TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs2012

Barclays Center
Brooklyn, New York City, New York
December 16, 2012

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* Naomi won the Divas Battle Royal during the YouTube pre-show to become the new #1 contender for the WWE Divas Championship.

We go live and Lilian Garcia asks everyone to stand in the arena in Brooklyn, New York. They toll the bell 26 times to pay tribute to the lives lost in Newton, Connecticut.

#1 Contendership for the WWE Tag Team Championships - Tables Match
Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

The bell rings and here we go. Rey Mysterio goes after Damien Sandow and Sin Cara goes after Cody Rhodes. No tags in this match tonight. Rhodes is dumped out followed by Sandow. Double baseball slide from Mysterio and Sin Cara to Sandow. Mysterio and Sin Cara grab a table and toss it in the ring. Another double team shot to Sandow with dropkicks to the knees and then they launch the table at Sandow's head. Mysterio tosses Sandow over the table, Sin Cara goes up top and Rhodes cuts them off. Mysterio is launched out by Rhodes. Sandow and Rhodes with kicks to Sin Cara in the corner. Sin Cara counters a double suplex, dumps Sandow out and Rhodes cuts him off. Sin Cara with a big springboard arm drag to Rhodes. Rhodes with his springboard kick to the face on Sin Cara. They brawl on the outside. Sandow and Rhodes lock Sin Cara's leg inside the steel ring steps and then launch a table into it with force. Loud "CODY'S MUSTACHE" chant in Brooklyn. Sin Cara with some big rights to Sandow, a huricanrana and then a big splash over the top rope.

Mysterio with a drop toe hold sending Rhodes into the ropes. Mysterio with 619 to Rhodes. Mysterio tosses Rhodes up on a table that was setup near the corner inside the ring. Mysterio goes up top, but Sandow cuts him off and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Sandow then launches the table into the face of Mysterio. Sin Cara with a kick to the head of Sandow. Sin Cara tosses Rhodes to the ring apron and catches him with a kick to the face. Sin Cara with a kick to Sandow's face as well from the ring apron. Sin Cara attempts a springboard, but Rhodes pops up and pushes Sin Cara back in mid air. Sin Cara goes flying back and crashes through the table.

Winners and the new #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody Rhodes assists a big cartwheel from Damien Sandow to celebrate. We see highlights from the match leading to the finish.

We see a new message from The Shield sending a message to Ryback.

WWE United States Championship
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. R-Truth

R-Truth with some quick shots sending Antonio Cesaro to the corner and mocking him. Cesaro responds with a few right hands, headlock and shoulder block. Truth with a quick rollup for a two count. Truth with another close rollup. Truth with a headlock takedown to ground Cesaro. Cesaro fights out with a big back suplex. Cesaro with a key lock applied on Truth. Cesaro keeps it locked in for a long time keeping Truth grounded. Truth starts hulking up after Cesaro sends him to the corner repeatedly. Truth with a big spinning splash off the ropes. Truth connects with an Axe Kick, hooks the leg and Cesaro kicks out. Truth catches Cesaro with a kick to the jaw. Cesaro with a reverse uppercut to Truth in the corner. Cesaro grabs Truth and connects with the Neutralizer. Cesaro covers Truth and gets the win.

Winner and still WWE United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro

After the match, we see highlights leading to the finish. Back live, Matt Striker is in the ring with Antonio Cesaro. He wants Cesaro's response to the negative reaction he is getting tonight. Cesaro says unlike America, he is a dominate super power and calls himself the greatest U.S. Champion in history. He says by booing him you are booing your own country. Cesaro says that is appropriate since they have no respect for their own citizens. He drops the mic and holds up his title.

A promo runs for WWE Week on the USA Network starting this Monday.

We see a sneak preview of the upcoming Tribute to the Troops.

Backstage, Josh Mathews is with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler says his match with John Cena doesn't make sense tonight. He points out that if Cena wins, he gets his briefcase - a briefcase he already lost earlier this year. Ziggler points out that if he wins, he gets to keep the same briefcase he earned already. He suggests that Cena put his career on the line tonight to make things fair.

