Thomas & Mack Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
February 25, 2001


Raven (WWF Hardcore Champion) vs. The Big Show
No Way Out kicked off with a Hardcore Championship match, as Raven defended his title against the 7-foot-2, 500-pound Big Show. As the Big Show walked to the ring, he was attacked by the mysterious female ninja who has helped out Raven in recent weeks. Big Show went to attack the woman, but Raven ran up the ramp to meet his foe. As the match began, a popcorn vendor came out from the crowd to attack Raven, and the vendor scored a two-count, taking advantage of the 24-7 rule! After the pinfall was broken up, the vendor -- revealed to be Crash -- continued his assault on the champ, as did Hardcore Holly, Steve Blackman and Billy Gunn! In fact, Billy Gunn pinned Raven to win the Hardcore Title! But Billy didn't escape in time. The melee continued in the ring, and Raven soon regained his title from Billy Gunn! But still the match continued! Down to the ring ran the mystery woman, followed closely by Molly Holly! Moments after they were knocked from the ring, the Big Show gave Raven a huge Chokeslam onto a trash can, winning the Hardcore Championship!


Chris Jericho (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs. X-Pac vs. Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero
Guerrero and Benoit vowed to team together and paired off with Jericho and X-Pac, respectively. Jericho pounded on Guerrero with kicks and punches, followed by a succession of knife-edge chops. Benoit and X-Pac traded fists outside the ring. Jericho attempted a pin on Guerrero, sending in Benoit. Benoit and Guerrero double teamed Jericho. Guerrero and Benoit seemed to have a difficult time communicating which move was next. The double team slowed to a plodding pace, but was picked up when Jericho fought out, hitting a spinning heel kick on Guerrero. X-Pac showed his face and went down after another Benoit/Guerrero double team. Benoit quickly hit the Crossface on X-Pac. Jericho broke the hold. Guerrero took flight off the top and hit the Frog Splash on X-Pac. Benoit took Jericho down with a short arm clothesline. Guerrero and Benoit's partnership seemed to be getting cooler after Guerrero put Jericho's foot on the bottom rope, preventing a Benoit win. X-Pac hit a nice spinning heel kick on Benoit, out of the ropes. Jericho followed with a missile drop kick. Benoit hit a German Suplex on Jericho. Finally, both Radicals busted out into a brawl. Outside, X-Pac blasted Jericho into the steps. Guerrero hit a brainbuster on Benoit. Guerrero went up top, and was caught by Benoit in a Superplex. Jericho ran in the ring for an underhook suplex on Benoit. Guerrero and X-Pac fought outside. Benoit hit some of the loudest, fiercest chops I've ever seen or heard on Jericho. Jericho's chest looked like glowing embers. Out of nowhere, Jericho locked Benoit into the Walls of Jericho. Guerrero ran in and he was locked in the same move. X-Pac ran in, you guessed it, same deal. Justin Credible ran out and distracted Jericho, allowing Benoit to attack him. Things settled down for a moment, and both Radicals went at it, again. Credible pulled Benoit from the ring and worked him over. Jericho hit a Lionsault on Guerrero and the pinfall attempt was broken by X-Pac. X-Pac hit the X-Factor on Jericho, prompting Benoit to break the count. Benoit caught Pac in the Crossface. Guerrero broke it with a weird looking Neckbreaker. The match ended when Jericho quickly rolled up X-Pac.


Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley vs. Trish Stratus
Match starts off with a spear by Stephanie. Stephanie pulls Trish off the ropes onto her head. Clothesline by Stephanie. Short arm clothesline by Stephanie. Hair mare by Stephanie. Stephanie tosses Trish to the outside. Trish throws Stephanie over the railing into the crowd. Stephanie jumps off the railing and hits Trish with a clothesline. Back in the ring Trish hangs Stephanie's neck over the top rope. Trish smacks Stephanie in the corner. Bulldog by Trish for a two count. DDT by Trish for a two count. Trish chokes Stephanie in the corner. Stephanie slams Trish off the top. Stephanie tosses Trish to the outside. Stephanie slams Trish's head three times into the announce table. Stephanie throws a pitcher of water on Trish's chest. Trish slams Stephanie's face into the announce table. Back in the ring Stephanie Powerbombs Trish for a two count. Stephanie pulls Trish's shorts down and spanks her. Stephanie then chokes Trish with her shirt. Stephanie and Trish slam each other's faces into the mat at the same time. Regal comes out and drops the ref on his head. Regal puts Trish on top of Stephanie. Regal changes his mind and puts Stephanie's leg on the ropes. Trish slaps Regal. Regal drives Trish to the mat and then leaves. Stephanie covers Trish for the pin. Is this what Vince wanted?


