London, England

May 16, 1999

Gillberg vs Tiger Ali Singh

Tiger Ali Singh wins with a neckbreaker

The Brood vs Acolytes and Viscera

Midian comes down and DDT's Christain outside the ring and he gets pinned for a loss.

Steve Blackman vs Droz

Blackman won with a submission hold.

Kane vs Midian

During the match, the rest of the Corporate Ministry came out and attacked. X-Pac came out and saved Kane

Sable with Nicole Bass vs Tori

Sable said that she had a cold, so Nicole Bass took her place. Nicole chokeslammed Tori and got the win

Shane McMahon (European Champion) vs X-Pac

Everyone from the Corporate Ministry came down and Shane managed to pin X-Pac

Mankind vs Billy Gunn

Gunn did the Fame-Ass-Er on Mankind on a chair to win

Steve Austin vs Undertaker vs Triple H

The Match became no Disqualification. During the match, Shane and the Corporate Ministry came in and attacked Steve Austin.