Miz TV with special guests 3MB
The Miz makes his way out to the ring. He introduces his "trainwreck" guests 3MB (Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal). Slater asks where he gets off calling them a trainwreck. Miz asks why they call themselves an actual band. McIntyre insults Jay Z. Slater promises a live performance from 3MB tomorrow night on Raw. Miz thanks him for letting everyone know when they can take a bathroom break during Raw. 3MB start to insult the Spanish announce team. Slater says in this country "we speak American." They go after one of the announcers when Ricardo Rodriguez runs down to try and reason with them. They start to go after Ricardo when Alberto Del Rio runs out. Del Rio starts attacking 3MB. They eventually start to get the better of Del Rio. 3MB tosses Del Rio in the ring. Miz goes after Slater with left hands. He knocks Slater out and clotheslines Mahal out of the ring. Del Rio kicks McIntyre and then clotheslines him out. Slater proposes they find a partner to have a six man tag team match tonight. Miz says that isn't a problem. A loud "WE WANT RYDER" chant starts up. He says the beating they will receive will be awesome.

A promo runs for the 2013 WWE Royal Rumble PPV promoting the return of The Rock.

Backstage, we see Kane as Daniel Bryan walks up. Bryan said he tried talking to Ryback and all he got out of him was "feed me more." Bryan said he can't stand people that repeat themselves. Kane promises to feed The Shield to Ryback tonight. Bryan ends with YES!

Backstage, Matt Striker is with Wade Barrett. Barrett is very confident against Kofi Kingston tonight.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Wade Barrett

The bell rings and Wade Barrett quickly goes after Kofi Kingston with a big scoop slam. Barrett with a quick snapmare from the corner. Barrett with a headlock to keep Kingston grounded. Kingston with a quick dropkick. Kingston with a big suicide dive to Barrett on the outside. Back in the ring, Barrett with a quick kick to the gut of Kingston. Barrett with a big pump handle slam. Barrett then bounces Kingston off the top rope and follows with a backbreaker. Barrett with a quick elbow drop over Kingston from the second rope. Kingston with a quick russian leg sweep. Kingston with repeated dropkicks and follows with a flying forearm. Kingston connects with a Boom Drop over Barrett. Kingston with an S.O.S. and Barrett kicks out. Barrett with a full nelson slam, hooks the leg and Kingston kicks out. Barrett rolls through a Kingston cross body for a two count. Barrett with a side slam. Kingston catches Barrett with Trouble in Paradise. Kingston hooks the leg and gets the win.

Winner and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston

After the match, Kofi Kingston celebrates in the ring.

A promo runs for the new and improved WWE app.

Back live, Justin Roberts introduces the WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman. They are in a luxury box inside the arena. Punk says everyone wants a status update on his knee. Heyman says, "forgetta 'bout it!" He talks about how hard it was to leave his hometown of Chicago to come to the "slums of Staten Island" in Brooklyn. Punk says the fans cheered on Ryback when he hurt him. He gets it because just like Ryback, the fans have never been champions and they are dumb like Ryback. Punk says Ryback is lucky he can't compete tonight and calls himself the most dangerous man in WWE - especially in TLC matches. He says Ryback is beatable and says The Shield will prove that tonight - people he isn't affiliated with by the way. Punk says no one will take his title. He says he started 2012 as WWE Champion and he will end it.

Six Man Tag Team - TLC Match
Ryback and WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns)

The bell rings and here we go. kane goes after Roman Reigns. Daniel Bryan goes after Seth Rollins. Ryback goes after Dean Ambrose. Ambrose with shots to Ryback in the corner. Ambrose with big chops to Ryback. Ambrose with kicks to Ryback. Ryback with a Lou Thesz press to Ambrose and throws him down on the mat. Loud "GOLDBERG" chant in Brooklyn. The Shield triple teams Ryback in the ring. Ryback fights off all three sending Rollins out. Ambrose dropkicks Ryback off the ring apron. Shield grabs a ladder. Reigns throws Bryan face first into the ladder. Ryback kicks over the ladder sending Ambrose and Rollins down. Ryback drops the ladder over them repeatedly. Kane is back in going after Reigns. Bryan with kicks to Reigns in the corner. Kane and Bryan send Reigns into a ladder in the corner. Kane sends Bryan into Reigns connecting with a dropkick. Kane grabs a steel chair. Ambrose is using a chair on Bryan on the outside. Kane puts Rollins inside a ladder and starts cracking a chair over the ladder. Ambrose with a DDT to Kane over a chair.

