this match. He says he has sympathy for them. He asks the fans to join him in preventing the Hell in a Cell match tonight. That's basically it. He tried to talk some sense into these people.

Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Last Man Standing Match

Jericho's entrance was cut short by a Kane attack. The two brawled in the entrance way (which was made up of stacked cars) and backstage. Kane hurled a huge trunk at Jericho but missed. Mideon got mixed up in the match somehow and was punched out. They fought back in the arena where Kane held the upper hand. Jericho hit a nice reverse elbow from the top rope. Outside again, Kane powerslammed Jericho onto the floor. The pace was slow and plodding while Kane worked over Jericho. Kane went for a backbreaker type submission but Jericho fell out. The crowd was totally bored. Jericho rallied but missed his Lionsault. Kane went up top and hit a flying clothesline. Kane nailed his Chokeslam and Jericho got right back up. Kane got a chair and gave Jericho two shots. Jericho hit a low blow followed by a DDT. Jericho used the chair to give Kane a Moonsault. Another spill outside in this seemingly endless match. Kane tossed Jericho against the security railing and attempted to Chokeslam him through a table. Jericho countered with a bulldog and the table didn't break. Jericho attempted again and the table didn't break. Jericho turned over a HUGE stack of barrels on Kane and he didn't answer a ten count, so Jericho wins.

Bull Buchanan and the Goodfather (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. Edge and Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. Road Dogg and K-Kwik

Edge and Christian are introduced first. Bull and Goodfather are next with Steven Richards. Road Dogg and K-Kwik are next. Dudleyz are last. Bull and Goodfather start off by double teaming D-Von.

Road Dogg, Buh Buh Ray, Edge and Christian are in the ring. Edge working on Road Dogg. Road Dogg comes back and hits him with some right hands. K-Kwik tagged in. Buh Buh Ray is in. Now everyone runs in. K-Kwik flips to the outside but Goodfather catches him and slams him down. In the ring, Buh Buh Ray drops Edge. D-Von from the top with the 2D. Buh Buh Ray puts Edge on his shoulders, and D-Von hits Edge with a clothesline. Bull in the ring, and the Dudleys hit the 3D!!! Goodfather runs, ANOTHER 3D! Christian in now, 2D on Christian.

Ref distracted by Edge, Christian is back up, he hits his move on Buh Buh Ray, and Edge picks up the pin. Edge and Christian are the new tag champs.

The One Billy Gunn (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs. Chris Benoit

Benoit went right for the jugular on Gunn. Gunn posed and frolicked with the fans while Benoit put him on his ass. Both men locked up and exchanged arm drags. Benoit fell outside and was tossed into the security rail. Gunn charged at Benoit and Benoit back dropped Gunn into the ring steps. Back inside, Benoit worked over Gunn's previously injured knee. Gunn retaliated with a sunset flip, almost getting a pin. Benoit refocused and continued the work on Gunn's knee. A figure four was locked on and Gunn reversed it. Benoit made it to the ropes and the hold was broken. Both men went toe to toe with rights and lefts. Gunn won the boxing match, but lost the war when Benoit hit a succession of German Suplexes. Up top, Benoit missed a huge headbutt that spanned three quarters of the ring. Gunn got to his feet and hit a Powerslam for a two count. Gunn hit the fame-ass-er but Benoit kicked out. Benoit fought Gunn and locked on the Crossface. Billy made it to the ropes. Benoit blasted out another series of Suplexes and got the Crossface again. Gunn tapped and Benoit wins! Solid match. Benoit put forth a great effort as always, and Gunn should be commended for a tremendous effort as well.


Ivory (WWF Woman's Champion) vs. Molly Holly vs. Trish Stratus

Molly introduced first, followed by Trish. Ivory in last. Molly attacks Trish right away. She slaps her with knife edge chops. Trish flips Molly up, and Ivory clotheslines her. Molly back up, and she kicks Ivory down. Trish rolls up Molly, 2 count. Ivory then rolls Molly up, 2 count.

Both Ivory and Trish go for a DDT at the same time, they argue, and then finally agree on a double suplex. Ivory then runs at Molly, but is flipped out of the ring. Trish jumps on Molly, but Molly Powerbombs her down. Molly flipped to the outside, Ivory attacks Trish and gets the pin.

