Molson Centre
Montreal, Quebec
February 28, 2003


Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy
The two men came to the ring; Jeff Hardy decked out with body paint, and tied up to kick the match off. Jericho backed Hardy into the corner and then backed off and they went back at it in the center of the ring. They exchanged blows and Hardy whipped Jericho off the ropes and hit the Sunset flip, and followed up with a head-scissors takedown. Hardy lost control of the match and Jericho hit a sidewalk slam and then backed Jeff into the corner and hit him with repeated knife-edge chops. Jericho then went for the high-risk move and missed and sailed out of the ring. Jeff then hit he summersault plancha off the apron and nailed Y2J on the outside. Then in the ring, he landed a leg drop from the apron again and got a 2-counto n the pin attempt. Back on the outside, Hardy went for the attack on Jericho. He moved and dropped Hardy’s face on the steel ring steps. They got back into the ring and Jericho kicked Hardy in the side and then continued to assault him while he was trying to get up. He hit a suplex on Hardy and then looked to the crowd and received nothing but boos. Jericho was being cocky and Hardy nearly pinned him with a roll-up. Jericho fired back and got Jeff in a reverse chinlock on the mat. Hardy got to his feet and tried to fight off Jericho, but he slammed him down to mat and then went back on the attack. Knife-edge chops in the corner and then he missed a spear in the corner and nailed the ring post. Hardy bounced back and hit a flying forearm in the middle of the ring. Hardy hit another forearm and went for a pinfall, Jericho got up and hit Hardy with a dropkick and then went for a pin of his own. Y2J got up and sent Hardy into the corner and then hit a bulldog and went for the Lionsault, but Hardy put the legs up and blocked the move. Hardy then went for a quick pinfall and Jericho kicked out. Hardy then hit a Whisper in the Wind off the top rope and nearly won the match. Jericho then pulled the Walls of Jericho out of nowhere and Hardy inched over to the ropes to break the hold. Jericho went up top and Hardy caught him and suplexed him down from the top. Hardy then went up and hit the Swanton Bomb and Jericho got his foot up on the bottom rope to break the count. Jericho then ran to the corner and leaped from the middle rope to get dropkicked by Hardy. Instead of going for the pin, Jeff Hardy went upstairs and missed the Swanton Bomb and this allowed Jericho to hit the LionSault. Jericho got the delayed pin and Hardy kicked out and then nearly rolled up Jericho to win. Jericho took down Hardy and then went up stop. He mocked Hardy when he got to the top and Jeff shook the ropes to bring Jericho down. Hardy went up and Jericho hit a Powerbomb from the top rope and then locked in the Walls of Jericho again. Jeff Hardy finally tapped out. Jericho would not break the hold and Shawn Michaels hit the ring. He attacked Jericho and then Christian hit the ring and went after HBK. Eventually Shawn took them both out and hit the Sweet chin Music.

Kurt Angle was shown in the back getting Team Angle ready for the night. He said they would win the match and give Brock Lesnar a taste of what was in store for him at WrestleMania.

The Evolution then arrived in their limousine. As they walked toward the building, the camera closed in on a black pick-up with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s skull logo on the door.


Rob Van Dam & Kane vs. The Un-Americans (WWE Raw Brand Tag Team Champions)
RVD and Lance Storm kicked off the match. The match got off to a fast pace start and Van Dam took down Storm and then hit the leg drop. Storm got up and tagged in Regal and he came in and got worked over by RVD. He hit a split-legged Moonsault and then tagged in Kane. Kane powerslammed Regal and then went for the pin but Storm broke it up. Storm then got the tag and Kane slammed his head into the turnbuckle and then Gorilla Pressed him to the mat. Kane hit another power slam on Storm and then tagged in RVD. Storm rolled out of the ring. RVD then leaped over the ropes and nailed Storm and then brought him back into the ring and went for the pinfall. Regal then got tagged in and RVD went upstairs to hit a high-risk move. Storm pushed him off the turnbuckle to the outside and Regal then took the advantage in the match once he was back in the ring. He hit a deadly back suplex and then tagged Storm back in. Storm went to work on RVD and nailed him with a huge dropkick. Storm then tagged in William Regal who went to work on RVD for sometime. Storm then got the tag and did the same and then tagged Regal back in, who went to work on him on the mat. RVD finally broke free and hit a spinning-heel kick and tagged in Kane. Kane went to work on Regal and went for the pin, but Storm stopped the count. Storm then ran back in and tried to pull Kane’s mask off. The mask was covering his eyes and RVD was pushed into him. He grabbed RVD and Chokeslammed him and allowed the Un-Americans to get the pinfall.