Ryback with shoulder block shots to Rollins in the corner. Ambrose goes on the attack holding back Ryback so Rollins can send a ladder into his gut. Ryback is sent face first into the ladder and then Ambrose dumps the ladder over Ryback's chest. Ryback drops Ambrose with a clothesline. Ryback does the same to Rollins. Ryback sends Ambrose into Rollins int he corner. Ryback splashes Ambrose and Rollins over the ladder in the corner. Ryback with a double suplex to Rollins and Ambrose over a ladder. Reigns in to break up a Shell Shocked attempt by Ryback. Reigns drops a ladder over Ryback. Reigns starts clearing off the Spanish announce table. Ambrose and Rollins put Ryback on Reigns' shoulders. Reigns powerbombs Ryback through the Spanish announce table. Bryan with a suicide dive to all three members of The Sheild. Shield recovers and go after Bryan. Kane is now getting involved in the brawl. In the ring, Bryan cracks a chair over the back of Rollins. Ambrose then throws Bryan face first into a chair on the mat. Ambrose suplexes Bryan over a chair.

Rollins cracks a chair over the back of Bryan. They continue beating down Bryan as Reigns keeps Kane grounded on the outside. Ambrose and Rollins put a chair up over the corner balancing over the ropes. They send Bryan chin first into the table. Ambrose, Rollins and Bryan are standing on top of the table balancing over the ropes. Ambrose and Rollins with a double suplerplex on Bryan! Kane breaks up the pinfall. Kane dumps Reigns to the outside. Ambrose and Rollins take out Kane and then put him on top of the table. Kane pushes Rollins to the floor. Kane leaps off the table and takes out Ambrose with a flying clothesline. Kane with a clothesline and side slam combo on Ambrose. Reigns breaks up the pinfall attempt. Kane chokeslams Ambrose over a setup chair! Reigns breaks up the pinfall. Kane clotheslines Reigns over the top rope and then sends him into the steel ring post. Ambrose then chop blocks Kane and Reigns spears Kane through the timekeepers area! They start to cover Kane with part of the announce table and the walls in the timekeepers area.

In the ring, Bryan has the No Lock applied on Ambrose. He then breaks it and locks it on Rollins. He then breaks it and locks it on Reigns. Ambrose breaks it up with a kick and right hands. Reigns sets up a chair near Bryan. Bryan with kicks to Ambrose and Rollins. Ambrose with a knee to Bryan and Rollins drops Bryan's head off the chair. Ryback breaks the pinfall. Ryback with a back body drop to Rollins. Ryback kicks Reigns. Ryback with a running powerslam to Rollins. Ryback press slams Rollins over the top rope to Ambrose on the outside. Ryback with a spinebuster to Reigns. Ryback grabs a chair, tosses it on the mat and Ambrose is in attacking Ryback. Ryback with a big tackle to Ambrose. Ryback with a huge clothesline to Ambrose. Ryback with the Shell Shocked to Ambrose. Ryback hooks the leg and Reigns and Rollins break it up. Ryback tosses Rollins out and goes after him again on the outside. Ryback fights off Reigns with kicks. Rollins with a chair to the back of Ryback. Ryback charges at Reigns as they both crash through a series of ladders and chairs.

Another chair to the back of Ryback. Reigns with another shot. Ambrose with a shot. Rollins tosses a ladder over Ryback. Rollins cracks a chair over the ladder. Ambrose picks up Ryback and they put him over a table at the top of the entrance area. Ambrose and Reigns are holding Ryback down over the table. Rollins is now climbing up a huge ladder nearby. They walk away and Ryback recovers. Rollins sees Ryback is up and starts climbing up the ladder. Ryback is climbing up behind him. Ryback grabs Rollins and dumps him off the ladder. Rollins crashes into a series of tables nearby. In the ring, Ambrose and Reigns are going after Bryan. Ambrose puts Bryan on the shoulders of Reigns and Reigns powerbombs Bryan through a table. Reigns covers Bryan and gets the win. Ryback is too late.

