Gwinnet Center
Atlanta, Georgia
December 12, 2004


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WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Referee: Charles Robinson

Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree vs. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio (c)

The music of Rob Van Dam hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, and he will be teaming with Rey Mysterio to face the former champions, Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree, who were accompanied by Hiroko.

The start:

Rob Van Dam and Kenzo Suzuki started it out with a lock up. Kenzo with a shot to the gut and some more right hands. Kenzo whips RVD to the ropes but RVD comes back with a spin kick. Tag to Mysterio and they scored with the 420 for two. Mysterio with a springboard cross body for two. Kenzo fights back and sends Rey into the buckle, sternum first and then tags in Dupree who comes in and kicks Rey in the mid section and then sends him head first into the buckle.

Mid-match notes:

Rey fought back with some kicks to Dupree but Dupree scored with a big boot to the face and then taunted the crowd. Rey with a spinning headscissors on Dupree and called for the 619 but Kenzo attacked him from the apron. Rey tried a sunset flip Powerbomb off the apron on Kenzo, but Kenzo was too big. RVD then gave Kenzo a thrust kick to help Kenzo over. Outside, and RVD perches Dupree on the barricade and went to the apron and hit his spinning leg drop across the back of Dupree. Back inside, and Dupree is covered for two. RVD and Rey send Dupree to the buckle and RVD hits a monkey flip and then Rey scored with a dropkick to the face for two.

RVD hit a vertical suplex on Dupree and went for Rolling Thunder but Dupree got up and hit a shot the ribs and then a standing dropkick. Dupree went to tag Kenzo, but Kenzo is down on the outside hurt. Rey comes off the top rope with a seated senton on Dupree and RVD covers for two. Kenzo grabbed the leg of RVD on the outside and then Dupree tagged him in. Kenzo sends RVD to the corner and stomps away on him. Huge clothesline by Kenzo to knock RVD down and then a rear naked choke is locked in by Kenzo Suzuki but RVD fought out.

RVD makes the tag to Mysterio and he hits a dropkick on Kenzo and then scores with some mounted punches in the corner on Dupree. Dupree and Kenzo hit a double team neck breaker throw when Hiroko had the referee distracted on Mysterio and then Torrie Wilson came running down and chased off Hiroko. Kenzo hit a body slam on Mysterio and then bowed to the crowd and hit a knee to the throat of Mysterio. Kenzo locked in an arm bar on Mysterio in the middle of the ring as the fans got behind Rey.

Mysterio almost made it to the corner to tag RVD but Kenzo cut him off in time and tagged in Dupree. Dupree with an elbow drop and then a snapmare followed by a dropkick to the shoulder and a cover for two. Dupree locks in a surfboard on Mysterio but Mysterio kicked Dupree in the head and then launched himself for a tag, but Dupree caught him and tagged in Kenzo. Suzuki chopped away at Mysterio in the corner and then choked him with his knee as the fans chanted USA. Mysterio kicked Kenzo a few times and went for a tag, but Kenzo again cut him off and scored with a nice back suplex for a two count. Dupree tagged in and Mysterio is trying to make it to the corner but Dupree knocked RVD off the apron and then he and Kenzo stomped on Rey as the referee was busy with RVD.

Dupree made the tag to Kenzo and Suzuki hit some chops to the chest and then choked Rey on the bottom rope. Kenzo scored with a big shoulder knock down for two but Mysterio then tried to crawl to the corner, but Kenzo again caught him in time and dragged him to his own corner and gave him a slam and a tag to Dupree. Dupree with the French Tickler and Kenzo did it from the apron too. Dupree then scored with a headbutt for two. Rey tried to fight back with elbows and kicks in the corner and then hit an hurricanrana sending Dupree into the ring post, shoulder first.

