New Orleans Arena
New Orleans, Louisiana
January 21, 2001


The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian (WWF Tag Team Champions)

During a match, both Edge and Christian missed a con-chair-to. The Dudleys do their headbutt to the groin of Edge. They go to do a 3D on Christian, but Edge Spears Buh Buh Ray before he can complete the move. Christian accidentally falls off the top rope onto Edge. The Dudleys then do a 3 D on Edge and pin him. They become the new WWF Tag Team Champions.



Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit (WWF Intercontinental Champions)
Ladder Match

Chris Jericho vs Chris BenoitDuring the match, Benoit does a suicide dive to Jericho outside, but he is hit in the head with a chair! Later on as the ladder is in the ring, Jericho does a hurtful submission move on the top of the ladder. Back at the ring's surface, Benoit does a Crippler Crossface for an extended amount of time, Jericho taps out, but the match can't end that way. Benoit then misses a Headbutt off the top of the ladder. After Jericho shoves Benoit off the ladder to the floor, he climbs it to grab the belt and become the new champion!



Ivory (WWF Women's Champion) with Steven Richards vs. Chyna

The match goes into the crowd, but Chyna carries Ivory back in. Steven comes in but Chyna throws him out. After Chyna does her Cartwheel move, she falls to the mat and Ivory pins her. It looks as if Chyna hurt herself during that move. Billy Gunn and Jerry Lawler go to her as she is taken away on a stretcher.



Triple H with Stephanie McMahon-Helmelsy vs. Kurt Angle (WWF Heavyweight Champion) with Trish Stratus

Kurt Angle vs Triple HThe match goes to the walkway then back to the ring. Later on it goes back outside. Triple H uses a chair on Kurt's knee as the referee looks elsewhere. Triple H does a Facebuster, but only gets a two count. Triple H does a Figure 4 on Angle. Trish comes in to try to stop that move, but Stephanie comes over and the two fight each other. . . on the Spanish commentator's table! Vince McMahon comes out and carries Trish away and Stephanie follows. Triple H does a Low Blow on Angle and then a Razor's Edge. Angle does a Moonsault on Triple H. The referee gets knocked out accidentally. Angle does an Arm Drag off the top rope. The ref is then thrown into the stairs. Triple H does a Pedigree but there is no referee. Steve Austin comes out and attacks Triple H and wakes up the referee after he hits Triple H with the title and makes him bleed. Before Austin leaves, he Stuns Triple H. Angle's arm just barely covers Triple H and he gets the three count to remain champion.



The Royal Rumble Match

Entrance   Elimination (by who) Drew Carey was number 5

A Chokeslam by the Big Show

Haku returns!

A bloody Steve Austin

1 Jeff Hardy   1 Bull Buchanan (by Matt and Jeff Hardy)
2 Bull Buchanan   2 Faarooq (by Matt and Jeff Hardy)
3 Matt Hardy   3 Matt Hardy (by Jeff Hardy)
4 Faarooq   4 Jeff Hardy (by himself - falling out)
5 Drew Carey   5 Drew Carey (by himself)
6 Kane   6 Grandmaster Sexay (by Kane)
7 Raven   7 Steve Blackman (by Kane)
8 Al Snow   8 Al Snow (by Kane)
9 Perry Saturn   9 Raven (by Kane)
10 Steve Blackman   10 Saturn (by Kane)
11 Grandmaster Sexay   11 Honky Tonk Man (by Kane)
12 Honky Tonk Man   12 Goodfather (by the Rock)
13 The Rock   13 Tazz (by Kane)
14 The Goodfather   14 William Regal (by Test)
15 Tazz   15 Test (The Big Show)
16 Bradshaw   16 K-Kwik (by The Big Show)
17 Albert   17 The Big Show (by The Rock)
18 Hardcore Holly   18 Bradshaw (by the Undertaker)
19 K-Kwik   19 Crash (by The Undertaker)
20 Val Venis   20 Albert (by The Undertaker)
21 William Regal   21 Val Venis (by The Undertaker)
22 Test   22 Hardcore Holly (by The Undertaker)
23 The Big Show   23 Scotty 2 Hottie (by Kane & The Undertaker)
24   Crash   24 Haku (by Steve Austin)
25 The Undertaker   25 The Undertaker (by Rikishi)
26 Scotty 2 Hottie   26 Rikishi (by The Rock)
27 Steve Austin   27   Billy Gunn (by Steve Austin)
28 Billy Gunn   28 The Rock (by Kane)
29 Haku   29 Kane (by Steve Austin)
30 Rikishi      

When Raven came in, he brought in weapons which were used for a few minutes. Al Snow uses a bowling ball in Raven's crotch. The Honky Tonk Man comes in with a guitar and sings for us, but he is hit in the head with the guitar by Kane. After the Big Show was eliminated, he pulled the Rock out under the ropes and Chokeslammed him onto the commentator's table. Triple H comes out and attacks Austin before he can enter the match, bloodying him. The Rock comes back in. Before Rikishi enters he attacks Steve Austin. As the last two men, Kane gets a chair but Austin uses it. He hits him and Kane falls over the top, with Steve Austin winning!

Royal Rumble 2000
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