T&A then come down and attack Molly. Crash runs out. Urges them on. T&A walk to the ring and the APA's music hits. Out come Bradshaw and Faarooq and they attack Test and Albert.

Kurt Angle (WWF Heavyweight Champion) vs. Stonecold Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker vs. The Rock vs. Rikishi vs. Triple H
Hell in the Cell Match

Triple H and Rikishi were introduced first. Several referees had to hold them back from Angle, who entered third. Austin came out last and attacked Angle outside. Angle was still waiting to enter. He tossed Angle in and Undertaker brawled with him. The pairings went: Rikishi/Rock, Angle/Undertaker, Austin/Triple H. This match was hell to keep up with because there was too much going on at once. Rock choked out Rikishi with a camera cable. Undertaker used an armband to choke Angle. Austin rammed Triple H on all sides of the cage. Rock and Rikishi traded blows inside and Rock hit a huge spear-like move. Angle took Undertaker to the cage and worked him over. Triple H hit Austin with a facebuster. Austin followed with a Lou Thesz Press. Angle strayed away from Undertaker and took over on Rock. HHH slammed Austin's leg into a ring post. Rock hit a Samoan drop on Angle. All six men fought outside in their given pairings they started with. Triple H was the first to bleed after being rammed into the cage. Austin raked HHH's face on EVERY side of the cage, which was quite funny. Rikishi came to The Game's aid and gave Austin a leg drop. Rikishi helped HHH up and HHH pedigreed him! Each man took successions of getting near falls using their finishers. Austin and Rikishi went at it while the rest took a break. Vince McMahon and the stooges came out on the back of a truck that had something (looked like sawdust) in it. The truck ripped the door off the cell and then Vince told them to demolish the cage! Construction crews hooked up chains to the cage and Vince told them to take the bitch down! Haha! Commissioner Foley came out and got in Vince's face. Foley punched out the stooges and went after McMahon. Police lined up behind Vince and arrested him! Vince left screaming "I OWN THIS DAMN PLACE!"

With the door to the cell opened, Triple H, Austin and Angle worked their way out. Austin and HHH went at it in the aisle and battled on the hoods of cars stacked in the entrance way. Austin used the forklift camera to take out HHH! All six men went at it with Austin and HHH. HHH busted Austin's face through a car window. Austin was busted wide open. Angle and Rikishi battled inside of a car. Rock and HHH went at it on a car. Angle was busted open on his back. HHH hit a pedigree on top of a car on Rock. Rock was busted open. Austin sling shotted HHH into the windshield of a car. Angle and Undertaker battled near the timekeeper's table. Angle used a chair on Undertaker. One helluva shot on Undertaker in point blank range. Of course, 'Taker came up and was busted ear to ear. Austin and HHH climbed the cage! 'Taker and Angle went in the crowd. Austin and HHH were on top of the cage. The truck with sawdust was positioned perfect for someone to take a bump. The two traded punches on top of the cage, and Angle/Undertaker joined them! Stunner on the cage on HHH! Rock and Rikishi were nowhere to be found. Angle was busted open on top of the cage. Austin and HHH climbed down, leaving Undertaker and Angle. Rikishi attempted to climb up the cage! RIKISHI MADE IT ON THE CAGE! Undertaker got a chair from the timekeeper. HUGE CHAIRSHOT TO ANGLE! Rikishi hit Undertaker with a chair! Rikishi focused on Undertaker, and Angle got away. Rikishi saw Angle getting away and chased him. Angle made it down safely, but Undertaker attacked Rikishi! 'Taker and Rikishi neared the sawdust truck卨ooks like bump time! RIKISHI TAKES A CHOKESLAM INTO THE TRUCK! RIKISHI FALLS OFF THE CAGE!

Back inside the ring, Austin and Rock stared down and went at it. Spinebuster on Austin. HHH slithers into the ring. HHH stopped Rock from hitting the People's Elbow. Rock bottom on Angle! Austin interrupts the three count! STUNNER ON ROCK! HHH interrupts the count again. Stunner on HHH! Angle rolled over and covered Rock123! Kurt Angle retains! It looked like HHH had Austin covered as well

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