Mysterio made the tag to RVD. RVD with a kick to Dupree and then a big dropkick. RVD with shoulder thrusts in the corner and then a slam followed by the split legged moonsault for two. RVD knocked Kenzo off the apron and then slammed Dupree and he and Rey hit a combo Rolling Thunder and Springboard Legdrop. Mysterio sent to the apron by Kenzo, and then he and Dupree double teamed RVD, but RVD gave Kenzo a dropkick to send him outside and then took Dupree down for two. RVD with a sunset flip on Dupree and then Mysterio dropkicked Dupree into the ropes and went for the 619. Kenzo back inside, and he was sent into the ropes as well and Rey hit a double 619.

The finish:

Kenzo was sent to the outside and then RVD went up top and came off with the Five Star on Dupree while Mysterio gave Kenzo a splash on the outside. RVD then made the cover to retain the titles!


Winner and still Tag Team Champions, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

Recorded Earlier:

Puder cuts a promo on Mike Mizanin saying he is going to kick his ass, and this is going to be worth more than a Million Dollars to him.

In the arena:

The music of Kurt Angle hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with two police officers who were looking after the Olympic Gold Medal. Angle got on the mic and he said before they destroy the Big Show later, he is going to treat them to a special Kurt Angle Invitational. He said he puts his medal on the line who is much like him, please welcome, Santa Claus! Santa made his way down the aisle throwing presents to the audience. Angle stared at Santa and smiled and then shook his hand. Angle said it was nice to finally meet him. Angle made a joke about Tazz being an elf and he said he didnít like Santa. Kurt said he worked his ass off every night and goes home to see his daughter, but all she wants to do is write to Santa. Kurt said Santa gives real heroes a bad name, and he is going to make him tap out! The bell sounded and this is underway. Angle gave Santa the Angle Slam and then locked in the Ankle Lock and Santa tapped but Angle held it on for a while. Angle put his Gold Medal on and celebrated in the ring.

Recorded Earlier:

Mizanin was shown and he said he has been getting ready for this all week. He said everyone looks at him as the underdog, and tonight he is not going to look stupid, and the underdog is going to have some bite!


Dixie Dog Fight
Referee: George Chip

Mike Mizanin vs. Daniel Puder

Al Snow joined Cole and Tazz and Cole asked who was going to win, and Snow said the strong music is on Puder. The music of Theodore Long hit in the arena and he made his way out as the General Manager of Smackdown. Long got on the mic and told the crowd to holla. He said that as General Manager, it is his responsibility to bring you the best in must see events, and he is proud to say that this is one of those events. Long said these two gentlemen will let the audience know who is tough enough here tonight. They are down to two finalists, and these two men will let you know who is tough enough in a Dixie Dogfight. There will be three one minute rounds of boxing and it will be supervised by the head of the boxing commission in Georgia. Long then introduce the participants, Mike Mizanin and Daniel Puder.

Round One:

The bell rang and Mizanin was taking it to Puder early on. Puder with some big rights and Miz fights back and Puder slips. Puder gets Miz in the corner and Miz is swinging like a madman and that is end of round one.

Round Two:

Round two is underway and they are a bit more cautious thing time. Puder hits some rights and then punched Mizanin in the back of the head, which would have been a disqualification under normal rules. Puder scored with another big right hand before the bell, and the round was met with boos.

Round Three:

Final round and Miz comes out swinging. Puder is more controlled and focused and Mizanin is throwing punches wildly. Puder scored with a big right and Miz checks the clock. Puder scored with another big right but the time is out and we are met with more boos from the crowd.

Long got back on the mic and said the match has gone the distance, and now right now, the decision is going to be left up to the fans. Mizanin got a decent reaction but Puder got a big reaction too and it sounds like a tie. Long then said we have a winner and itís Daniel Puder. Miz and Puder shook hands and Al got in the ring. Snow asked if Miz would have fought a different fight. Miz said Puderís right was brutal. Mizanin told the fans to vote for him on Thursday. Snow showed some footage on the Titan Tron and Puder said this is boxing, three rounds, gloves? No. He is an ultimate fighter and he wants to break bones, snap, crackle and pop.