Winners: The Shield

After the match, we see Ryback hitting the ring too late. The Shield head up the ramp taunting at Ryback. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. They show a few replays of the nasty bump that Seth Rollins took crashing through tables off a large ladder.

WWE Divas Championship
Eve Torres (c) vs. Naomi

Naomi with a few shots to Eve early on and Eve bails. Eve jumps back in and applies a lock on the left arm of Naomi. Eve with her twisting neckbreaker and hooks the leg. Eve gets the win.

Winner and still WWE Divas Champion: Eve Torres

After the match, Eve poses for the cameras at ringside with her title.

Backstage, Matt Striker is with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show. Big Show said the smartest thing Sheamus could have done was to break the no contact clause so he didn't get a chance to knock him out tonight. He said if he can do that with his bare hands then just imagine what he can do holding a steel chair.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Chairs Match
Big Show (c) vs. Sheamus

The bell rings and Sheamus goes after Big Show right away. Sheamus with big right hands to Big Show in the corner. Big Show pushes him off and Sheamus with a dropkick to the knee of Big Show. Sheamus with big forearm shots to the chest and then a spear to the knee of Big Show taking him off his feet again. Sheamus grabs a chair and Big Show quickly tosses it out of the ring. Sheamus with right hands. Big Show bails, Sheamus chases with a chair in hand and Big Show kicks it in the face of Sheamus. Big Show with a big chop to Sheamus. Back in the ring, Sheamus with more kicks and rights. Big Show levels Sheamus with a big clothesline. Big Show with a headbutt and then walks over the body of Sheamus. On the outside, Sheamus with a high knee to Big Show. Back in the ring, Sheamus has a chair, hits Big Show in the gut with it and then repeated shots to the back. Sheamus with a shot to the chest of Big Show using the chair and then follows with a big scoop slam! Sheamus up top with a chair and shoulder blocks Big Show.

Sheamus goes back up top attempting this a second time and Big Show catches Sheamus with a spear. On the outside, Big Show grabs a chair and starts cracking it over the back of Sheamus repeatedly. Back in the ring, Big Show with a splash to Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus with high knees to Big Show, hits the ropes and Big Show catches him with a quick chokeslam. Big Show hooks the leg and Sheamus kicks out. Big Show cracks a chair over the back of Sheamus, drops it over Sheamus' chest, goes up to the second rope and splashes Sheamus over the chair. Sheamus kicks out during a pinfall attempt. Big Show sets up two chairs facing each other. Big Show goes for a chokeslam, but Sheamus counters into White Noise dead lifting him up and dropping him over the two chairs! Big Show somehow kicks out during a pinfall attempt. Sheamus starts slapping his chest calling for the Brogue Kick. Sheamus misses, gets his leg wrapped up on the top rope and Big Show connects with a knockout punch. Big Show covers and Sheamus kicks out!

Big Show pulls a huge steel chair out from under the ring. It is double the size of a normal chair. Big Show cracks it over the back of Sheamus. Big Show hooks the leg of Sheamus and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Big Show

Backstage, we see John Cena warming up and AJ Lee walks up with a Cena t-shirt on. AJ apologizes for everything that happened last week on Raw.

3MB vs. The Miz, Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez and Brooklyn Brawler

Alberto Del Rio goes after Heath Slater in the corner. Quick tag to Brooklyn Brawler who drops Slater. Slater eventually gets in a superkick that drops Brawler. Tag to Drew McIntyre who sends Brawler to the corner. McIntyre with a quick suplex to the Brawler. Tag to Slater who kicks Brawler in the ribs. Slater misses a knee from the second rope. Tag to Miz who clotheslines Jinder Mahal who also got the tag. Miz with left hands to Mahal in the corner. Miz with his corner clothesline to Mahal. Miz knocks Slater off the ring apron and connects with a DDT to Mahal. McIntyre breaks it up. Del Rio with a backcracker to McIntyre. Del Rio with a suicide dive to McIntyre. Ricardo pulls Slater out of the ring. Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale to Mahal. Tag to Brawler who applies the Brooklyn Crab. Mahal taps out.

