San Jose Arena
San Jose, California
January 18, 1998


Shawn Michaels (WWF Champ) vs. The Undertaker

Shawn Michaels won with Kane's help. Kane then locked the casket and lit it on fire



Rocky Maivia (WWF Intercontinental Champion) vs. Ken Shamrock

Rock won after the ref reversed the decision cause the Rock hid his knucks he used in Shamrock's tights



The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust (with Luna) vs. Vader

Vader won with a Vader Bomb with Luna on his back



The New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Team Champs) vs. The Legion of Doom

New Age Outlaws won after hand cuffing Hawk to the turnbuckle



Max Mini, Nova, & Mosaic vs. Tarantula, Batalion, & El Torito
Six Man Mini Tag Team Match--Special Ref: Sunny

Max Mini's team won after Sunny picked him up for a battering ram move


Royal Rumble Match
  Order of Entrance Order of Elimination
1 Cactus Jack 1 Tom Brandi
2 Chainsaw Charlie 2 Cactus Jack
3 Tom Brandi 3 Mosh
4 Rocky Maivia 4 Steve Blackman
5 Mosh 5 Kurrgan
6 Phineas Godwin 6 Chainsaw Charlie
7 8-Ball 7 Mankind
8 Blackjack Bradshaw 8 Jeff Jarrett
9 Owen Hart
(attacked by Jeff Jarrett; came in later)
9 Ken Shamrock
10    Steve Blackman 10    Owen Hart
11 D-Lo Brown 11 Ahmed Johnson
12 Kurgan 12 Phineas Godwin
13 Marc Mero 13 Marc Mero
14 Ken Shamrock 14 8-Ball
15 Thrasher 15 Honky Tonk Man
16 Mankind 16 Thrasher
17 The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust 17 Kama
18 Jeff Jarrett 18 Savio Vega
19 Honky Tonk Man (for Triple H's place) 19 Vader
20 Ahmed Johnson 20 Henry Godwin
21 Mark Henry 21 The Artist Formerly Known As Goldust
22 [No One Came Out] 22 Mark Henry
23 Kama 23 Chainz
24 Steve Austin 24 Dude Love
25 Henry Godwin 25 Faarooq
26 Savio Vega
(along with the rest of Los Boricuas)
26 D-Lo Brown
27 Faarooq 27 Rocky Maivia
28 Dude Love 28 [Because of number 22]
29 Chainz 29  
30 Vader 30 Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

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