Winner - Daniel Puder


Booker T and Eddie were backstage and they were both talking about the match coming up tonight. Eddie said they donít have to beat JBL to get back at him. Eddie said he could pin Booker and become WWE Champion. Booker started laughing and he said Eddie has to be kidding him. Booker then said he could hit Eddie with the Scissor Kick and win the title just like that. Eddie then laughed and said itís not about JBL tonight; they have a bigger obstacle, the Undertaker. Booker said he isn't worried about the Undertaker and he will take him down too. Eddie said Booker should take out the Undertaker and Eddie should take out JBL. Booker said they should work together. The Undertaker appeared in the background and then they realized he was standing right there and it all got a bit awkward backstage at Armageddon!


Referee: Charles Robinson
The Basham Brothers vs. Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas

The music of the Basham Brothers hit in the arena as they made their way to the ring and they are the Secretaries of Defense for JBL and they are going to be in tag team action here at Armageddon against Hardcore Holly and Charlie Haas.

The start:

They all got in a shoving match to start before Hardcore Holly and Doug Basham tied up. Holly with a side headlock but Doug comes back with a hop toss. Chops by Holly in the corner but Doug fights back with right hands. Doug whips Holly to the corner but misses a splash and Doug gets two. Danny tagged in and scores with kicks and chops on Holly in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Haas gets the tag and goes to work on Danny and takes him down with a firemanís carry. Danny fights back and makes the tag to Doug. Doug with some right hands but Haas came back with a pair of arm drags and locked in an arm bar. Doug fights back with a forearm and then a kick to the spine. Doug locked in a rear naked choke but Haas fought out with an arm drag and then knocked Danny off the apron and gave Doug some forearm shots. Haas tripped in the corner by Danny who was on the apron and now Doug scores with some knee drops to the throat. Doug tags in Danny and Danny hit a series of elbow drops for two.

The fans chanted boring as Danny hit some right hands and then a elbow to the back for two. Tag to Doug who gives Haas a snapmare and then locked in a rear naked choke. Haas escapes with an arm drag but Doug comes back with a clothesline and tags Danny who covers Haas for two. Haas then grabs a T-Bone to take Danny down and tags are made on both sides. Hardcore Holly with clotheslines to both Bashamís. Holly with a standing dropkick to Doug and then a flying clothesline from the tag. Doug fights back and knocked Haas off the apron but walked into a power slam by Holly fro two.

The finish:

Dawn Marie runs down to check on Charlie and then Miss Jackie comes down and they get in a screaming match on the outside. Haas keeps them apart and while Holly is distracted he gets rolled up from behind from the win. Holly isnít happy and shouts and Haas and Haas says he is sorry. Holly continues to berate Haas and tells him not to
pay attention to them.


Winners - The Basham Brothers


United States Championship Match
Street Fight
Referee: Nick Patrick

Jesus vs. John Cena (c)

The music of John Cena hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring and he has a new United States Championship belt and it spins around. He also has a new t-shirt saying ďRuck FulesĒ. The music of Carlito hit in the arena as Jesus made his way out with Carlito and Cena stares both of them down from the ring. Jesus is wearing the chain of Cena which he stole a few weeks back.

The start:

Cena attacked Jesus and hammered away on him in the corner repeatedly. Cena riled the crowd up and then kicked Jesus in the ribs. Cena choked Jesus on the bottom rope and Carlito has a kendo stick. Jesus raked the eyes of Cena and then hit him in the kidney with the kendo stick but Cena fired back and then hit Jesus across the skull with the stick.

