Birmingham, England
October 2, 1999

Jeff Jarrett (WWF Intercontinental Champion) with Miss Kitty vs D'Lo Brown (WWF European Champion)
Intercontinental Title Match

Befoe the match, Jarrett brought in a vacuum cleaner and got a women from the audience to vacuum the ring for 1000 pounds sterling. As she was vacuuming, he put her in the Figure Four Leg Lock. During the match Jeff tried to leave early, but D'Lo brought him back. As Miss Kitty distracted the referee, Jeff hit D'Lo with the vacuum and got the pin to retain the title.

The Godfather vs Gangrel

The Godfather won with the Pimp Drop. Afterwards the Godfather's women danced with the referee.

Val Venis vs Mark Henry

After Val knocked Henry over, he did the Money Shot and got the pin.

Ivory (WWF Women's Champion) vs Luna vs Tory vs Jacqueline

During the match, they did a four way sleeper, but they all sat down. Ivory knocked Jacqueline out with her belt and pinned her to retain the title.

The Road Dogg vs Chris Jericho with Curtis Hughes

The match started in the crowd but came to the ring. The referee was accidentally knocked out, so Curtis hit the Road Dogg with a chair. After that The Road Dogg broke out of the Walls of Jericho. After, he knocked Hughes into Jericho and did a low blow on Jericho and got the pin.

Chyna vs Jeff Jarrett with Miss Kitty

The match was going along fine until the British Bulldog came in and attacked Chyna, giving her a win by disqualification. He then Powerslammed her and Jeff put the Figure Four Leglock on her.

The Big Show vs Kane
No Disqualifcation Match

The Big Show had Kane in a Boston Crab. The Big Show took a chair and went to go hit Kane, but he got the ropes and it bounced back on him. Kane then slammed the Big Show for the pin.

X-Pac vs The British Bulldog

X-Pac got the Bronco Buster on The Bulldog, but the Bulldog wasn't down. He Gorilla Slammed X-Pac, and did the Running Powerslam for the pin.

Edge and Christian vs The Hollys vs The Acolytes
Elimination Number One Contenders Match

Crash and Hardcore were eliminated after Bradshaw pinned Crash after a Clothesline from Hell
As Bradshaw went for a Suplex on Edge, he turned it into a Tornado DDT and he got the pin on Bradshaw.

Triple H vs The Rock
Steel Cage Match

During the match, the British Bulldog, Shane McMahon, Chyna, Pat Patterson, and Gerry Briscoe came out and some of them entered the cage. As Triple H climed the cage, the Bulldog held in The Rock to allow Triple H to win and retain his title.