The Miami Arena
Miami, Florida
January 19, 199


The Rockers vs. The Orient Express with Mr. Fuji

Jannetty pinned Tanaka with a Sunset Flip, giving the win to the Rockers


Sensational Sherri is interviewed.  The Ultimate Warrior comes out.  Sherri says that The Macho King is the number one contender and wants a title shot from the Warrior if he retains his title.  The Warrior says he will retain the title, but he won't give Macho King a title shot.  Savage is shown backstage, mad, and vowing revenge on the Warrior for saying no.


The Barbarian with Bobby Heenan vs. The Big Boss Man

The Big Boss Man won after he uses the momentum from a Top Rope Cross Body Jump to change positions and end up on top for the pin.


The Ultimate Warrior (WWF Champion) vs. Sgt. Slaughter with General Adnon

Sensational Sherri and The Macho King come out to aid Sgt. Slaughter.  The Macho King chokes the Warrior and hits him in the face with his scepter as the referee is distracted.  This allows Sgt. Slaughter to pin the Warrior and get the win.  The Warrior gets up and chases the Macho King to the back. 


The Mountie vs. Koko B. Ware

The Mountie pinned Koko B. Ware after a modified Sidewalk Slam.


Ted DiBiase & Virgil vs. Dustin and Dusty Rhodes

DiBiase pinned Dusty for the win.  After the match, DiBiase verbally abused Virgil, but he eventually stood up for himself, hitting DiBiase with his Million Dollar Belt.


The Royal Rumble Match

Entrance   Elimination
1   Bret Hart   1   Bravo
2   Dino Bravo   2   Simba
3   Greg Valentine   3   Roma
4   Paul Roma   4   Hart
5   Kerry Von Erich   5   Butch
6   Rick Martell   6   Roberts
7   Saba Simba   7   Von Erich
8   Butch   8   Snuka
9   Jake Roberts   9   Savage
10   Hercules   10   Undertaker
11   Tito Santana   11   Hawk
12   Undertaker   12   Animal
13   Jimmy Snuka   13   Duggan
14   British Bulldog   14   Smash
15   Smash   15   Valentine
16   Hawk   16   Santana
17   Shane Douglas   17   Luke
18   Randy Savage   18   Hercules
19   Animal   19   Crush
20   Crush   20   Warlord
21   Hacksaw Jim Duggan   21   Douglas
22   Earthquake   22   Tugboat
23   Mr. Perfect   23   Mr. Perfect
24   Hulk Hogan   24   Neidhart
25   Haku   25   Haku
26   Jim Neidhart   26   Martell
27   Luke   27   Bulldog
28   Brian Knobbs   28   Knobbs
29   Warlord   29   Earthquake
30   Tugboat        

Hulk Hogan eliminates Earthquake to win the Royal Rumble!

Royal Rumble 1990
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