Winners: The Miz, Alberto Del Rio and Brooklyn Brawler

Another promo for the 2013 Royal Rumble airs featuring The Rock airs.

A video package runs hyping John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Ladder Match
Dolph Ziggler's "Money in the Bank" briefcase is on the line
John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler

John Cena with a quick shoulder block that drops Dolph Ziggler right away. Ziggler with a headlock, hits the ropes, holds on and then struts. Big support for Ziggler in Brooklyn. Cena with a hip toss and then headlock takedown. Cena with a series of counters and quick suplex. Cena with an ugly looking monkey flip on Ziggler from the corner. Cena then quickly tosses Ziggler out of the ring. Ziggler grabs a steel chair and props it in the corner. Cena then quickly drops Ziggler on his face. Cena grabs a ladder and Ziggler hits a baseball slide to send Cena back flying. Cena has a cut near his eye. Cena picks up the top part of the steel ring steps and rams it in the face of Ziggler. Back in the ring, Cena sets up a table. Ziggler jumps in to drop Cena. Ziggler sets up a ladder under the briefcase and starts climbing. Cena pulls him off. Cena and Ziggler exchange shots. Ziggler jumps on the back of Cena applying a sleeper. Cena is climbing the ladder with Ziggler on his back applying the sleeper. Cena gets near the top and falls back crashing through the table nearby.

Ziggler took a brunt of the fall through the table, but is the first to recover. Ziggler places the ladder under the briefcase and starts climbing. Cena is back up, closes the ladder with Ziggler still on it, turns it over, presses it and then Ziggler gets off the top of it. Cena with repeated shoulder blocks and his twisting powerbomb. Tons of heat for Cena in Brooklyn. Ziggler with a kick to the face and Fameasser when Cena attempts a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena with a rollup, Ziggler fights out and then Cena gets the STF locked in. Ziggler grabs the bottom rope. Ziggler starts tapping, but it doesn't matter. Cena has a ladder and Ziggler hits a shoulder block to break it up. Ziggler with a Zig Zag on Cena. Ziggler then grabs another table and props it up in the corner. Cena with another twisting powerbomb to Ziggler and connects with Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena has Ziggler up, Ziggler counters and connects with a big DDT on Cena. Ziggler leaves the ring and grabs a tall ladder. Ziggler tosses the big ladder in the ring as we see a shot of Cena still down near the corner.

Ziggler has the big ladder set up, climbs and Cena is climbing up on the other side. Ziggler and Cena exchanging right hands near the top of the ladder. Cena with headbutts to Ziggler. Ziggler falls off the ladder. Cena is now alone near the top of the ladder. He starts reaching when Ziggler climbs up behind him. Ziggler with big elbows to the back of the neck of Cena. They come off the ladder and Cena sends Ziggler to the corner. Ziggler launches Cena into the ladder and it falls over. Cena with a jumping huricanrana to Ziggler that sends him through the table in the corner. Ziggler with a dropkick to Cena when Cena picked up the ladder. Cena props Ziggler up on the corner. Ziggler with rights to the ribs of Cena. Ziggler comes off the top, Cena rolls through, attempts an AA, Ziggler grabs the chair from the corner and starts hitting Cena with it over the back to break it up. Ziggler clears the ring of the broken tables and ladder. Cena with an AA to Ziggler. Ziggler rolls out. Vickie Guerrero is now at ringside. Vickie has a steel chair as she enters the ring.

AJ Lee runs down and clotheslines Vickie. AJ with another clothesline to Vickie. AJ with a back suplex to Vickie. AJ hits the ropes and connects with Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena is recovered and sees Vickie rolling out. AJ is now skipping around the ring as Cena sets up the ladder under the briefcase. Cena starts climbing up the ladder when AJ pushes the ladder over! The crowd in Brooklyn goes nuts! Ziggler sets the ladder back up, climbs and gets his briefcase.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

After the match, Dolph Ziggler celebrates with his briefcase at the top of the ladder. We see highlights of the match leading to the finish. Back live, Ziggler is slapping his briefcase at the top of the entrance area. The PPV goes off the air with an upset Cena looking on from the ring.


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