Mid-match notes:

Cena continued to work over Jesus with the kendo stick, and broke it over the arm of Jesus as the fans chanted for Cena. Cena kicked Jesus in the head. Jesus was sent into the crowd and then Cena went towards Carlito, but he ran up the entranceway. Cena with right hands to Jesus on the outside and teased Carlito to come get some but Carlito kept backing off. Cena went back to Jesus and kicked him straight in the head, and Jesus has been busted wide open.

they fought through the crowd and Cena knocked Jesus down and then choked him with some wires. Cena took someoneís beer and took a sip of it and then went back to beating on Jesus. Cena threw a trash can at Jesus and then hit another right hand and Jesus has had no offence in this one. Cena took Jesus up some stairs into the crowd, higher up the arena. Cena tried to dump Jesus over the edge, but Carlito attacked from behind and Cena then stalked both Jesus and Carlito. Cena dumped garbage over the head of Jesus and then chopped the chest of Jesus.

The finish:

Jesus tried to battle back and Carlito got a few shots in, but Cena kept in control. Cena jumped off the barricade and hit the throwback on Jesus. Cena looks under the ring and Jesus is inside the ring. Cena pulls out a trash can lid and a sheet of metal. He whacked Jesus in the head with the trash can lid and then with the steel. Cena pumped up his shoes and then hit Jesus with the FU and made the cover for the win.


Winner and still United States Champion, John Cena

The Aftermath:

Carlito ran into the ring to try and steal the chain of Cena again but Cena caught him in the corner. Cena then wrapped the chain around his hand and knocked out Carlito and Cena has gotten a measure of revenge against Jesus and Carlito.


Backstage, Jackie was complaining to Charlie about Dawn Marie coming out there tonight and costing Haas a win. Haas said he is getting tired of all of this and Jackie said she is sorry. Jackie said Dawn is trying to ruin everything and then told Haas she will make it up to him later tonight. Jackie said she loves him so much and he said he loved her too, and then they made out. Haas then slapped Jackie on the ass as they went to the ring.


Referee: Charlie Haas
Dawn Marie vs. Miss Jackie

Dawn Marie made her way out to the ring and she is set for action against Miss Jackie, and Charlie Haas will be the special guest referee.

The match:

Dawn slapped Jackie and then Jackie slapped her back. Jackie took Dawn down and threw her around by the hair. Dawn sent Jackie to the apron, but Jackie hit a shoulder to the gut. Dawn fought back with rights and then Jackie hit some of her own. Dawn drove Jackie to the corner and gave her some shoulder thrusts. Jackie fought back and the two rolled around on the mat and rolled over Charlie. Dawn then grabbed Charlie, but Jackie rolled her up from behind. Dawn rolled through and then grabbed the rights to pick up the win. Charlie got on the mic and said he is tired of this. Charlie said he canít help the rumor of he and Dawn having an affair. Charlie then said he and Dawn ARE having an affair and the engagement is off. Charlie told Jackie to stop crying and she will find someone off. He said making love to Jackie is like making love to a dead wet fish. He said he loves Jackie, but is not in love with Jackie. Haas then got on one knee and it looked like he was going to ask her to marry him, but he then called HER a slut! He then said he is sick of both of them and told them to kiss and make up, and left.


The Big Show was shown walking backstage and then Joy said she wanted to wish him good luck, and made out with him! Lucky Show!


Handicap Match
Referee: Brian Hebner

Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak vs. The Big Show

The music of Kurt Angle hit in the arena as he made his way out with Jindrak and Reigns and this will be a three on one handicap match with the Big Show! Last week on Smackdown, Kurt drove some steel steps into the huge back of the Big Show, and what is his physical condition here tonight?

The start:

Big Show started it out with Jindrak, and Jindrak did the Rick Rude wiggle. Jindrak kept showing off his body and they finally locked up and Show went to work on the arm of Jindrak and then picked him up by the arm and slammed him down. Show then chopped Jindrak in the corner and then gave him a big beal. Jindrak went for a tag and Kurt told Jindrak to go back in the ring, but Jindrak tagged him anyway. Show began laughing and then shoved Kurt across the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Kurt quickly tagged Luther in and he scored with a kick to the gut and then some right hands. Big Show fought back with a chop in the corner and then a snapmare. He then knocked Kurt off the apron and threw Jindrak inside and gave Reigns and Jindrak a double noggin knocker. Reigns managed to get Show down with help from Angle and then Angle made the tag and went to work on the ribs on the Big Show. Angle tagged Jindrak and Jindrak stomped away at him and then dropkicked him in the head. Jindrak continued to work on the ribs and made the tag to Luther and he choked Show out and then worked on the ribs some more.