Josh Matthews interviewed Matt Hardy in the back and asked him about making weight for his Cruiserweight title match. He said losing 10 pounds in a week was not easy, but Mattitude is a frame of mind and it had to be done. He then approached his brother Jeff, who just lost his match, and told him that if he embraced Mattitude like he used to, he might not lose every match he is in anymore. Jeff slapped him and walked away while Shannon Moore held him back.


Billy Kidman vs. Matt Hardy (WWE Cruiserweight Champion)
The match got off to a quick start. Matt took the upperhand in the match. He hit a big legdrop and then a Powerslam, followed by a right hand and then went for an early pinfall. Matt then hit the neck breaker and then got Kidman in a chokehold on the mat. Matt then went for his side affect and Kidman rolled him into a pin and nearly got the 3. Matt then laid Kidman on the ropes and nailed him on the back. Hardy then locked in a front face lock and had him down on the mat. Matt then went for the Sleeper and he broke free, but Matt hit another Powerslam and followed with an elbow. Kidman finally got up and hit a desperation enziguri and both men got up slowly. Kidman whipped Matt into the corner and Matt countered and took him down. Mattitude then went up top and hit a splash. He got up and kicked Matt out of the ring, but he came back in and hit the Side Affect and Kidman kicked out. Kidman went up top and missed a high-risk move and Matt hit a Twist of Fate and Kidman kicked out of the pinfall. They then battled up top and Matt Hardy finally hit his finisher and won the Cruiserweight Championship.

In the backstage area, Edge was knocked out cold. Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit were by his side saying they did not know what had happened to him.


The Undertaker vs. The Big Show
Big Show and Undertaker kicked the match off on the outside of the ring. Taker leaped off the ring apron and Show caught him and slammed him into the ring post and then they got into the ring. The Undertaker took control of the match and slammed the elbows on Show, who was draped across the ring apron. He then followed up with a leg dropped and then went to the outside and brought a steel chair into the ring. Show then fired back and slammed Taker into the corner. Show was then in control and hit a big splash on Taker and then went to work on him in the corner once again. Show drove the Undertaker into the mat with a suplex and then went for the pin again and the Deadman kicked out. Show hit repeated elbow drops on Taker and went for another pin and Taker kicked out. He got up and threw blows to the mid-section of Show, but then went on the attack and Show locked in the bear hug to work on his injured back. Show then sent Taker out of the ring and waited for him to get back in and then went back on the attack with several head butts. The slow-paced match continued on and both men went toe-to-toe in the ring, exchanging blows back and forth. Taker finally got the last blow and worked Show into the corner and hit a splash and then a clothesline and then signaled for the Choke Slam. He went for it and Show just shrugged him off and knocked him to the mat. Taker got back up and nailed a big clothesline and went for the pin, but Big Show kicked out. Undertaker then got Show in an arm lock and then hit the old school ropewalk. Taker hit a low blow and then went for the pin, but he kicked out. Taker then went for the Last Ride and Show reversed it and hit a spinebuster on the Dead Man. Taker got to his feet and Show picked him up and dropped his face on the top turnbuckle. Show picked up Taker and he locked in the Dragon Sleeper. Paul Heyman distracted the referee, so Taker let go of the hold. A-Train then hit the ring and Taker took him out once he got on the ring apron. Taker then reared back and sailed over the top rope to hit the big man. Undertaker then walked back to Show, who was playing possum. Show hit the choke slam and Taker kicked out of the pin. They both went for chokeholds and Taker choked out the big man and won the match. Taker then went for a chair on the outside. He brought it in and A-Train made short work of Taker and knocked him out cold in the middle of the ring with his finisher and he left with Heyman and Big Show.

