Sheffield, England
December 2, 2000


T & A vs Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz
Dudleyís attack T & A and then pick the table up and hold it between them, Albert charges at them with the big boot, he kicks the table and it snaps in half. Crowd goes silent. JR and Tazz say that it doesnít count and that you have got to be put through a table to be eliminated.  Albert sits Bubba on the top turnbuckle as if going for a superplex, there is a table underneath him, Edge and Christian grab Albert and double powerbomb him through the table.  Edge and Christian double-team Dívon during which Edge tells Dívon to get the table. They both go outside and collect a table, they rest it on the edge of ring and Dívon baseball slides it into their faces.  Dívon blind tags Bubba ref doesnít see it and doesnít allow it.  Edge & Christian attempt a Whassup head butt on Bubba, Bubba rolls over Christian and Dívon pushes Edge off the tope rope and into Christianís never regions.  The Dudleyís then hit the proper Whassup head butt, Bubba yells for a table, the table is set-up and the 3D is called, Christian runs into Edge stopping it, so the Dudleyís pick him up and 3D him through the table.

Ivory (WWF Women's Champion) vs Lita
Ivory comes to the ring accompanied by Steven Richards. Richards says that the RTC has accomplished much in the USA so they have decided to expand to the UK, and especially to the city where the ďFull Monty was filmedĒ. Sayís itís wrong to have a pub on every corner, he also calls the monarchy unacceptable.  Ivory says that she has been trying to teach Lita a lesson, tells Lita to make the change and not to force Ivoryís hand again.  Lita runs to the ring and hits a spear.  Richardsís climbs up onto the apron, Lita drives his neck onto the top rope.  Lita hits a head scissors and the Twist of Fate, doesnít cover Ivory, instead she dives through the ring ropes onto Richards. Climbs back up onto the apron and sunset flips Ivory from over the ropes, Ivory wonít go over however and lands on Lita, Richardís grabs hold of Ivoryís arms and hold her down to get the pin fall.

Perry Saturn vs Steve Blackman
Both men show good technical wrestling skills and mix the use of weapons well. The main point in particular is when Saturn throws Blackman over the top rope. Blackman holds on and start to flip himself back up into the ring, only for Saturn to hit him on the head with a metal shelf.  Steve Blackman gets the win.

William Regal (WWF European Champion) vs Crash Holly with Molly Holly
Crash comes down to the ring accompanied by Molly, their music cuts out as the are halfway down the ramp, only starts back up again as they get in the ring.  Regal heads down to the ring, and those cheers have now turned to boo's.  Regal back on the mike, sayís he should have had a bigger pop than the Rock and Stone Cold, apparently he represents each and every single member of the crowd, crowd starts ďRegal SucksĒ chant.  Good match, ends when Regal drops Crash face first from the ring corner and pins him, however Crash has his feet on the rope and Molly informs the ref of this who then orderís the match to continue. Molly climbs to the top rope and hits a nice missile dropkick on Regal, Crash covers and gets the fall. Regal beats up both Molly and Crash and leaves with the belt.

Chyna & Billy Gunn vs Eddie Guerrero & Dean Malenko
Chyna comes to the ring wearing a top that has a Union Jack emblazoned on to it.  Chyna & Billy Gunn Irish Whip Malenko and Guerrero together from opposite corners, they then proceed to military press slam them.  Billy Gunn hits his new finisher for the win. Ok match with some nice spots

Kane vs Chris Jericho
Kane wins when Jericho attempts a Lionsault; Kane lifts his knees and then pick Jericho up and chokeslams him.  As Kane is walking up the ring way, Jericho whacks him with a steel chair and then puts the Walls of Jericho on Kane. Officials separate them and Jericho milks the crowd from the platform.

The Hardy Boyz  vs Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather (WWF Tag Team Champions) with Val Venis
Match finishes when Matt Hardy hits the Twist of Fate and Jeff then follows up with the Swanton bomb. Bull distracts the ref from his teamís corner and Val Venis climbs to the top and hits the money show on Jeff, Goodfather rolls him over and the RTC get the pinfall.  Jeff Hardy looks to have hurt his arm or ribs during the match.

