London, England
December 6, 1998

Steve Austin vs Kane vs Undertaker vs Mankind
Fatal Four Way--Special Referee: Gerald Brisco

Brisco didn't count the pin for Austin several times, so he knocked him out. Earl Hebner came out and gave the pin to Austin after he stunned Kane

The Rock (WWF Champion) vs X-Pac (European Champion)

Triple H and Chyna came in and attacked the Rock, which got a disqualification

Triple H vs Jeff Jarrett

Debora came in to distract Triple H. Jarrett got a chair, but Chyna stopped him from using it. Triple H gave Jarrett a Pedigree for the win

New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Champs) vs D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry

Billy Gunn piledrove D'Lo Brown to get the win

Ken Shamrock (Intercontinental Champion) vs Steve Blackman

The Boss Man hit Blackman with his nightstick, and Shamrock got him to submit to the Ankle Lock Submission Hold

Christian and Sable vs Marc Mero and Jacqueline

Sable pinned Jacki after a TKO. Then Jacki hit the ref. He got her on his shoulder and Sable tore off Jacki's shirt!

Tiger Ali Singh with Babu vs Edge

Singh won the match with his feet on the rope

Val Venis vs Goldust

Goldust almost Shattered Dreams kicked him, but Venis managed to pin him, then Goldust kicked him

LOD 2000 vs The Headbangers

Droz pushed Animal, which let the Headbangers roll him up for the pin

Gangrel vs Al Snow with Head

Edge came in and attacked Al Snow, then Gangrel pinned Snow