After the match, they showed Edge being taken out on a stretcher and Stephanie McMahon was taking care of the situation.

Bischoff and Chief Morley were talking in the back about the event and Vince McMahon walked into the room. McMahon said he was impressed with Bischoff and he sees it as The Texas Rattlesnake vs. The 8 Degree Black Belt, one-on-one, with nobody at ringside. Bischoff looked very nervous after being told this.


Team Angle vs. Brock Lesnar & Chris Benoit
Benjamin and Benoit kicked off the match and Benoit sent him sailing into the turnbuckle. Benjamin fought back out of the corner and tagged in Charlie Haas. Benoit slammed Haas into the turnbuckle and then tagged in Lesnar, who came in and went to work on the member of Team Angle. Lesnar was looking at Kurt the entire time he was working on Haas. He whipped him off the ropes and Gorilla pressed him to the mat and then went after Angle. He then went back to work on Haas in the corner and nailed him with kicked to the gut. Angle reached over the ropes and grabbed onto Lesnar. Brock dragged him into the ring and Benjamin hit him with a Super Kick and took him down, but Angle then got out and got the tag. Angle got Lesnar in a reverse chokehold right in the middle of the ring. Angle broke free and all hell broke loose in the ring. Benoit came in and leveled Haas and then went after Sheldon Benjamin with repeated German Suplexes. Lesnar then went after Angle from the ring apron and Benjamin took dropkicked Lesnar to the outside to save Angle. Haas then got back in the ring and worked on Benoit in the ring. He hit a huge belly-to-belly suplex and then tagged in Kurt Angle. Angle stomped away at Benoit near the ropes and then the referee got in his face and this allowed Haas to take cheapshots at Benoit from the outside. Angle took it to Benoit and hit several Suplexes and then flaunted it to Lesnar and then went for a pinfall, but the Crippler kicked out. Haas then go the tag and he quickly tagged in Benjamin, who came in and helped double-team Benoit. Benjamin then worked on the ankle of Benoit but he hit the enziguri and then went for the tag to Lesnar. He came in and exploded in the ring. Benjamin, Lesnar and Angle all fought to the outside and Benoit and Haas battled in the ring. Angle then ran in and got Benoit in the Ankle lock. He reversed it and locked in the Crippler Crossface. Benjamin ran in and broke the hold, but Lesnar came in and took him out. He hit the F5 and then the Crippler finally got Haas to tap out to the Crossface.


Triple H w/ Ric Flair (WWE Raw Brand World Champion) vs. Scott Steiner
Steiner and Triple H stood face-to-face and Earl Hebner stood between them. The bell sounded and they started the battle in the middle of the ring. They locked up and Steiner backed Triple H into the corner and pummeled him and then leveled him with a clothesline. Instead of a cover, BPP hit a few push-ups in front of the crowd. Steiner then went to work on the injured leg of The Game and wrenched that leg in a hold. Steiner hit a suplex and then went to the outside and chased Flair around the ring and then punched him down on the outside. Triple H nailed Steiner as he got back in the ring and he nailed the steps. Flair then went to work on Steiner with cheapshots. Triple H then came out and slammed Steiner’s head into the steel steps. Steiner and Triple H exchanged blows and then Steiner backed the Champ into the corner. Triple H used the ropes to pin Steiner and the ref got in his face. Steiner then ran over and put the attack on Triple H. They battled to the outside and Steiner ran Triple H into the steel steps and then pummeled the Game in the middle of the ring. Steiner hit a huge belly-to-belly suplex and then took Triple H upstairs for a Superplex. He almost had the 3-count, but Ric Flair stopped the count. Steiner then got Triple H in the Steiner Recliner and Flair then called for the Evolution members. Randy Orton and Batista came down and got wrecked by Steiner and then he went back to the ring and clotheslined The Champ out of the ring. Steiner then went back to work on Orton. He tossed him over the ropes onto Batista and then Earl Hebner sent Flair and the goons back to the locker rooms. Triple H brought in the Championship belt and slammed Big Poppa Pump in the head and then went for the pin, but he kicked out. Triple H then got up and hit the Pedigree and pinned Steiner to retain his title.