Jindrak tagged back inside and they scored with a double team suplex for two. Angle tagged inside and he gave Show a rear naked choke, pulling the head of the Big Show back. Show escaped and Angle went into a front face lock on the big man. Reigns came inside and kicked Show and then Angle choked Show on the bottom rope and made the tag to Reigns who worked over the ribs some more. Reigns with knees in the corner but Show tries to fight out. Jindrak tagged in and more kicks to the kneeís and ribís of the Big Show.

Jindrak then gave Big Show a chin lock and then a side headlock. Show tried to escape but Angle came inside for a cheap shot. Reigns and Jindrak double teamed Big Show, but Reigns was given a headbutt and Show picked Jindrak up and dropped him and then gave them both body slams. Angle came in from behind but Jindrak and Reigns attacked, which resulted in them getting a double clothesline. Big Show gave Jindrak the Alley Oop. Reigns took control on the Big Show and Angle came in to help. Headbutt to Angle and Reigns sent outside. Angle hit the Angle Slam on the Big Show out of nowhere and locked in the Ankle Lock but Show quickly escaped.

The finish:

Show gives Reigns a big boot to the face and Angle tried to get the steps in the ring but Show kicked them out of his hands. Big Show then picked Jindrak up and hit him with the F5! Big Show made the cover and he picked up the win!


Winner - The Big Show


Funaki was backstage and he said he has a special guest, Funaki! He conducted an interview with himself, and he said he was going to beat Spike. Spike came up from behind and asked how does it feel, no matter how hard he tries, that he will never take the Cruiserweight Title. Funaki said he was going to win the title here tonight.


Cruiserweight Championship Match
Referee: Jim Korderas

Funaki vs. Spike Dudley (c)

Funaki made his way to the ring and he is ready for his shot against Spike Dudley for the Cruiserweight Title.

The start:

Funaki and Spike locked up and Spike with a go behind. Funaki reversed and Spike takes him down but Funaki gets a headscissors. Spike escapes and they have a stand off. Lock up again and Funaki with a roll up for two. Funaki with a drop toe hold and then another roll up for two. Spike comes back with a forearm shot but Funaki hits an arm drag into an arm bar and then wrenched on the arm of Dudley.

Mid-match notes:

Spike backed Funaki to the ropes and hit him with a right hand. Funaki sends Spike to the outside and then hit a baseball slide and sent him back inside the ring for one. Funaki worked over the arm of Spike and then sent him to the corner but ate an elbow on the charge. Spike went up top but Funaki cut him off and sent him to the mat and then hit a dropkick for two. Funaki with a big right hand but Spike fights back with a shoulder to the gut. Up on the ropes and Funaki went for a Superplex, but Spike sent him to the outside face first.

Funaki made it back inside, but Spike knocked him off the apron and then threw him inside for two and the crowd is dead. Spike with a stomp on the rib area and then locked in an abdominal stretch. Funaki escaped but Spike stayed in control with a headbutt. Funaki reversed a slam for two but Spike back on the assault. Spike with a gut buster for two and the boring chants are starting up. Spike with an abdominal stretch but Funaki escapes. Spike sends Funaki to the corner but Funaki perches Spike on the top rope and lock him in the tree of woe.

The finish:

Funaki hit a sick stomp move while Funaki was in the tree and Funaki now with right hands. Funaki with a back body drop and a clothesline, followed by the bulldog for two. Funaki scores with an enziguri and covers for two. Spike misses a splash in the corner and Funaki goes up top and hits a flying cross body for two. Funaki to the middle rope and goes for a Tornado DDT but Spike blocks and hits a headbutt to the gut. Spike goes for the Dudley Dog, but Funaki rolled through and we have a new Cruiserweight
Champion. Yep.


Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion, Funaki

The Aftermath:

Funaki went and hugged all the announcers and Spike canít believe he has lost his Cruiserweight Title!


JBL was shown staring at his title backstage and he looked worried. Doug Basham came up to him and she is going to leave as the champ, and Danny agreed with him and shook his hand. Amy came up next and she said no matter what, she will still be his image consultant. Orlando came up and shook JBLís hand and he thanked Orlando for being with him since the beginning. Orlando told JBL that he has this one, and they hugged as JBL made his way towards the arena. He then looked at his belt, looked back at his cabinet and the continued walking the hall way.


WWE Championship Match
Referee: Brian Hebner

Eddie Guerrero vs. Booker T vs. The Undertaker vs. JBL (c)

The music of John Bradshaw Layfield hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the WWE Champion, and will he lose his title here tonight in the fatal four way match? JBL looked very worried as he made his way down the aisle. Booker T then made his entrance, followed by Eddie Guerrero and then the Undertaker.

The start:

JBL kissed the title before he handed it over to the referee and then retreated to the outside. Undertaker went to work on Booker and knocked him down with a big boot and then sent Eddie to the buckle and drove him into the corner and JBL had Booker pinned and the referee didnít see it. The Undertaker stalked the champion on the outside and JBL went inside and now he is surrounded by all three men. Each gave him a right hand and then they gave him uppercuts and Booker gave him a kick to the head.

Mid-match notes:

The Undertaker went to work on JBL in the corner while Booker and Eddie stood by and watched. The Undertaker knocked JBL down with an elbow and both Eddie and Booker broke it up and then double teamed the Undertaker in the corner. They then knocked him down with double back elbows. Booker held the Undertaker and Eddie hit a shot to the ribs. Taker tried to fight back but Eddie and Booker took him down again and JBL is hiding on the outside of the ring. Undertaker sent outside and Booker followed him out and went to work on him, sending him into the barricade. JBL attacked Eddie from behind in the ring and hit a vertical for two. Booker then came inside and held JBL for Eddie to hit a dropkick.

Booker and Eddie sent JBL to the ropes and clotheslined him down. Taker got on the apron but Booker gave him a thrust kick to knock him back down. Booker gave JBL a side slam and then Eddie hit a hilo, Eddie made the cover and Booker pulled him off. They then has a face off and JBL rolled up Booker but Eddie broke it up. The Undertaker came back inside and went to work on Booker and then whipped Bradshaw to the ropes and gave him a big side slam but Eddie broke the count. Taker threw Eddie to the outside and then Taker gave Booker a DDT but JBL broke it up. JBL then covered Eddie but Taker broke it up. The Undertaker sent JBL to the outside and followed him out and sent him into the ring steps. Eddie jumped on the Undertaker from behind with a sleeper while Booker kicked JBL on the outside. Eddie was taken down by the Dead Man but Booker scored with a kick to the chest but the Undertaker then sent Booker into the crowd.

Bradshaw raked the eyes of the Undertaker then sent him into the steps. Bradshaw went to send Undertaker onto the announce table, but the Undertaker gave him a back body drop. The Undertaker sent Eddie into the ring and Eddie backed off but was given some right hands in the corner. Taker sent Eddie to the ropes and gave him a big back body drop and made the cover but Eddie grabbed the ropes. Booker back inside but Taker elbowed him in the gut and Taker went to hit a big boot in the corner but Booker moved and Taker is down. JBL inside with a swinging neck breaker on Booker for two. JBL scored with some big right hands on Booker and made the cover but Eddie broke it up. Taker back up and he hits Eddie with a head butt.

