London, England
May 4, 2002

Mr. Perfect vs. Goldust
This was quite a solid match with lots of lots of heat for both guys. Mr Perfect picked up the win with the perfect plex.


Eddy Guerrero vs. Rob Van Dam
This was unquestionably the match of the evening. Both RVD and Guerrero were on top form. Rob Van Dam one by DQ when Guerrero knocked over the ref.



Bradshaw vs. X-Pac
As expected, this was the weakest match of the evening. I couldn't help but feel I was watching WWF Heat during the match. The crowd was pretty much dead throughout. X-Pac did the X Factor and got the win.



The Hardy Boyz vs. Brock Lesnar & Shawn Stasiak
This one started off with a promo by Paul Heyman. He told Stasiak to stay out of the match and let Brock do all the work. During the match, the hardys teamed up on Brock, knocking him out of the ring. Stasiak entered, and soon got pinned. Brock entered the ring and power bombed all three competitors.



Spike Dudley vs. William Regal
William Regal got lots of heat in this match. Spike faked a leg injury and was carried out. Regal attacked him, and dragged him back to the win. While distracted, Spike rolled him up for the pin.



Trish & Jackie vs. Molly & Jazz
Trish pinned Jazz for the win.



Steve Austin vs. Big Show
Before the match kicked off, Ric Flair came out stating that he'll be the second referee for the match. The match went at a slow pace, but picked up on the arrival of Kevin Nash, who was the recipient of a stunner. Austin stunned Show for the win. The crowd kept chanting 'you fat bastard' throughout to the Big Show.



Triple H vs. Undertaker
Both Triple H and the Undertaker came out to huge pops. During the match the top rope came loose, so they couldn't use them as much. HHH hit undertaker with the pedigree. After the show, HHH posed for 5 minutes. When he was walking up the ramp, a lady got onto the ramp and ran at him. Triple HH grabbed her and pushed her out the back to some security. The fink thanked everyone for coming. End show.