Steve Austin vs. Triple H
First Fall
This match was the culmination of years of bad blood and brutal attacks. After over a month of not being able to touch each other, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H absolutely tore into each other! The Game went for the Pedigree early on, but Austin countered with an armbreaker. The fight then spilled to the outside, where Austin drove Triple H into the ring steps and ring post. Back in the ring, the Game again went for a Pedigree, but his arm was still hurting after being driven into the ring post, so Triple H couldn't hold Austin. Stone Cold continued his assault on the Game, focusing on the left arm. The Rattlesnake then hit a Lou Thesz Press for a near-fall. When Austin went for an elbow from the second rope, the Game kicked Stone Cold right in the face, snapping Austin's neck. The Game followed up with two swinging neckbreakers. Triple H centered his attack on Austin's neck, which was surgically repaired one year ago. The Game also assaulted Austin's oft-injured knees. The Rattlesnake tried to battle back, but Triple H bore down on Austin's knees with a painful figure-four leg lock. Austin finally reversed the figure-four, but the Game got to the ropes, and the battle continued. The Rattlesnake battled back with fists and fire, hitting another Lou Thesz Press for another near-fall. Austin then went for a Stunner, which Triple H countered, but Stone Cold did manage to hit the Game with a clothesline. The Game then countered another Stunner attempt into a neckbreaker, and yet another Stunner into a roll-up, for a near fall. The Game then hit Austin below the belt, but Austin finally hit a Stunner and pinned Triple H to win the first fall!


Steve Austin vs. Triple H
Second Fall--Street Fight
After a short rest, Austin threw Triple H outside the ring. Austin nailed a suplex on the steel ramp way. He hit a second. Austin guided HHH around the ring, running him into various objects. Over at the announce table, Austin chucked a TV monitor and HHH, striking him in the face. Austin threw a chair in the ring. HHH tried to leave through the crowd. Austin gave chase. Both men brawled in the crowd. Austin brought HHH back to the ring where the chairs were. HHH got a chair, but Austin took it away and hammered Helmsley with three shots. Nine (!) more chairshots followed, all on different parts of the body! Austin got the ring bell. Austin grabbed a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire! (Where the hell did that come from?!) HHH got the wire and slammed Austin. Time for blood I guess, as Austin fell between announce tables. Sure enough, he got up, bleeding like a stuck pig. Helmsley took apart the announce table and put Austin on top. HHH hit straight punches to Austin's face. HHH went for the Pedigree on one table, but was backdropped onto the second table!!! The crowd went deadly quiet. Austin got a beer and slammed it over HHH's head. Austin told the referee to get the fuck out of his way. Intense! Back in the ring, HHH got the ring bell that Austin had earlier and hammered Stone Cold. Helmsley couldn't get the pin. Neckbreaker on a chair by HHH. No dice for a pin. Austin got up and locked on a sleeper. HHH hit a suplex on a chair, Austin kicked out. Pedigree on a chair, no, Austin dumped HHH over the top rope! Austin got ANOTHER chair and hit the crap out of HHH, right between the eyes! Triple H got up, bloody. Austin got the steps and hammered HHH. Triple H got a sledgehammer from where JR was setting! King asked JR if he had it under there the whole time. JR said, "Of course not, King, you dumbass!" HHH missed with the sledge shot. Back in the ring…HHH got the sledge again and hit his mark this time. Pedigree soon followed and it's an even match.


Steve Austin vs. Triple H
Third Fall--Cage Match
The third fall starts off with both men trading punches. Triple H rams Austin's head into the cage. Triple H punches Austin in the head in the middle of the ring. Triple H rams Austin into the cage again. Triple H scrapes the barb wire 2x4 across Austin's face. Austin hits Triple H in the face with a chair. Austin throws Triple H into the cage then rubs. Austin rubs the 2x4 across Triple H's face. Triple H DDT's Austin onto a chair. Austin fights back with right hands in the corner. Triple H falls flat on his face and Austin gets a two count. Triple H tries to leave the cage but Austin pulls him back in. Triple H slams Austin's head into the cage, Austin falls and crotches himself on the ropes. Austin slams Triple H from the top turnbuckle for a two count. Triple H shrugs off the stunner and hits the pedigree for a two count. Triple H hits Austin in the head with a chair. Austin counters the pedigree and catapults Triple H into the cage. Stunner on Triple H for a two count. Austin and Triple H hit each other at the same time with the 2x4 and sledgehammer. Both men fall out but Triple H falls on Austin for the pin.