The Undertaker choked Eddie on the middle ropes but Booker attacked from behind. Booker stomped away on Booker and then hit some right hands to the head. Booker charged at Taker but the Undertaker hit a spinebuster and then sent Eddie down again. The Undertaker grabbed the arm of Booker and went for old school but Eddie tried to break it up but was met with a big boot. The Undertaker then hit old school on Booker and then gave Eddie a right hand. Booker hit the STO on Booker and made the cover but Eddie broke it up. Eddie with some right hands in the corner on the Undertaker but Taker then tossed Eddie to the outside. The Undertaker staled Eddie and Eddie scampered away but Taker caught him and laid him on the ring apron and hit an elbow to the throat and then scored with the leg drop across the throat on the apron, but then JBL came out of nowhere with a clothesline to take the Dead Man down. JBL sent Booker into the steel steps and then put him inside and made the cover for two.

JBL took his wrist tape off and then choked away on Booker T in the middle of the ring. Eddie was shown on the outside and he has found a ladder from somewhere. Eddie then ran into the Undertaker with the Ladder and then put it in the ring but JBL knocked him off the apron. JBL knocked Booker down with a high elbow and then went to get his belt to use on Booker, but Booker knocked him down with a super kick, followed by Guerrero and the Undertaker. Booker then hit the Scissors Kick on Guerrero in the middle of the ring but Eddie kicked up! Booker went to the outside and gave JBL some shots but JBL fought back sending Booker into the steps and then powerbombed Booker onto the announce table, and then gave him an elbow drop on it to break the table!

Taker takes control over JBL and he takes the other announce table apart and then gave JBL the Last Ride through the table! Everyone is down except for the Undertaker and Guerrero. Guerrero is acting dead in the ring and Taker looks in there and makes his way into the ring. Taker picks up the WWE Championship and throws it down and then picks up Eddie and goes for the Tombstone but Eddie escaped and then the Undertaker caught him with the Chokeslam and Eddieís plan didnít work! The Undertaker then went for the Last Ride but Eddie has a hold of the Championship belt and hits the Undertaker in the head with it as he is up in position for the Last Ride. Eddie then ran up top and hit the Frog Splash and then went up and hit another one but the Undertaker kicked out!

Taker sat right up and stared at Eddie and Eddie scored with a low blow on the Taker and then brought the ladder into the ring and sent it right into the head of the Undertaker! Eddie set the Ladder up in the corner and climbed up it and came off with the Frog Splash on the Undertaker! Eddie looks to have hurt his knee but he rolls into a cover but JBL pulled the referee out of the ring! Eddie screamed at the referee and then picked up the ladder and drove it into the head of the Undertaker, sending him outside. Eddie set the ladder up in the corner and JBL came inside but ran right into the ladder. Eddie then gave JBL the Three Amigos and covered but Booker came in to break the count!

Booker stomped Eddie to the outside and went for the Scissors Kick on JBL and scored with it and made the cover but the Undertaker broke the fall! The Undertaker pulled Eddie back inside the ring and gave him a series of head butts. The Undertaker sent Eddie into the corner and gave him snake eyes and knocked him down with a big boot, followed by a leg drop but Booker pulled the Undertaker off the cover! The Undertaker grabbed Booker and gave him a Chokeslam, followed by Eddie. The Undertaker then gave JBL a Chokeslam too, and all three men are down, except the Undertaker. The Undertaker signaled for the end and picked up JBL in position for the Tombstone but Heidenreich came out of nowhere and went to work on the Undertaker and took him down.

The finish:

Heidenreich gave the Undertaker a huge spinning side slam and he has destroyed the Undertaker! JBL then crawled over to Booker T who had been given a Chokeslam earlier and made the cover but he kicked out! JBL then covered Eddie but Eddie kicked out as well! He then crawled to the Undertaker but the Undertaker sat up and then Heidenreich grabbed him and pulled him to the outside and locked him in a full nelson and then JBL scored with the Clothesline From Hell on Booker T and made the cover and JBL has retained his WWE Championship!


Winner, and still WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield

The Aftermath:

All three losing men were shown and they canít believe that JBL retained his title. The Undertaker looks pissed off, and you have to believe that he will be going after Heidenreich at the first possible opportunity!

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