Arrowhead Pond
Anaheim, California
January 24, 1999



The Road Dogg (Hardcore Champion) vs. The Big Boss Man
Non-Title Mach

Although the Boss Man tried to take off the turnbuckle, he didn't use it to win the match. He won with a vicious Sidewalk Slam and then a three count to win the match



Billy Gunn vs. Ken Shamrock (Intercontinental Champion)

Ken got slammed face first into the Spanish announcer's table. He also accidentally knocked out the referee. During this down time, Val Venis came out and DDT'd Ken. Ken somehow managed to shrug it off and apply the Ankle Lock Submission to win and retain his title



Gangrel vs. X-Pac (European Champion)

X-Pac won with the X-Factor to retain his championship



Luna vs. Sable (Women's Champion)
Strap Match

Shane came out first to introduce Luna and say that Sable was too hurt to wrestle. She came out anyway and wanted to fight. As Sable was being strangled behind Luna as she touched each corner, Sable was tagging the corners, too. Before Luna got to the fourth, a female fan came out and attacked Luna. Sable got up and tapped the fourth corner for the win



The Rock vs. Mankind (WWF Heavyweight Champion)
I Quit Match

The match was an all out brawl. Mankind was thrown into the steel stairs. As The Rock tried to do a Rock Bottom on the Spanish commentator's table, it collapsed under them. Brawling to the technical area of the arena, Mankind and the Rock climbed up a ladder into the upper level seating. The Rock pushed Mankind into some electrical equipment which sparked and blew up. They got to the ring and The Rock handcuffed Mankind. The Rock got a chair and hit him over the head about a dozen times before Mankind said I quit. The Rock became the new WWF Champion



The Royal Rumble
Entrance Elimination
1 Steve Austin 1 Golga
2 Vince McMahon 2 Gillberg
3 Golga 3 Dan Severn
4 Droz 4 Steve Blackman
5 Edge 5 Tiger Ali Singh
6 Gillberg 6 Blue Meanie
7 Steve Blackman 7 Droz
8 Dan Severn 8 Edge
9 Tiger Ali Singh 9 Mabel
10 Blue Meanie 10 Gangrel
11 Mabel (for Mosh) 11 Al Snow
12 Road Dogg 12 Road Dogg
13 Gangrel 13 Kurgan
14 Kurgan 14 Godfather
15 Al Snow 15 Goldust
16 Goldust 16 Kane (himself)
17 Godfather 17 Ken Shamrock
18 Kane 18 Billy Gunn
19 Ken Shamrock 19 Test
20 Billy Gunn 20 X-Pac
21 Test 21 Jeff Jarrett
22 Big Boss Man 22 Mark Henry
23 Triple H 23 Chyna
24 Val Venis 24 Val Venis
25 X-Pac 25 Triple H
26 Mark Henry 26 Owen Hart
27 Jeff Jarrett 27 D'Lo Brown
28 D'Lo Brown 28 Big Boss Man
29 Owen Hart 29 Steve Austin
30 Chyna    

The Royal Rumble this year had 1-1/2 minute intervals. Vince and Steve fought each other until Golga came in. Steve Tossed him out and Vince left the ring under the top rope. The two chased each other into a lady's restroom where the Corporation attacked him. He was taken out by an ambulance. After the Road Dogg came out, The Undertaker and his group made their way out and took Mable out of the ring into their hearse. Meanwhile, Steve Austin drove the ambulance back and he chased Vince into the ring. Vince left quickly (back under the top rope) to let Ken Shamrock attack Steve. Once Steve Austin eliminates the last man, he pulls Vince into the ring. The Rock comes down and distracts Steve, allowing Vince McMahon to throw out Steve Austin to win the 1999 Royal Rumble

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