Eric Bischoff walked through the backstage area for his match and he passed by Test and other WWE Superstars who laughed and wished him good luck.


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff
Bischoff came to the ring and got the mic and said that no one wanted to see him wrestle Stone Cold. He said there is still time and he could lie down and forfeit the match. The sound of chattered glass hit the arena and The Rattlesnake came down to the ring and hit every corner of the ring to a huge pop. Bischoff was pleading to Stone Cold to let this whole thing go and settle it like men. Austin speared Bischoff and pummeled him on the mat while Bischoff tried to cover up. Austin went to work on Bischoff in the corner. He kicked the hell out of Bischoff and the crowd was going wild. Austin then took the padded gloves off Bischoff and slammed him into the turnbuckle and then stomped away at him again. The referee tried to get him to calm down and he gave him the finger. Bischoff then broke free and nailed Austin in the face and then the chest with a few martial arts kicks. Austin was not fazed one bit and laughed at his attempt. Bischoff ran out of the ring and Austin caught him and continued the assault. He cracked a beer over his head that he got from the crowd and then got him back in the ring and nailed him with the Stunner. He covered him and then let him up. Austin hit the Stunner several more times and gave Bischoff the bird and hit a big Stunner and pinned Bischoff to win the match. Jim Ross and the WWE Superstars in the back were going crazy.

After the match, Stone Cold hit another Stunner and then started to exit, but ran back to the ring and raised his arms to the crowd one last time. The crowd was going crazy as The Rattlesnake left the arena.


The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan
The Rock came down to the ring to sheer boos to a new theme song. Hogan then made his way to the ring and the match was underway. Rock tried to put the sneak attack on Hogan, but he was ready. They exchanged blows and Hogan got the first upper hand and took Rock out of the ring. Rock got back in the ring slowly and hit the Rock Bottom on Hogan but he kicked out of the pin. Rock then got Hogan’s bandana and put it on his head to mock Hogan. He then grabbed Hogan’s belt off his pants and beat him with it. Hogan finally got back up and took his belt back and went to work on Rock with it. A “Hogan” chant filled the arena as he continued to mount an offence. Rock then hit a DDT on Hogan and then kicked Hogan while he was down on the mat. The Rock then looked to the crowd and locked in the Sharpshooter. Hogan made it to the ropes, but Rock pulled him back to the middle of the ring and would not stop the hold. Hogan kicked out of the Sharpshooter and Rock left the ring. Hogan got worked over on the outside but then fought back. He threw Rock back in the ring and grabbed a steel chair. The steel chair backfired on Hogan and Rock then hit the People’s Elbow twice in a row. Hogan hulked himself up and went crazy on Rock. He hit the scoop slam and was rearing up for the big leg drop. All of the lights in the arena then went out and when they came back on, Rock and the referee were knocked out cold. Vince McMahon then came down the ramp and was yelling at Hogan. The referee was down but he slid the chair to Rock and he leveled Hogan with it. Rock waited for Hogan to get up and hit the Rock Bottom. The ref got right up and made the 3-count and Rock was victorious. Vince came into the ring and raised Rock’s arm.

Vince McMahon took off his shirt and was sporting a mock Hulkamania t-shirt. He was flexing and imitating Hogan and then ripped the shirt and threw it at Hogan and then walked out.

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