In Your House FINAL FOUR

UTC Arena
Chattanooga, Tennessee
February 16, 1997
Attendance: 6,399


"Wildman" Marc Mero with Sable vs. Leif Cassidy
Mero scores the victory with a shooting star press.



Flash Funk, Bart Gunn, and Goldust vs. Nation of Domination
While Bart Gunn was dominating Faarooq, Crush came in and hit a leg drop. Faarooq scores the pinfall, getting the victory for the Nation.



Rocky Maivia (Intercontinental Champion) vs. Hunter Hearst-Helmsley
Goldust runs out to distract Triple H, and Maivia scores the victory with a bridged German suplex. While Marlena is standing by the crowd, watching Goldust, a muscular woman (Chyna) comes through the crowd and begins choking Marlena out.



British Bulldog and Owen Hart (Tag Team Champions) vs. Doug Furnas and Philip LaFon
The British Bulldog sets up for the Powerslam on LaFon, but Owen runs in and knocks LaFon out with a Slammy Award. Furnas and LaFon score the victory, but the belts stay with Owen and the Bulldog. Bulldog and Owen argue a little after the match.



Bret "Hitman" Hart vs. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. The Undertaker vs. Vader
Final Four Match for the vacant WWF Championship
This is a mini-Royal-Rumble, but pinfalls and submissions also count. Vader's eye was cut open in this match. About 18 minutes into the match, Bret Hart threw Stone Cold over the top rope, eliminating him. A few minutes later, The Undertaker eliminates a bloody Vader. As Undertaker sets up for the tombstone on Bret Hart, Steve Austin comes back down. With Austin distracting the Undertaker, Bret Hart pushes the Taker over the top and claims the WWF Championship.

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