London, England
May 06, 2000

Too Cool vs Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko

Scotty Too Hotty with the double worm on Malenko and Saturn. Saturn accidently hits Malenko and Grandmaster Sexy gets the pin. After the match Saturn and Malenko fight it out until referees split them up.

Next Vince Mcmahon comes out and starts to slag off London and its fumes. He guarantees a new champion will be crowned tonight and it will be a Mcmahon family member.

Bull Buchanan vs Kane with Paul Bearer

Kane's return to the ring sees him ease past Bull for the win with a chokeslam.

Bradshaw with Faarooq vs Road Dogg with Tori

Farooq sits down to do commentry, but then he hits Road Dogg, referee sees him and ejects him to the back. Bradshaw hits Dogg with the Clothesline from Hell. Tori stands on the apron, Bradshaw goes over but then Road Dogg hits Bradshaw with the pump handle slam for the win.

The Kat vs Terri
Arm Wrestling Challenge

Terri refuses to start 3 times before taking her shorts off to reveal a thong-like bikini. Moolah throws water on the Kat, then Terri unzips Kat's bra, and the Kat is topless, the camera turns away and the King puts his hands over the Kat's puppies.

Rikishi and Showkishi vs Dudley Boyz

Double stinkface on the Dudleys, Edge and Christian interfere and Edge with the spear on Buh Buh Ray wins the match for Rikishi and Showkishi with a chokeslam by Show. Too Cool come out to dance. The Dudleys want to dance. Rikishi, Showkishi, Too Cool and the Dudleys get on down to some serious dancing. Buh Buh Ray comes up to Rikishi and it looks as if they will fight, but then Buh Buh Ray just erupts into a mad dance, to the crowds delight.

Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit

Angle is cheered until he makes bad comments about the English children and stating that if it wasn't for the Americans, Britain would have lost the second World War. Crash Holly comes out for commentry and states that he wants to fight an Englishman, but he can't find anybody up to the task. Angle gets the win. Right after the match, the Bulldog makes his return and fights with Crash Holly. He wins and is the New Hardcore Champion.

Edge and Christian vs Hardy Boys

Jeff Hardy, with the Swinton bomb, looks to have won the match, but then Edge hits Matt Hardy with the bell. Hardys win by disqualification. Then then Dudleys come out and Buh Buh Ray bombs Edge through a table, and 3Ds him.

Chris Jericho (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs Eddie Guerero (WWF European Champion)
For the WWF European Champion

Jericho comes out and says that he wishes that Guerero would 'Bloody well piss off'! Guerero with the belt to face wins the match.

The Rock (WWF Heavyweight Champion) vs Triple H vs Shane Mcmahon

Referee is knocked out. Out comes Gerald Brisco. Triple H hits Rock with the Pedegree 1..2..... no 3, Rock kicks out. Triple H hits Brisco, Triple H Pedegrees The Rock again, out comes Earl Hebner . Rock Bottom on Vince, Rock bottom on Shane, People's Elbow on Shane, 1...2.........3 The Rock is still the champion in London, England.