Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York

January 23, 2000

Kurt Angle vs. Mystery Opponent

The mystery opponent is Taz. Many Suplexes are performed by both men. Taz does a submission Sleeper Hold. The referee declares Taz the winner, since Angle passed out. EMT's are out with a stretcher to take Angle back.

The Dudley Boys vs. The Hardy Boyz
Tag Team Table Match

There was a stack of six tables to be used. The Hardyz brought in a ladder for a few moves. The Hardyz get Buh Buh Ray through a table. The Dudley's later get Matt through a table that was set up on the stairs in the ring. They set up three tables in front of an entrance and Jeff and Buh Buh go to the balcony above it, and Buh Buh is thrown over onto the tables. Jeff then Senton Bombs onto D-Von off of the balcony onto a table for the win from the Hardyz.

Ms. Rumble 2000 Contest

The judges are: Sgt Slaughter, Tony Garea, Fabulous Moolah, Johnny Valiant, Freddy Blassie and Andy Richter. The MC is Jerry Lawler. The contestants are Ivory, Terry, Jacqueline, B B, Luna, and the Kat. They go in the order of how they were announced, except Luna didn't want to disrobe. The Kat unrobed to bubble wrap. As the judges start to decide, Mae Young comes out to participate. . .by taking off her top (fortunately the footage was censored). The judges came to a unanimous decision. . .Mae Young!

Hardcore Holly vs. Chyna vs. Chris Jericho
Three Way Match for the Intercontinental Championship

At the beginning, Chyna keeps a low profile. She gets a Pedigree on Holly. Chyna then used a chair on Holly. Chris Jericho did a second rope flip move onto Chyna to get the win. Chris Jericho is the new WWF Intercontinental Champion.

The New Age Outlaws (WWF Tag Team Champions) vs. The Acolytes

Bradshaw gets a Clothesline from Hell on Billy. Gunn pulls the referee out as he is counting. The referee gets knocked out as X-Pac comes out--he is Spinebustered by Faarooq. Billy Fameassers Bradshaw and gets the win to retain the titles.

Cactus Jack vs. Triple H (WWF Champion)
Street Fight

Triple H uses a chair on Cactus Jack. The match goes to the crowd and then to the entrance way. Cactus Jack gets a 2x4 with barbed wire on it. Triple H wrestles it away from Cactus and uses it on him. Cactus gets a low blow on the champion. The referee is knocked out as Cactus uses the 2x4 again, this time making Triple H bleed. Triple H backdrops Cactus onto the English announcers table. Triple H uses the 2x4 again. He handcuffs the challenger behind his back. Cactus does a drop toe hold on Triple H onto the stairs. Cactus bites the bloody face of Triple H. The Rock comes out and hits Triple H with a chair. A police officer takes off the handcuffs. Cactus piledrives Triple H onto the Spanish announcers table. Cactus takes out a bag of thumbtacks and puts them into the ring. Cactus is back body dropped onto the thumbtacks. Triple H does a Pedigree but only gets a two count. He then does another Pedigree, but this time on the thumbtacks! Triple H gets the win to retain the title. Stretchers are brought out. Triple H is taken out on one, but Cactus takes it back to the ring.


The Royal Rumble
Entrance Elimination
1 D'Lo Brown 1 Mosh
2 Grandmaster Sexy  2 Christian
3 Mosh 3 D'Lo Brown
4 Christian 4 & 5 Scotty 2 Hottie & Grandmaster Sexy together
5 Rikishi Phatu
6 Scotty 2 Hottie 6 Steve Blackman
7 Steve Blackman 7 Viscera
8 Viscera 8 Rikishi Phatu
9 Big Boss Man 9 Bob Backlund
10 Test 10 Chris Jericho
11 British Bulldog 11 Chyna
12 Gangrel 12 Faarooq
13 Edge 13 British Bulldog
14 Bob Backlund 14 Edge
15 Chris Jericho 15 Big Boss Man
16 Crash Holly 16 Crash Holly
17 Chyna 17 Test
18 Faarooq 18 Gangrel
19 Road Dogg 19 Bradshaw
20 Al Snow 20 Val Venis
21 Val Venis 21 Prince Albert
22 Prince Albert 22 Hardcore Holly
23 Hardcore Holly 23 Godfather
24 The Rock 24 Al Snow
25 Billy Gunn 25 Road Dogg
26 The Big Show 26 Billy Gunn
27 Bradshaw 27 X-Pac
28   Kane 28 Kane
29 The Godfather 29 X-Pac
30 X-Pac 30 The Big Show
Kaientai weren't in the Rumble (they were scheduled to, up to the last minute), so they came in a few times, once Taka was eliminated and he fell on his head. The Mean Street Posse did the same thing, came in a few times. X-Pac came back in and was eliminated a second time. As the Big Show went to throw out The Rock, he fell out and The Rock held on!  The Rock is the winner of the Royal Rumble
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