St. Valentine's Day Massacre

The Pyramid
Memphis, Tennessee
Attendance: 19,082
February 14, 1999



Goldust vs. Bluedust

Goldust won with the Curtain Call, then he Shattered Dreamed Bluedust



Al Snow vs. Bob Holly

Due to a brutal attack to the Road Dogg, he forfeited his Hardcore title and the winner of tonight's match will be the new Hardcore Champion. The match started in the ring but ended up across the street near the river. They both ended up in the water. They used tree branches, no parking signs and everything else. Bob Holly got the pin after he wrapped Al Snow in chain link fencing. He is the new Hardcore Champion.



Big Boss Man vs. Midian with his eye

The Boss Man won with the Sidewalk Slam. The Ministry of Darkness comes out along with the Undertaker. They surround the ring and Viscera Splashed the Boss Man several times. They carry him back to the locker rooms.



Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown with Ivory vs. Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart (WWF Tag Champs) with Debra

Debra distracts D'Lo as he was climbing the ropes for a Lo Down. Owen uses Jeff's guitar on Mark's leg. He then does a Figure Four Leg Lock on Mark to win and retain the belts.



Val Venis with Ryan Shamrock vs. Ken Shamrock (WWF Intercontinental Champion)
Referee: Billy Gunn

Ken almost wins the match but as Billy gets to three he stops. Ryan Shamrock gets in the ring and slaps her brother. Ken hits the referee. Val goes for the pin and Billy Gunn counts very quick. He is the new Intercontinental Champion.



Triple H and X-Pac vs. Kane and Chyna

Shane McMahon comes down for commentary. X-Pac gets near the table and slaps Shane. He gets mad! Shane came in and attacked X-Pac and chased him away. Kane chokeslams Triple H and he puts Chyna on top so she gets the win.



The Rock vs. Mankind (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
Last Man Standing Match

The Rock uses several chair shots to Mankind's legs. He throws the stairs on his legs. Mankind gets dropped so his head his the commentating table and his knee hits the bell table. The Rock sings "The Smackdown Hotel" for us. They both get a chair and knock each other out with it. The match ends in a draw.



Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon
Steel Cage Match

They use the old style steel cage. Before the match begins, they fight into the crowd. As they both climb inside, Vince is thrown off the cage into the edge of the Spanish commentator's table. They finally get in the ring and start the match. Steve Austin gets Vince McMahon to bleed. After Steve does a Stunner, Paul Wight comes up through the ring and throws Steve into the cage. The section of the cage swings open and he exits the ring the victor!



There were 19,082 fans to see the 27th In Your House

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