Chris Benoit vs The Undertaker
Backstage the Undertaker is seen limbering up when he runs into Benoit, the Radicals then jump him from behind. Benoit dumps a metal trashcan / fire extinguisher onto the Undertakerís left knee.  Benoit comes to the ring. The Music plays for the Undertaker, but he doesnít show. Benoit grabs the mike and says that he should win the match by forfeit. The Undertakerís music plays again and he doesnít show. Ref tells announcer to announce Benoit as winner, just as he starts Takerís music starts and he comes down limping heavily.  This is a great match with lots of too and forth action. Undertaker works on Benoitís back while Benoit works on Undertakerís leg.  Match ends when Benoit hits a diving head butt onto Undertakerís knee. He gets up and walks around the Undertaker who then rolls him up into a small package for the pinfall. This was a very good match; I hope that a match similar to this gets put together on an American PPV.

The Rock vs Steve Austin  vs Rikishi  vs Kurt Angle (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
Austin is the last to come to the ring, he gets the biggest pop of the night, there is no shadow of a doubt, once he gets into the ring, the Rock and Austin start to beat down on Rikishi and Angle respectively.   Rikishi and the Rock head outside, Austin hits a spine buster on Angle, and there is a near fall. He follows it up with a suplex; again Austin gets a near fall. Austin then goes at it with Rikishi outside.  The Rock comes into the ring and hits a Samoan drop on Angle, near fall. He then throws Angle outside and Austin and Rikishi come into the ring. Austin and the Rock start to double team on Rikishi, during which Angle starts walking up the ramp way and out of the arena with the belt only to be chased down by the Rock.   Austin hits the Lou Thesz press on Rikishi and gets a near fall. The Rock brings Angle back to the ring and Austin hits another press, this time on Angle. Angle and Austin head outside leaving the Rock and Rikishi in the middle of ring.   Rikishi whips Rock in to the corner, and then follows it up with the butt splash. He then goes for the stink face, just as heís about to rub his cheeks into the Rockís face, the Rock low blows Rikishi and then follows it up with a spine buster. The Rock hits the people elbow, covers Rikishi only for Angle to stop the count.  With Angle and Austin back in the ring, Angle and Rikishi start beating down on Rock and Austin respectively. Both Austin and the Rock manage to get back up and throw Angle and Rikishi outside. With Austin and Rock left alone in the Ring they start to stare each other down. Both men start going at each other with hands. The Rock goes for his big right hand when Austin duck, spins around the Rock and hits the Stone Cold Stunner. Angle just stops the count.  The action really gets fast paced here when Austin hits a huge clothesline on Rikishi, who then does that somersault of his. He then follows up by stamping on Angle in the corner. He turns around and is caught by the Rock Bottom; Rikishi pulls the Ref out of the ring and up the walkway. Angle then hits his Olympic slam on the Rock, the Ref is still arguing with Rikishi up the walkway; Angle has Rock down for a 5 count at least. When the Ref gets to ring the Rock kicks out, just.  Edge and Christian come down to the Ring and start to attack Austin. The Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Rikishi; Edge just pulls the Rock out of the ring. Austin then hits the Stunner on Rikishi, with which the Radicals make an appearance. Saturn pulls Austin out.  Angle gets into the Ring and hits the Olympic slam on Rikishi and itís over 1-2-3. Outside the ring, the Radicals are starting to beat down the Rock and Stone Cold, they come into the ring where Austin and the Rock turn it around and clear the ring.  The Rocks music starts to play, both men stand around at opposite sides of the ring as if not knowing what to do next, when Benoit appears and gets Stunned by Austin, Guerrero comes into the ring and is Rock Bottomed and then Austinís music starts to play. The Rock and Austin stare each other down, they look as if they are having a massive argument, fingers are pointed and the Rock starts to leave. Austin pulls him back, the crowd doesnít know who to chant for, and you can hear both Austin and Rock chants going on at the same time.  Austin gets some cans of beer as the Rock starts to leave again. Austin calls him back and they continue to stare each other down. Austin grabs the microphone and says, ďIf you want to see Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Great one have a beer with each other, give me a hell yeah!Ē Crowd pops and the Rock and Austin climb the turnbuckles, milk the crowd and drink their beers.