Steven Richards vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler
According to a pre-match stipulation, Steven agreed to let Kat get naked if he lost to Lawler. If he were to beat Lawler, then Kat would become property of the Right to Censor. Tazz joined JR. on commentary for the match. Steven Richards -- who was accompanied to ringside by Women's Champion Ivory -- looked more focused than ever against Jerry Lawler, who was seconded by The Kat. The King was dressed in leopard-skin tights in honor of his shapely friend. Steven denounced Lawler as a "pervert" as the match began, but it was The King who got the early advantage with a number of right hands. An irate Richards ripped his shirt off in anger, as it seemed he could not gain an advantage against Lawler. Outside the ring, The Kat slapped Ivory, and Richards knocked Lawler into the ring post. Back in the ring, Steven missed an avalanche, and Lawler capitalized, repeatedly punching Richards in the corner before assaulting him with a bulldog, earning a two-count. The crowd chanted for puppies as Steven gained advantage. The leader of the Right to Censor brought a chair into the ring as Ivory distracted the ref. But Lawler hit Richards with a low blow and then two consecutive DDTs. When Lawler went for the pin, however, Ivory distracted the ref. As Kat distracted the ref, Lawler bodyslammed Ivory. Richards had the presence of mind to grab Ivory's Women's Championship, but when he went to hit Lawler, The King ducked. Steven then grabbed King, and Kat grabbed the Women's Championship. But when she went to hit The King, she accidentally hit Lawler, and Steven pinned The King for the win. After the bout, the Right to Censor wrapped Kat in a burlap sack and took her away.


Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. Undertaker & Kane
Dudleys and 'Taker/Kane battled it out on the ramp while Edge & Christian ran away. Undertaker sent D-Von packing off the middle of the ramp. Undertaker & Kane turned their attention to Edge & Christian, who had set up a table near the ring. The Dudleys were nowhere to be found. Finally, the Dudleys ran out with chairs and hit 'Taker & Kane. Buh Buh busted his ass by slipping on one of the chairs. Edge & Christian double teamed Buh Buh. They hit a double flapjack on D-Von. E&C got chairs. Buh Buh ducked out of a conchairto. The top rope headbutt was landed on Edge. Buh Buh called for tables. Cue Undertaker & Kane, who reappear. Both men hammered D-Von into the steps. UT & Kane double powerslammed E&C. With E&C apparently taken care of, UT & Kane concentrated on the Dudleys. All six men entered and the cluster began. Rikishi & Haku ran out and attacked Undertaker & Kane. Edge took a hard spill into a table where it was supposed to break, but didn't. The end came with a 3D on Christian through a table.


The Rock vs. Kurt Angle (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
Match starts off with Rock ducking a belt shot from Angle. Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Knee to the gut by Angle. Back elbow by Rock. Rock with a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Clothesline by Angle. Angle punches Rock down in the corner. Angle with a drop toe hold followed up by an ankle lock. Rock makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Angle. Rock with a hip toss slam. Rock with a flying forearm on Angle followed up by the sharpshooter. Angle makes it to the ropes. Rock with a Samoan drop for a two count. Angle with a belly to back suplex. Angle goes up top and gets crotched by Rock hitting the ropes. Rock follows Angle up and hits a superplex for a two count. Angle tosses Rock over the top rope. Rock's knee is hurt. Back in the ring Rock hits a DDT. Big Show comes out and chokeslams the referee. Show then chokeslams Angle. Show chokeslams Rock then leaves. Two more referees come out to help and replace the original referee. Angle goes for a cover and gets a two count. Rock grabs the belt and hits Angle in the face with it for a two count. Angle with an anklelock takedown on Rock. Rock makes it to the ropes but the damage has been done. Angle stomps away on the injured ankle of Rock. Spinebuster by Rock. Rock hits Angle with the people's elbow for a two count. Angle low blows Rock. Angle exposes the top turnbuckle. Angle counters the rock bottom and shoves Rock into the exposed turnbuckle. Olympic slam on Rock for a two count. Rock shoves Angle into the exposed turnbuckle. Rock bottom on Angle for a two count. Another rock bottom. this time for the pin.

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